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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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    This is by FAR! the best video we've made
    The beat was Produced By us with of course the vocals.




    • Spongebob’s Pineapple Party

      Greetings! I would want to nominate this hard worked animation because of using Growtopia Items as mediums to create the iconic Nickelodeon's characters in Spongebob

      Spongebob’s body is created using swiss cheese block and his clothes are made from different growtopia items, Patrick Star is created from the Derpy Star and more characters to see!

      Video Title: Spongebob’s Pineapple Party
      GrowID: Johnxx

      Video Link:

      Thank you and Enjoy the Party!

      Subscribe to Johnxx!
      Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
      Youtube: Johnxx
      Facebook: Johnxx GT
      Twitter: @johnxxgt
      Instagram: @johnxxgt


      • I nominate my new Startopia guide for VOTW!

        It took me a while to do, but I made a guide on how to beat every single new mission, plus the final landing mission.

        It has a detailed guide of how to beat every single mission plus gameplay to show how it works. I think it could help a ton teaching players how to do the new Startopia!
        IGN: Jisam
        Discord: Jisam#9391


        • Drawing My Growtopian

          I drew my Growtopian in my own style using procreate and edited the video to make it fun and exciting. I included special effects to the video to light up my drawing.
          I hope you enjoy!

          YouTube Video Title: Drawing My Growtopian!
          GrowID: G0LDENCAKE
          Link to the video:


          • Nightmare [Growtopia Horror Animation]

            GrowId: DeeEL
            Video's title : Nightmare [Growtopia Horror Animation]
            Link :

            Someone tries to get in Dila's house !!!
            What will happen to Dila ? Watch the video to know !


            • Growtopia Inspirating Videos

              Hello Guys, i want to make sure you got an inspiration . so because of that i made this inspiration video. I will make this type of video an episode. For this episode , i make this one about " Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover " .
              make sure to check it guys. Its My First Attempt Nominating For VOTW. I Hope You Like It

              Grow ID : Saloa
              Video Title : Growtopia Inspiring Video Ep.1 : Don't Judge Book By Its Cover | Growtopia 2020
              Video URL Link :
              Included on This Video :
              • Music
              • Original Video Content
              • Growtopia Related
              • Family Friendly
              • Inspiration and Motivation
              • Editing and HD Video
              • First Attempt to Nominate
              • All Love From Me When Editing
              • 10 Minutes Video

              Best Regards, Saloa GT
              Youtube Channel : Saloa GT
              Instagram : @SaloaGT

              RSP Shop : SALOAGT
              Level : 125

              Growtopia Content Creator on Youtube.


              • Title of the video: Growtopia DIY Coin Box
                GrowId: Zytran

                Among all creations that I have made, this impressed me the most. It is my first attempt for VOTW, after I recovered from my injury this is the first thing I had done. Hope you guys will like it

                In this video we will be doing a Growtopia DIY Coin Box by the use of recycled materials found in our homes! This video shows how creative a growtopian can be when they open their minds to wonder.

                Video contains:
                *Family Friendly
                -warnings are all throughout the video to help guide the creators in making
                *Sound used
                -Summer Upbeat
                *Texts to guide the creators in making
                *Timelapses are done to shorten the duration while making the video a little bit hype
                *Original Ideas

                3rd post for this week June 7-13,2020

                Link towards the video:
                A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                IGN: Zytran
                World: ZYTRAN
                Instagram: @zytran_gt


                • Growtopia Drawing Easter[ Growtopian,egg and rabbit]

                  Hello , I Drawed Growtopian Easter egg And Easter Rabbit.
                  After I took photos with all of them

                  Video Title : Growtopia Drawing Easter Week

                  Video Link ;

                  Grow ID ; JEVL

                  My Dream İs win Votw


                  • Buddy Adventures - To The Outside World!

                    Please watch until the end since I REMADE this video
                    REMAKE REMAKE REMAKE NEW VID!

                    ign: BEYSBOLL
                    WHAT IS UP!


                    • The growtopian code

                      Growtopian Code informartion video
                      İ made this video Becouse i think someonetdont know Growtopian Code

                      Grow ID Jevl

                      Video Title : The Growtopian Code
                      Link ;

                      İ Hope i will win

                      Dont Forget Like video
                      And comment


                      • Growtopia | a song made by Parshe

                        Tittle : Growtopia (Official Music Video) | a song made by Parshe

                        Hey guys, and moderator who seen this,
                        this are my first music video and its called "GROWTOPIA"

                        so in this music I tell some stories that I have seen
                        or feel it in growtopia since many years ago

                        HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!

                        GrowID : Parshe


                        • *FULL* Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

                          Growid: icyharry


                          • DOOMSDAY WARHAMMER

                            Youtube Video Title : DOOMSDAY WARHAMMER
                            GrowID : FOLVA
                            Link to the Video :

                            Included in this video :
                            ✅ Family Friendly
                            ✅ Original Contents
                            ✅ Have an editing and High-definition video
                            ✅ Have Audio ( Use Headphones For Better Experience )
                            ✅ Related to growtopia
                            ✅ IOTM items
                            ✅ 3 Minutes duration

                            There is also a lesson to be learned from this video , i hope you like it


                            • Originally posted by Multiply View Post

                              A Growtopian's Journey
                              Growtopia Video Poem

                              Here's something new to the table.
                              As soon as you first log into Growtopia, you have made your very first steps in a Growtopian's journey. Here is a video poem (inspired by the art of poetry and rhyming) about the life of a Growtopian as he discovers the wonders of this game. This poem is originally created and narrated by me.I hope this video can let those who played for a long time to reflect and appreciate their journey and those who are starting anticipate the wild and fun road ahead. Hope everyone enjoys this video and have a great day

                              GrowID: Tinytimii

                              A little bump
                              Last edited by Multiply; 06-15-2020, 04:50 AM.
                              Check out one of my video below!


                              • An Epic Revenge

                                Wow the participants have a better video than me. But I don't know either can i win? but my mind says it's better to try than not to do anything.

                                Who knew I could win?