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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

    Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

    -> The story of a pirate who found a treasure map. <-

    Grow ID: Raciness

    Video Link:

    VOTW [X]
    Focused Eyes[Done]
    Golden Pickaxe[47/200]
    Visit my world QUESTHELP


    • GrowVid-19 Growtopia song (Official Music Video)

      So there is a massive crisis happening in the world which gave me the inspiration to create a covid-19 song for people to stay safe and stay at home so we can defeat the virus🦠 once and for all.

      This is my first ever attempt Of making a VOTW and I hope to win the VOTW trophy 🏆
      Username : Nedits
      Video name : GrowVid-19

      Thank you Growtopia and all People reading this, and remember to stay at home 🏡


      • Death Bed - Growtopia Animation

        Enjoy this animation:v

        IGN: Xienz


        • Title: 99% Editing, 1% Keytar Skills
          GrowID: Lorddirt

          Started working on this large project from the start of April to the end of April, using a lot of editing to recreate the song Canon in F# in Growtopia via a variety of hand-held instruments such as the Keytar and Lyre to do so. Spent a lot of time working on this project, and it's finally done - so I'm submitting it for VOTW.


          • GROWTOPIA'S GOOD

            #PLAYLIST GT

            IGN: SHAMEFULLY


            • Growtopia Doodle

              Title: Growtopia Doodle Case (DIY)




              • Growtopia | The Truth

                Where do Growtopians go once they exit a world? How do they go from one world to another? Have you ever thought about that? In this video, I decided to follow one Growtopian named Bob as he leaves his farm, all to find out the truth.

                Title: The Truth
                GrowID: Optimystique
                Video Link:

                The animation and editing took 5 days all in all, so hope you guys like it! All sound effects and clips that weren't mine are credited in the description of my video.

                NOTE: I do not know why there are so many dislikes but still, hope you enjoy it.

                IGN: Onan
                Discord: Onan#1401

                FREE BFG @ LGRIDBFG

                Profile Picture by Crunchyy and Electrolava9
                God I hate my forum name


                • Ascend | Growtopia Inspirational Song | VoTW Nomination

                  Sorry I had to upload it again cause I changed the title.

                  ADVICE: Wear headphones for a better understanding of the song!
                  IGN: OurHope

                  This song isn’t just about growtopia, you might have a dream of some sort, you’d figure to just let time do it’s thing. When it comes soo close to its due date you start sweating, starting to have doubts. This is why I made the song, calling it Ascend as to reaching a higher standard of an ordinary.

                  Soo here's the song I wrote!

                  credits are in the video.

                  Orginal Song

                  Written by : OurHope
                  Guitar played by: OurHope
                  Sang by: OurHope
                  Chords by: OurHope


                  • Dirt Block Seed | Growtopia VOTW 2020 April | Original Song by OurHope

                    [Before playing please wear headphones]

                    Sometimes people take their items for granted, dropping it on random worlds until they finally realized the mistake they made "Never even knew it meant to me.". This involves real life, you can have a really expensive item irl, you lose that item but you wouldn't care that much. You could have a lesser item, an easy to get but someone gifted it to you which made it priceless. This is when the lyric "Expensive, impure unlike my dirt block seed." comes to show.

                    Link :
                    GrowID : OurHope

                    CRITERIA FOR JUDGING :
                    * Very family friendly!✔️
                    * Original song✔️
                    * 2 weeks of dreaming lyrics✔️
                    * Yes music✔️
                    * Growtopia connection to irl!✔️
                    * People getting scammed is daily✔️

                    How I get my lyrics you ask? I dream them.

                    Latest Growie won: 3/16/2020.


                    • A LONER

                      A Original story made by me

                      Grow id : minance

                      Description :
                      Minance is a loner who no have anything but he have some dreams,and he want to make his dream come true.
                      So let's see can he make his dream come true?

                      Link :


                      • Dugong (A Growtopia Animation)

                        Good day! I would want to nominate this animation so we could be reminded that we should be responsible to our trash and waste. We dont know that our waste do not only affect us but also the creatures that we are living with in this world. I would want to start by posting this and showing everyone that we could make a better response to this!

                        Dugong is a medium size marine animal that are commonly called “sea cows” and they are related to manatees.
                        they are threatened by sea grass habitat loss or degradation because of coastal development or industrial activities that cause water pollution. They live in shallow waters because they eat sea grasses and if there is not enough sea grasses they do not breed which can cause to their extinction

                        Video Title: Dugong

                        Video Link:

                        GrowID: Johnxx

                        Editing Apps: Microsoft Powerpoint and Final Cut Pro

                        Subscribe to Johnxx!
                        Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
                        Youtube: Johnxx
                        Facebook: Johnxx GT
                        Twitter: @johnxxgt
                        Instagram: @johnxxgt


                        • Originally posted by MrSkybow View Post
                          Video title : You only know... a Growtopia parody song
                          Growid : MrSkybow
                          Link to the video :

                          Just bumping my earlier post
                          Happy mothers day.
                          Watched my latest upload?
                          Here is the latest video I uploaded on my channel !


                          • How the growtopia world was created

                            This is a theory of how the growtopia world was created.
                            I tried to do something a little different, it was more difficult than I imagined. This is a short stopmotion animation using clay, photo by photo.

                            Video title: How the growtopia world was created
                            Video link:
                            GrowID: RaphaelaBr


                            • Buddy was getting chased by a ninja and accidentally goes to the outside world.

                              IGN: BEYSBOLL
                              All credits are in the video description.

                              Originally posted by NekoRei View Post
                              CRITERIA FOR JUDGING:
                              CHECK * It has to be family-friendly.
                              CHECK * Original contents get plus points!
                              CHECK * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative!
                              CHECK * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.
                              CHECK * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!
                              NOPE * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current events
                              WHAT IS UP!


                              • Please let me get a votw with this handmade video!

                                im so proud of it and think it is good, on my opinnion! This video worth video of the week for sure!
                                Video title:"DIY KeyChain Growtopian"
                                Video link:
                                Cool handmade growtopian:
                                YOuTube: OONLYY GT