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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Gamble - Growtopia Animation

    Every person has a goal but, to achieve that goal you should take the risk. "Take the risk or lose the opportunity" that's the saying that i applied on making this project. This story shows you that on every goal there is a risk it's just up to the person if he/she would take that risk. The story features Dave, a 13-year old boy who's goal is to have a skateboard using his own effort. As you can see in the video, Dave used the Arcade Machine to collect world locks. Arcade Machine is a good example of taking the risk. It is based on how focused and determined you are. This Video is not all about on a little kid playing a videogame it also have a moral lesson. To understand more, watch the video till the end. Enjoy

    Why the title is Gamble?
    I mean on this Video Title is taking risky action in the hope of a desired result.



    • The Growtopian Code !!

      Growtopian Code informartion video
      İ made this video Becouse i think someone not dont know Growtopian Code

      Grow ID Jevl

      Video Title : The Growtopian Code
      Link ;

      İ Hope i will win

      Dont Forget Like video
      And comment


      • Title: 99% Editing, 1% Keytar Skills
        GrowID: Lorddirt

        Started working on this large project from the start of April to the end of April, using a lot of editing to recreate the song Canon in F# in Growtopia via a variety of hand-held instruments such as the Keytar and Lyre to do so. Spent a lot of time working on this project, and it's finally done - so I'm submitting it for VOTW.


        • Customizing Playing Card | Growtopia

          Helo, im nominating my video to be votw
          i hope you like it, thanks

          Youtube Video Title : Customizing Playing Card | Growtopia
          GrowID : FOLVA
          Link to the Video :

          Hi, i hope you like this video

          Video length : 8 minutes 47 seconds ✔️
          Family friendly ✔️
          Original Contents ✔️
          Has editing ✔️
          Video related to growtopia ✔️

          Last edited by xFeekz; 05-11-2020, 06:37 AM. Reason: i forget put the link, sorry


          • GrowId: DeeEL
            Video's title : Nightmare [Growtopia Horror Animation]
            Link :

            Someone tries to get in Dila's house !!!
            What will happen to Dila ? Watch the video to know !

            Hope you consider my video as votw


            • The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia

              Hi guys! I just wanted to share with you all my latest Growtopia Animation-ish and a Remix of the famous Astronomia (Coffin Dance Song) using Growtopia Sounds, "The Power of Coffin Meme."

              I do a lot of music production in my free time and I thought why not make a remix using Growtopia sounds. So here it is, my masterpiece LEMAO. Definitely a lot of Davie504 reference in the video LEMAO.

              5 Sleepless nights were spent in making this video.

              I hope you guys like it! (and my editing as well L-M-A-O)

              Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia (Crammiee Remix) [UNRELEASED]

              Softwares Used:
              Adobe Premiere Pro
              Adobe After Effects
              Adobe Photoshop
              FL Studio

              TITLE: The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia
              GROWID: Crammiee

              IGN: Crammiee

              Find me in:


              • Growtopia | Death bed ( Growtopia Parody )

                Wassup guyss!
                So I made ( Death Bed ) Parody that relates to Growtopia

                This parody is to let them know that they need a '' Hard Work '' to achieve their goals/dream in a good way!

                Title: Growtopia | Death bed ( Growtopia Parody )

                GrowID: HODLUM



                • Death Bed - Powfu (Coffee for your head) | Growtopia

                  Yo guys! I just want share my video about love story

                  Spent time : 4 Days
                  Don't judge me

                  GrowID : Evios


                  • "Growtopia Short | MOM"

                    Hi Growtopians!


                    I'm nominating my Growtopia Short Film called "MOM".
                    Giving appreciation for all the hard work of our Mothers.

                    This short film has a story that surely will make you wanna hug your mom right after you watch it.
                    Sooo, hope you guys enjoy! Happy Mother's Day to all your moms.

                    PS: prepare some tissue paper just in case of... ugh. you know.

                    Official Social Media Accounts:
                    Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


                    • Nominatin g video, how to grow pineapple -growtopia version for the pineapple week in growtopia!
                      Tilte: How to grow a pineapple

                      IGN: dekatoo


                      • The Growtopian Code !!

                        Growtopian Code informartion video
                        İ made this video Becouse i think someone not dont know Growtopian Code

                        Grow ID Jevl

                        Video Title : The Growtopian Code
                        Link ;

                        İ Hope i will win

                        Dont Forget Like video
                        And comment


                        • Growtopia Animation - The Crown

                          Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
                          Item name Medusa's Crown

                          GrodID: EAwizrd
                          Video Title: The Crown
                          Video Link:


                          • Growtopia poetry

                            Originally posted by Multiply View Post

                            A Growtopian's Journey
                            Growtopia Video Poem

                            As soon as you first log into Growtopia, you have made your very first steps in a Growtopian's journey. Here is a video poem (inspired by the art of poetry and rhyming) about the life of a Growtopian as he discovers the wonders of this game. This poem is originally created and narrated by me.I hope this video can let those who played for a long time to reflect and appreciate their journey and those who are starting anticipate the wild and fun road ahead. Hope everyone enjoys this video and have a great day

                            GrowID: Tinytimii

                            Just giving this a quick bump
                            Last edited by Multiply; 05-17-2020, 06:59 AM.
                            Check out one of my video below!


                            • Nominating my video for VOTW

                              Hi, I've just made a video about how I made a Growtopia's Origami, so any of you guys can make it.

                              Title : Growtopia | Making Growtopia's Origami
                              Link :
                              GrowID : Tious
                              IGN : Tious


                              • The Showdown by Paxon Studios

                                Howdy there growtopians! feeling down on these hard times? thought of going on adventures? how bout' the wild wild west?
                                well this here is your lucky day! A wild adventure on the wild west with Sherrif Pam to hunt down a bandit who stole something very special to him. Follow me to unfold this mystery behind the wild west -.-

                                Side Note: This is my very first VOTW entry and I am very proud of it. Hopeful to win an award but nonetheless enjoyed making this amazing animation, hope ya'll enjoy it too!

                                "Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, we love you <3"

                                GrowID: mexon
                                Title: The Showdown by Paxon Studios