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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Building IOTM's with LEGO

    GrowID: OnionXela

    In this video i am building Item Of The Months with Lego! I hope you enjoy!
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    • Animation vs Growtopia

      The stick figure enters the world of growtopia and finds himself in an adventure.

      I hope you will like it.

      Title: Animation vs Growtopia #1

      GrowID: NotLupex



      • Growtopia|He He Hey Bro (Baa Baa Black Sheep Parody)

        Hi Guys! I wanted ya'll too see the parody that i made with my friends! This video also represents on how some of the Growtopians prepare for the upcoming Spring Clash (Block Bashers).

        Hope y'all enjoy and appreciate my work! Stay Safe Y'all!

        Growid: Zeaf


        • growsdfmovie | Growtopia Animation


          A Tangram Studios Production

          growsdfmovie is an animated Growtopia parody inspired by Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell’s animated series called asdfmovie.
          growsdfmovie features original & relatable sketches for Growtopians to enjoy and laugh about.

          Tangram Studios is a movie studio creating animated and live-action feature films to the people of Growtopia. The parody was created by the Animation Department in Tangram Studios.
          • Directed by Tangramboy
          • Edited by Tangramboy
          • Animated by RedyMeosjin
          • Music produced by various artists
          • Pixel Arts by Banyu, Starnox, RedyMeosjin (derived from Growtopia sprites)
          • Written by Zyonic, Starnox, Tangramboy

          Most sound effects used are owned by Ubisoft Entertainment.
          This video features Closed Captions.
          • English CC by Tangramboy
          • Indonesian Translation by Skullition
          • Filipino Translation by Matteu

          GrowID: Tangramboy


          growsdfmovie - june 2020


          • Growie Friday Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

            I Made This Song Because I Wanted People To See My Singing Skills . Personally I’m Not That Good At Singing But I Just Encouraged Myself To Try And Try And So After A Few Weeks I Decided To Make This Song And I Hope You Enjoy 😃

            Also, This Isn’t Just About Getting The VOTW Trophy But That Would Be Nice Aswell 🏆. This Is Also About Me Getting Hopefully Some Feedback On My Singing 🎤

            Thank You Growtopia , Enjoy This Video And Don’t Forget To Stay Healthy! 👍

            GrowId: Medits


            • BEST FRIENDS OR NOT

              hello friends in this animation I use 3 main characters including Eren Wesdong and Reiner all three of them confused who are the best friends or not so without further length you guys just watch this animated video made by me
              I hope you enjoy watching this animation
              YouTube video title: BEST FRIEND OR NOT? : GROWTOPIA ANIMATION
              Link YouTube video:


              • Original content gets plus point!

                Hi, presenting you video to be my first votw.
                Video name: Gone for a walk
                My animated, 3d, +reallife Video about a pet rock hot he got bored and decided to go for a walk.
                Dont forget to like the video if you liked it, thanks!

                Growtopia username: oonlyy
                YOuTube: OONLYY GT


                • Billie Eilish - ilomilo | Growtopia [VOTW]

                  Grow ID : BeBird
                  Video Link :

                  Features :
                  * A 8D Song
                  * Singing Scene
                  * Story Telling

                  "Hope to achieve my dream to get VOTW"

                  ~Thanks to you all from bottom of my heart.


                  • My musical informational VOTW attempt

                    GrowID: Duckingcute

                    Video title: (Stay Safe) Song about Covid-19 safety

                    Video link:

                    I made the song and sang the lyrics, with the help of my friend fliszt who helped me get some ideas, i made this video with the intent to inform growtopians and any other person that came across it about the precautions needed to stay safe and keep other people safe too during this global pandemic, i really hope this helps you, stay safe...

                    I hope you enjoyed the song, remember try not to go outside...


                    • Draw my character growtopia set

                      hello so I made a video drawing my growtopia character on a piece of paper

                      [✓] original content
                      [✓] 5 minutes duration

                      GrowID: RlxKratos


                      • Nominaet my Video for my first Votw

                        Hello there Nekorei! I need to designate my Video for the VOTW!

                        Features included in the video
                        ✓No Violence
                        ✓Video duration is 3 minutes.
                        ✓Some intense background music.
                        ✓Self Story but inspired by.

                        IGN : ZENYSTY

                        Much obliged to you

                        The story:

                        The kid is so worn out on getting tormented.

                        He just depends on Lucid Dreaming.

                        Since It's Freedom in Dream World!

                        Anything he desires will work out.

                        You can Fly, Spawn Things, and View

                        The most Awesome Places you'll ever observe.

                        Yet, when he awakens, he's apprehensive,

                        He's reluctant to get Bullied once more.

                        this isn't only a straightforward story, yet in addition, a portion of the individuals, in actuality, relies upon Lucid Dream. we have Lucid Dream Groups, and a large portion of them want to live in a Dreamworld. I know what they feel.
                        SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                        isn't sleeping so Good?

                        i do animations, funny videos and more.

                        IGN: ZENYSTY


                        • GrowID: HelmyZR
                          YT: Helmy ZR


                          • growtopia 4 elements Animation

                            Hi This is my entry animation for VOTW. Hope you guys Like it , Thanks

                            •Story line
                            an adventurer who wants to save the world from the cursed monster... did he manage to conquer the monsters? Watch the full video on channel (oneus growtopia)

                            •Features included in the video:
                            ✓No destructive violence.
                            ✓Video duration is 5 minutes.
                            ✓quite an interesting story.
                            ✓Some cool theme for the background
                            ✓self-made story ideas
                            ✓Original content

                            NOTE :
                            -Video work takes a week
                            -all items and properties in the video are related to growtopia
                            GrowID : OneUs
                            Instagram : @oneus_gt
                            YouTube : OneUs GT



                            • Growtopia Illustration

                              Hi, i made my growtopia fan art

                              GROW ID : LuckyCat009
                              Youtube video title : Growtopia Illustration
                              Video Link :

                              [✓] themes from recent events and also for the next event
                              [✓] Original Idea
                              [✓] 10 Minutes Duration
                              [✓] Family Friendly
                              [✓] Creative content
                              [✓] Has an Edit
                              [✓] Good audio and video quality
                              [✓] 100% Related to growtopia

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                              • Hey there, I would like to nominate one of my videos that were uploaded onto my YouTube channel years ago regarding the theme - Father’s Day. I’ve been trying my luck only to upload once every year before the day has arrived.

                                This video isn’t a normal skit video. However, there is a storyline behind it based on one of the online articles I have read about someone who actually experienced this years ago. Do check it out and I hope this video would eventually be recognized one day.

                                Also, a big HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all dads and soon-to-be in the coming weeks! Enjoy!

                                GrowID: Werkon