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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Nominate my Video for my first VOTW


    isn't sleeping so Good?

    i do animations, funny videos and more.



    • Revenge - Man Vs Cow | (Growtopia animation)

      Revenge - Man Vs Cow | (Growtopia animation)
      Grow İd : eWicaks

      Perhatikan langkahmu.. ferguso,
      Haha. siapakah yang menang, Manusia atau sapi?

      Ini adalah animasi HD dariku teman-teman,
      Terima kasih sudah menonton jangan lupa subscribe ya


      • Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

        Youtube Title: Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

        HI Yall!
        I decided to make a polymer clay creation of the growtopia mascot holding the legendary dragon sword and the dragon its self!
        I hope you enjoy!

        GrowID: Anteater



        • GrowTopia - How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

          Hello Guys I'm making a new video is How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

          GrodID: EAwizrd
          Video Title: How to make 2 meter Logo in real life
          Video Link:


          • Growscreed Topia

            Hi This is my entry animation for VOTW. Hope you guys Like it , Thanks

            •Story line
            someone who will be sent to travel back in time, assigned to save a village that wants to be taken over ... does he carry out his mission successfully? watch the video on my YouTube channel.
            (oneus growtopia)

            •Features included in the video:
            ✓No destructive violence.
            ✓Video duration is 4 minutes.
            ✓quite an interesting story.
            ✓Some cool theme for the background
            ✓Story ideas self made and half from assassin's creed
            ✓3D and half 2D animation

            NOTE :
            -Video work takes a week
            -all items and properties in the video are related to growtopia
            GrowID : OneUs
            Instagram : @oneus_gt
            YouTube : OneUs GT



            • Growtopia | Weather Machine

              Growid : NSEN
              Well. I wish this video will be votw. I workd hard with this video.
              I spent 9 Days+ to Make this video.
              I edited on phone.
              Sorry if my edit are Bad.
              Thanks you.

              Link video :


              • Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation

                Video title : Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation
                Growid : Cpu
                Video link :

                Application used :
                - Kinemaster Pro
                - Photo bender (to make the movement of hair)
                - Medibang Paint
                - Cute Cut Pro

                Feature :
                - Original content
                - High Quality
                - Family friendly video
                - Epic story
                - 4 minutes duration
                Story :
                This is a story about a young boy who got chosen by a sorcerer who has the power that can defeat the evil dragon.
                Unfortunately, the sorcerer cannot use his power because he doesn't khow how to use it. The sorcerer can only use seal magic to sealed the evil dragon. But the sealed can only last for one thousand year, so the sorcerer need to find the chosen one so that the chosen one can defeat the evil dragon once and for all.
                Note :
                - It took more than 2 week to finish the animation video
                - this is my 4th animation video

                I put alot of effort into making this video. Hope you guys enjoy.

                GROWID : Cpu


                • Entire room of Growtopia!!

                  Description:In this video I filled my entire room with Growtopia from top to bottom and the results were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...Moreover it looked...... (Maybe I'm revealing too much so yeah watch it yourself)

                  Time Limit = 02:02
                  Family friendly = Yes
                  Creativity = Yes
                  Never done before = Yes
                  Increases popularity of game as non-growtopians also watch these kind of videos.


                  • Comment

                    • Never Give Up! ( Animation ) | Growtopia

                      GrowID: VendProfits
                      Video title: Never Give Up!


                      • Growtopia The Death

                        Hi someone told me to nominate for the VOTW so I just wanted to try it out its just my second animation i think its quite bad but my friends told me to join so I am now xD
                        The video title is Growtopia The Death... - Animation (Its the second part of my animation)
                        my GrowiD: NotJS
                        Video link:

                        I don't own any of the musics or sound effect but the edits and sprites are mostly made by me except those items that didn't need changing anyways I hope I at least get noticed


                        • New Concept of Videos for VOTW - Growtrailer

                          I've made a new concept of Growtopia Videos and i named it Growtrailer. Yes i'm sorry Nekorei I used your real face for this.
                          But doesn't the creativity counts? 😁

                          Title: Moderators (ft. PeterW, @Nekorei, VinOscar, etc) | Growtrailer
                          GrowID: Almia

                          Thanks for reading


                          • Title: How To Make a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar In Real Life | Growtopia
                            Desc:My cousin and I really like the uniqueness and design of Growtopia's Fiesta Mariachi Guitar! That's why we decided to make one in real life! Hope you all enjoy! Other than that, you can visit my channel to relax as I use my favourite lofi tunes from various creators!

                            GrowID: Yokatta

                            Enjoy! It's 14 minutes long and contains my personally selected lofi tunes to relax to!
                            I despise hyprocrites

                            IGN: Yokatta
                            Main world: Killer8dk

                            Great. Exams got delayed to next year. Now I'm back.
                            Originally posted by Starkos
                            Don't be cynical - you'll find life's a lot brighter.


                            • Summertime Music Video for Positive Energy

                              Good day, I hope you are doing well in this not-so-bright time. I'd like to nominate my Summertime Music Video for Video of the Week. Although it is in another language (Japanese) the positivity within the song is upbeat and noticeable for many. This started out as a passion project for the song and later was suggested I make a "Music Video" to spread positivity in this time. Thank you.

                              Title: Summertime - Positive Music Video
                              Good day kind sir,

                              I'd like to plug my channel before you scroll away

                              Thank you, and you may scroll on.


                              • Growtopia got Talent |Official Video

                                Link :

                                Growid : Sirlot World : SIRVD
                                I present this video to follow the growtopia votw, i call Growtopia got Talent, Even though the quality is not good it takes 2 day to complete, i hope you like guys :]

                                App : -Kinesmaster Indonesia
                                -Background eraser
                                -Xiaomi Recorder
                                -Picsay pro

                                Maybe next time, i will use Premiere pro or After effect etc , to make new video best performance

                                I hope my efforts do not betray the result