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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • As we all know, casinos and other illegal stuff are breaking out of Growtopia. It's not that it is impossible to stop this. It's just that it is hard to stop. We all just need to cooperate in order to achieve a peaceful community in-game. This video I made a year ago shows what happens when you do illegal things. Mods will PUNISH the rule breakers.

    Title: Mod Powers - Growtopia Animation
    GrowId: Fruitato

    Good luck to everyone and have a good day!

    IGN: Fruitato
    Level: 72

    Here's a random video!


    • Don't judge noob | Growtopia Animation

      I wanna show to people that they don't have to bully newbie



      • Building IOTM's with Lego

        Title: Building IOTM's with Lego
        GrowID: OnionXela

        > 100% Original Content.
        > Family-Friendly
        > Background Music
        > Video/Image Editing
        > Growtopia related ( Item Of The Months)
        > Art/Info video
        > Customized IOTM's Lego pixelart

        Hello! I tryed my best to build this pixelarts with the lego i had. It was not easy to build 40 Item Of The Months and i hope you will apreciate. I customized some of the items that were to detailed because i was not abble to build them and make them look good on a 16x16 Lego Board!
        Have fun watching my project i worked on! Future content coming soon!


        • The Doctor - Growtopia Animation

          in this video tells the story of someone named Jack who had an accident because he was careless, then he was helped by a hero who is very meritorious in our lives.

          Hope you like it

          IGN: Xienz


          • Growtopia | Monthly Events App Icon
            GrowID: Zytran

            This video showcases personally made new app icons for Growtopia, monthly to be exact.

            Note: All pictures and sprites rightfully belongs to Growtopia for creditation

            For the app icons, the pictures are available on my instagram - freely screenshot it and tag us for credits

            Intro is made by: @dmskyt
            YT Profile is made by: @mrechoo_gt

            Applications used:
            *PicsArt (Thumbnail & App Icon Maker)
            *InShot (Video Editting)
            *Mobizen (Screen Recording)

            Songs used (non-copyright):
            *MBB - Beach (Vlog No Copyright Music)
            *Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Lauren Brehm) [NCS Release]
            *Dark Heart - Crash Test Dummy [NCS Release]

            3rd post for this week

            Link towards the video:
            A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

            IGN: Zytran
            World: ZYTRAN
            Instagram: @zytran_gt


            • Summer happines

              so because there will be a summer fest soon, I want to nominate my video about
              Hope you enjoy

              Grow id : Froxti



              • Making Clay art (Growtopia)

                Hello guys in am nominating my video for votw
                İn This video i made Clay Art iam working hard i spend 8hrs but i hope i can win
                GROW İD : Jevl
                Pleas dont forget rate video
                Video title : Growtopia Clay Art

                Video Link :

                * It has to be family-friendly ✅

                * Original contents get plus points✅
                * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative!✅

                * Audio matters! Even silent films had music ✅
                playing behind them.

                * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!✅

                Also... Get your video out there - Twitter, Facebook... share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye.✅


                • Growtopia film

                  A short film dedicated to the uniqueness of Growtopia! Enjoy
                  GrowID: TinyTimii
                  Check out one of my video below!


                  • What's This?! - A Growtopia Animated Music Video

                    Ever wondered what a Growtopian from 2013 would think about the game now? Well you're in luck! With all the amazing updates such as the different IOTMs added to the game over the years, watch him explore and have fun with these said IOTMs and Updates in 2020! This animation also aims to show everyone how far Growtopia has gone over the years; it so amazing to think about it. Hope you enjoy!

                    p.s. I am nominating this video as I worked so hard for video and wanted to upload something that will bring light to every Growtopian with all the things happening around the world. Stay safe!

                    GrowID: LancePlaysYT

                    IGN: LANCEPLAYSYT
                    - 3x VOTW Winner
                    - 1x WOTD Winner
                    - Subscribers : 3.2k

                    My Socials: YouTube / Instagram

                    Contact me via Discord: LancePlays#8216


                    • Animation vs Growtopia

                      The stick figure enters the world of growtopia and finds himself in an adventure.

                      I hope you will like it.

                      Title: Animation vs Growtopia #1

                      GrowID: NotLupex



                      • Originally posted by BEYSBOLL View Post
                        This is a remake, please watch the full video.

                        Video Title: Buddy Adventures - To The Outside

                        GrowID: BEYSBOLL
                        Video Link:

                        Just a quick story on how I made this
                        I was wondering around in our house then I imagined my Growtopia character running around on our kitchen.

                        The Efforts
                        I really spent all NIGHTS animating, editing, filminng, and grinding since I do not have my own PC. The laptop I used in the video is my sister's. That was also the reason why the clips were so dark because it was midnight during the shooting. I literally had to drink a bunch of coffee that time lol.

                        I really wanted to win, and I'm still hoping.
                        WHAT IS UP!


                        • Video title: The Bee Movie trailer, but it's in Growtopia
                          GrowID: Kranken
                          Video link:

                          Credits: TK69


                          • I made a stop motion animation using world renders; this is something that I believe has not been done before - using only ingame assets to (pretty much) build a short film. I probably ended up using over 500 world renders, though everything was done on a world planner. The visuals depict a story that follows the idea of evolution, how everything is temporary, and how we have no idea what comes next.


                            lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder
                            GrowID: Kranken
                            Video link:


                            • Making growtopia doodle art

                              Hope you like it

                              Title: Making growtopia doodle art

                              GrowID: HODLUM




                              • My interesting work 🎨

                                Hello everyone! In this video I draw a character from Growtopia on a cap with a step-by-step explanation.
                                With this video, you can also draw your favorite character. I hope you enjoy this video.
                                YouTube title: I Draw a Character on a Cap | Growtopia [VOTW]
                                GrowID: MDEgor
                                ✔️Friendly-family video
                                ✔️Video with editing
                                ✔️Duration (14:07)
                                Link to the Video: