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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Making Growtopia's Origami

    Hi, I've just made a video about how I made a Growtopia's Origami, so any of you guys can make it.

    Title : Growtopia | Making Growtopia's Origami
    Link :
    GrowID : Tious
    IGN : Tious


    • Growtopia Doodle (Case)

      Title:Growtopia Doodle


      GROWID: AkosiRon


      • WORLDLOCK.

        Helo, im nominating my video to be votw
        i hope you like it, thanks

        Youtube Video Title : WORLDLOCK.
        GrowID : FOLVA
        Link to the Video :

        Video Length : 3 Minutes 7 seconds
        I hope you like my video


        • Fiesta Magic [ANIMATION] (cinco de mayo)

          id : Laken

          Magical story of Fiesta Dragon, with funny animated scenes about events.
          [ID : Laken]
          Discord Server
          Youtube Channel


          • Grow De Mayo ( Despacito Parody )

            Grow De Mayo ( Despacito Parody )

            Happy Cinco De Mayo growtopians!!!

            So I made a parody of Despacito titled '' Grow De Mayo '' It relates to Growtopia Cinco De Mayo Event
            I don't have a good voice and I can't pronounce english worlds clearly I dont have a good accent so I put a lyrics so you can understand better (lol)

            I already tried my best to get a good accent but it goes to a dinosaur voice hahaha

            I hope my hard work is worth it
            I work for 1 day straight for it

            GrowID: HODLUM

            Title: Grow De Mayo

            Link: http://


            • A Look Back At Life (Growtopia Short Film)

              Sometimes you look at life differently when remembering someone who's long gone or if someone has recently passed. You become aware of your own mortality and realize life can end just like that. At the same time however one should be grateful to be alive because we should enjoy our time here as well as possible.

              Good Luck to everyone and, Thanks!

              GrowID : SuperyoW
              Channel : Rio Ihsan


              • Growtopia (Official Music Video)

                Tittle : Growtopia (Official Music Video) | a song made by Parshe

                Hey guys, and moderator who seen this,
                this are my first music video and its called "GROWTOPIA"

                so in this music I tell some stories that I have seen
                or feel it in growtopia since many years ago

                HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!

                GrowID : Parshe


                • How the growtopia world was created

                  This is a theory of how the growtopia world was created.
                  I tried to do something a little different, it was more difficult than I imagined. This is a short stopmotion animation, photo by photo.

                  Video title: How the growtopia world was created
                  Video link:
                  GrowID: RaphaelaBr


                  • A song about scammers - Growtopia | An original melody rap!!

                    Entry Title: A Song About Scammers - Growtopia
                    GrowID: Tagoo
                    Link to my Growie entry!:

                    "Basically the song equivalent of "Stop, don't scam!"

                    Family-friendly and no bad words! Written and performed by me. I hope you guys like melody rap and rhymes!!
                    Last edited by magsss; 05-04-2020, 04:51 AM.
                    IGN: Tagoo

                    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


                    • GROWTOPIA'S GOOD

                      #PLAYLIST GT
                      GROWID: SHAMEFULLY

                      IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                      • The sandals (A Growtopia Sad Animation)

                        Grow Id : Froxti


                        • Originally posted by diichaan View Post
                          It's about time to make this one a VOTW!!! With everyone playing Growtopia due to quarantine (we're hitting up 50-60k players ) and yeaaah!!! GT All Daaaaay!

                          When quarantine hits you hard, this happens.
                          I hope you guys like this one! #GPICKGANG

                          Giving this post a bump!
                          Official Social Media Accounts:
                          Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


                          • Grow De Mayo ( Despacito Parody )

                            So here's a simple parody of despacito titled "Grow De Mayo"

                            Hope you like it!

                            Subscribe my channel fellow growtopians!

                            Enjoy the Cinco De Mayo growtopiansss!!


                            GrowID: HODLUM

                            Title: Grow De Mayo



                            • Growtopia film

                              A Growtopian's Journey
                              Growtopia Video Poem

                              As soon as you first log into Growtopia, you have made your very first steps in a Growtopian's journey. Here is a video poem (inspired by the art of poetry and rhyming) about the life of a Growtopian as he discovers the wonders of this game. This poem is originally created and narrated by me.I hope this video can let those who played for a long time to reflect and appreciate their journey and those who are starting anticipate the wild and fun road ahead. Hope you enjoy this video and have a great day

                              GrowID: Tinytimii

                              Last edited by Multiply; 05-09-2020, 05:21 AM.
                              Check out one of my video below!


                              • Customizing Playing Card | Growtopia

                                Helo, im nominating my video to be votw
                                i hope you like it, thanks

                                Youtube Video Title : Customizing Playing Card | Growtopia
                                GrowID : FOLVA
                                Link to the Video :

                                Hi, i hope you like this video

                                Video length : 8 minutes 47 seconds ✔️
                                Family friendly ✔️
                                Original Contents ✔️
                                Has editing ✔️
                                Video related to growtopia ✔️