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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Title : A Growtopia Less by 100Beef
    GrowID: 100Beef
    Link :
    Took a while to make this because every second was 5 drawings


    • Title : How To Make A Lego Growtopian! by 100BeefYT
      GrowID : 100Beef
      Link :
      If you got Spare Pieces, Follow along and have some fun!


      • Growie Friday Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

        I Made This Song Because I Wanted People To See My Singing Skills . Personally I’m Not That Good At Singing But I Just Encouraged Myself To Try And Try And So After A Few Weeks I Decided To Make This Song And I Hope You Enjoy 😃

        Also, This Isn’t Just About Getting The VOTW Trophy But That Would Be Nice Aswell 🏆. This Is Also About Me Getting Hopefully Some Feedback On My Singing 🎤

        Thank You Growtopia , Enjoy This Video And Don’t Forget To Stay Healthy! 👍

        GrowId: Medits


        • Title: Keychain Growtopian

          Username: oonlyy
          YOuTube: OONLYY GT


          • growsdfmovie | Growtopia Animation


            A Tangram Studios Production

            growsdfmovie is an animated Growtopia parody inspired by Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell’s animated series called asdfmovie.
            growsdfmovie features original & relatable sketches for Growtopians to enjoy and laugh about.

            Tangram Studios is a movie studio creating animated and live-action feature films to the people of Growtopia. The parody was created by the Animation Department in Tangram Studios.
            • Directed by Tangramboy
            • Edited by Tangramboy
            • Animated by RedyMeosjin
            • Music produced by various artists
            • Pixel Arts by Banyu, Starnox, RedyMeosjin (derived from Growtopia sprites)
            • Written by Zyonic, Starnox, Tangramboy

            Most sound effects used are owned by Ubisoft Entertainment.
            This video features Closed Captions.
            • English CC by Tangramboy
            • Indonesian Translation by Skullition
            • Filipino Translation by Matteu

            GrowID: Tangramboy


            growsdfmovie - june 2020


            • Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

              Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

              -> The story of a pirate who found a treasure map. <-

              Note: You should watch carefully to understand some details in the animation.

              Grow ID: Raciness

              Video Link:

              VOTW [X]
              Focused Eyes[Done]
              Golden Pickaxe[47/200]
              Visit my world QUESTHELP


              • One of my animations, Pet rock visiting real life world, gone for a walk
                Title:Gone for a Walk

                Growtopia username: oonlyy
                YOuTube: OONLYY GT


                • Growtopia version 5.0

                  Growtopia version 5.0

                  A new Growtopia version that include a voice system, graphic improvements
                  and a new items.
                  This video is just an example from my opinion on how Growtopia would likely be in version 5.0
                  -Growtopia Version 5.0 that include...

                  * A new backgrounds and graphic improvements.
                  * New Graphical-User-Interface system.
                  * Inventory capacity 300 max.
                  * New items 'Emerald Gem Lock' & 'World Craft-Engine'
                  * Notes that can be added into your friends and favorite friends.

                  Been working on this video for about 2 weeks of editing, designing
                  the background and the GUI system plus game kits.
                  am really happy with this result after all.

                  Hope you guys like it

                  Video title: Growtopia V5.0 (Growtopia Animation)

                  GrowID: Duddy

                  "Just to mention" I tried to stay in game and it's all edits.


                  • Chameleon - Growtopia (Animation)

                    GrowID: ZFERP
                    Video Tittle: Chameleon - Growtopia (Animation)
                    Link to the video:


                    |VIDEO FEATURE|
                    - Voice over
                    - Well done animation
                    - Backsound & sound effect
                    - A good storyline
                    - Funny
                    - Funny
                    - Funny

                    Watch my animation playlist:
                    Subscribe to my channel:


                    • Growtopia Drawing - Frenemy

                      So.. before anything happened. 2 Growtopians decided to do business with each other. However, it didn't go as expected and hatred started to come!

                      Info: I did draw everything with an app called "Paint". I drew everything but the explosion effect and I used all of Growtopia Sound effects.

                      GrowID: lilKevy


                      Everyone have a fantastic day!
                      Hi epic gamers


                      • Adventures of Batman &amp; The Bloser

                        Adventures of Batman & The Bloser
                        A IcyHarry Cinematikk Production

                        Quick Description

                        Adventures of Batman & The Bloser is an animated Growtopia parody inspired by MondoMedia “Adventures of Batman & The Bloser” MondoMedia’s animated series called PP Figures.
                        Adventures of Batman & The Bloser features original & relatable sketches for Growtopians to enjoy and laugh about.

                        IcyHarry is a movie studio creating animated and live-action feature films to the people of Growtopia. The parody was created by the Animation Department in IcyHarry.

                        • Directed by IcyHarry
                        • Edited by IcyHarry
                        • Animated by IcyHarry
                        • Music produced by v a r i o u s artists
                        • Pixel Arts by IcyHarry (derived from Growtopia sprites)
                        • Written by IcyHarry, IcyHarry, MondoMedia
                        • In-game name is IcyHarry
                        • Featuring NekoRei (derived from Community Manager)

                        Last edited by HarryPlaysGames; 06-29-2020, 01:36 AM. Reason: Joe


                        • Growtopia Animation - Memories (Maroon 5)

                          This video is a short Growtopia Animation about the song "Memories" by Maroon 5.
                          I spent quite a while on making the animation, please enjoy :]

                          (This video is quite random and is about some growtopians that we've lost)

                          Memories are great!


                          GrowID: LilKevy
                          Hi epic gamers


                          • Nominate my Video for my first VOTW

                            SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                            isn't sleeping so Good?

                            i do animations, funny videos and more.

                            IGN: ZENYSTY


                            • Growtopia In Real Life (Piano)

                              Hey guys, this is my first ever film created! Took me a while to figure things out, hope you guys enjoy it!
                              Info About Video: I play a little bit of piano (As well as the Growtopia Theme)
                              I Show if Growtopia Seeds, if they could work in real life.

                              Link Video:

                              Grow ID: Zhats

                              Took me a long time to learn the Growtopia Theme on Piano!
                              Last edited by Zutorix; 06-29-2020, 07:54 PM.


                              • Growtopia | Monthly Events App Icon
                                GrowID: Zytran

                                This video showcases personally made new app icons for Growtopia, monthly to be exact.

                                Note: All pictures and sprites rightfully belongs to Growtopia for creditation

                                For the app icons, the pictures are available on my instagram - freely screenshot it and tag us for credits

                                Intro is made by: @dmskyt
                                YT Profile is made by: @mrechoo_gt

                                Applications used:
                                *PicsArt (Thumbnail & App Icon Maker)
                                *InShot (Video Editting)
                                *Mobizen (Screen Recording)

                                Songs used (non-copyright):
                                *MBB - Beach (Vlog No Copyright Music)
                                *Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Lauren Brehm) [NCS Release]
                                *Dark Heart - Crash Test Dummy [NCS Release]

                                1st post for this week

                                Link towards the video:
                                A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                                IGN: Zytran
                                World: ZYTRAN
                                Instagram: @zytran_gt