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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia

    Hi guys! I just wanted to share with you all my latest Growtopia Animation-ish and a Remix of the famous Astronomia (Coffin Dance Song) using Growtopia Sounds, "The Power of Coffin Meme."

    I do a lot of music production in my free time and I thought why not make a remix using Growtopia sounds. So here it is, my masterpiece LEMAO. Definitely a lot of Davie504 reference in the video LEMAO.

    5 Sleepless nights were spent in making this video.

    I hope you guys like it! (and my editing as well L-M-A-O)

    Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia (Crammiee Remix) [UNRELEASED]

    Softwares Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Photoshop
    FL Studio

    TITLE: The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia
    GROWID: Crammiee

    IGN: Crammiee

    Find me in:


    • 1 Second ( Animation ) | Growtopia

      Have you ever wondered what happens in Growtopia every second?

      GrowID: VendProfits
      Video title: 1 Second


      • Grow to Success | Growtopia

        Youtube Video Title: Grow to Success | Growtopia
        GrowID: MiMelody
        Video Link:

        I made a video that summarized the whole point of growtopia rules and code of conduct.
        I hope this will somehow inform those who have not yet read the rules or code of conduct throughout their gameplay.
        Encouraging people to do the right thing and reminds us to our true goal as a social creature not just in real life, but also in a game.



          Hello guys
          this is my second animation and the first animation I made 1 year ago but failed.
          and now I am trying to learn to make animation on YouTube.
          and I can make it.
          I hope you all enjoy watching my animation.
          Link YouTube:


          • Our submission for VOTW!:

            This song and video is completely original! And was made out of love for Growtopia by me and my best friend! He's an AMAZING video editor and song creator and we worked for weeks on this!

            Grow ID: Clarken
            Video Title: Get A World Lock (Official Music Video) [Growtopia]

            Thank you so much for your consideration!
            IGN: Clarken
            Since July 2, 2014

            Services you may need!:

            Buy all riding bumble bees 25 each


            • GROWVALLEY:Light Of Dream (Growtopia Animation)


              This video tells the story of a young man named Mike who lives in Grow Valley with his mother. He has many dreams, one of which is to make his mother happy. However, something surprising happened to Mike ...

              What Is that? The full video is in the channel (AkatKat)


              • Travelling Falls | Growtopia Animation

                Tittle : Travelling Falls

                GrowID : Parshe

                Link :


                • Growtopia film

                  A Growtopian's Journey
                  Growtopia Video Poem

                  As soon as you first log into Growtopia, you have made your very first steps in a Growtopian's journey. Here is a video poem (inspired by the art of poetry and rhyming) about the life of a Growtopian as he discovers the wonders of this game. This poem is originally created and narrated by me.I hope this video can let those who played for a long time to reflect and appreciate their journey and those who are starting anticipate the wild and fun road ahead. Hope everyone enjoys this video and have a great day

                  GrowID: Tinytimii

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                  Check out one of my video below!


                  • The Love Wizard (animation) Growtopia

                    Hey Growtopians!
                    i would like to Nominate My video That tooks me 5month to do it and took my time on it to Achieve my goal and win Votw

                    this story is about a wizard wants to help a man finding his soulmate

                    this video is 4:35minutes, But it took me time to do it! over 5months only to complete my goal and win the votw !

                    in this animation:
                    i changed the pitch
                    added cool songs
                    took my time on it to win
                    added effects
                    Cool Transitions
                    i edited it On Phone
                    Cool Story
                    Funny animation
                    and it would be cool to win !

                    It also took me 5months Working hard to get my VOTW!

                    my grow id PTanks
                    Instagram name: PTanks

                    i also hope that everyone got a chance to win!
                    and if i didnt won atleast i made someone else happy


                    • How to make growtokens and ubisoft coins IRL! VOTW SUBMISSION

                      I would like to submit my video for the VOTW competition. This video took a couple days to film and edit due to the current conditions so I hope you enjoy it!
                      It's a video showing how I made my silver growtoken and ubisoft tokens, using Industrial equipment.

                      My GrowID: ItzVens
                      Video Link:


                      • Pins Wit Me


                        IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                        • Growtopia's Good

                          #PLAYLIST GT
                          GROWID: SHAMEFULLY

                          IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                          • Growtopia | Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, RAYE, Europa - Tequila

                            GrowID - LiGH7
                            Growtopia | Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, RAYE, Europa - Tequila
                            80s styled music video


                            • Enigma - Growtopia Animation

                              GrowID: CIassmates(The letter "L" is actually big letter " i " so it's like ciassmates)

                              Link to the video:

                              Title: Enigma
                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              This is a story about the fisherman who received his unique powers from the mysterious floating cube. He decided to become a superhero, and he called himself "Enigma" which means mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. One day, he found a villain who have powers like him, so he decided to stop him before that villain does something really bad.
                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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                              • A LONER

                                A Original story made by me

                                Grow id : minance

                                Description :
                                Minance is a loner who no have anything but he have some dreams,and he want to make his dream come true.
                                So let's see can he make his dream come true?

                                Link :