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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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    Growtopia video

    Brawler Vs Ponytail Hair FIGHT!

    Ever since the Boastful Brawler Hair and Powerful Ponytail Hair was created, they never got along well. Today their rivalry is taken to the next level....
    Hope you enjoy this short skit + animation I made for the new item of the months! Special thanks to the developers for making such awesome hairs
    This video was made entirely by me from the story line, script, voice acting and editing.

    GrowID: TinyTimii

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    Check out one of my video below!


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      Growtopia Quarantine

      YouTube Video Title: Growtopia Quarantine | Mangosaur
      Grow ID: Mangosaur

      Hey! In this video, I made a skit that's entertaining. Hope you guys would like and appreciate it. I made it in 6 hours, so hope you guys would understand if it's now that great. But I did my best for that video. Thank you guys for watching! Like the video, Share the video and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!
      Last edited by Mangosaur; 04-09-2020, 03:53 AM. Reason: Wanted to add video. Hope you understand and like my video. Thanks.

      Um Hi, My name isn't really DarkKyle anymore, I changed my name months ago.

      Please subscribe my Youtube Channel! Here's a link below! Thanks!


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        Hi, Growtopian in this video i Drew the Growtopia Logo But in ✓STOP MOTION (ANIMATION)
        It's a short STOP MOTION ANIMATION
        Hope you Guys Enjoyed♥️

        GrowID: Jonesly


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          Hello everybody I have animated this animation to educate all people from all around the world.
          As you can see the title of this animation ( BELLY'S FAULT ) Original Animation and Idea from me ( NewJoule )
          IGN : NewJoule

          Here it is :
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            What if Growtopia is an 8-bit game?

            Hi, there I am Agresibo I animated this video in order to show you what will happen if Growtopia is an 8-bit game. I made this in order to be very unique! .All the pixel art characters are made by me. I hope you enjoy watching the video!

            Title: What if Growtopia is an 8-bit game?



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              * Take note that if we find out that your winning entry was infringed, plagiarized, copied in any way or have copied content or idea without proper credit or permission from the original creator AND we catch you impersonating somebody else, your rewards will be removed from your account and you will be possibly banned.


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                Growtopia |The Surgery (Growtopia animation)

                Greeting growtopians and stuff,
                This is my video: Growtopia | The Surgery (Growtopia animation)
                Growid: ahmed0545

                It's a new idea about surgery with a proper content
                This is the link
                It's 99% flawless and it's family friendly. It took me 30 hours since I'm using phone so I really hope to win a votw
                Best regards,


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                  "Growtopia Got Me Insane!"

                  Hi Growtopians!

                  It's me diichaan and I'm back with another Growtopia Video (VOTW Nomination!). When quarantine hits you hard, this happens.
                  I hope you guys like this one! #GPICKGANG

                  Official Social Media Accounts:
                  Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


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                    Easter Bunny Egg | Growtopia Animations

                    I am make growtopia animation , Easter Bunny Egg
                    Enjoy the video !


                    GrowId : Lumuz
                    World : Lumuz

                    Thanks you


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                      Hunting Easter Egg - Growtopia Animation

                      Hello Guys! I Would Like to Nominate my Easter Animation for VOTW!! Wish Me Luck!!

                      I Hope you Guys Enjoy my Animation!

                      GrowID : Tambay

                      Link :

                      Happy Easter Everyone!


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                        Red, Blue and the rest of the color spectrum are on high alert as Earl Grey, a super-high-class super-villain, threatens to teabag the world into black and white!
                        The *FULL* Growtopia Animation is now out! Enjoy your watch!

                        GrowID: IcyHarry
                        *Credits to orignal animation are in the description, end-screen & annotations!*


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                          SCARY APRIL FOOLS HORROR STORY [VOTW}

                          SCARY APRIL FOOLS HORROR STORY!! This so scary for me imagine if this happens in real life it will bring shivers through my spine. If this happens to you in real life what would you do? hide or run? or be brave???

                          Growtopians please keep safe from the CORONA VIRUS! wear mask and drink a lot of water and do go outside of your houses and play growtopia we will overcome this problem together


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                            Just Missing You

                            Just Missing You

                            I just miss my friends who have quit Growtopia
                            And at a time like this, i hope you all are well
                            This is my nomination for VOTW

                            GrowID : OVEROLL
                            Hi i'm OVEROLL
                            An Epic Player with 6 Legendary
                            Sponsored OVEROLL's Wings
                            My Instagram @overoll_gt
                            My TikTok @overoll_gt
                            My YouTube Channel OVEROLL


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                              I worked really hard to make this video, its very funny and emotional, This game is about having fun and helping others please enjoy
                              Youtube Video Title :Noob to Pro - (Growtopia Story)
                              GrowID: ScrillYT
                              Link to the Video:


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                                Growtopia II M E M O R I E S

                                Hey, I've been making a music videos lately
                                This is actually my first submission

                                Title : M E M O R I E S
                                Link :
                                Grow ID : RobleBle

                                I Hope You Like The Music Video
                                I spent my heart and soul