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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Animation vs Growtopia

    The stick figure enters the world of growtopia and finds himself in an adventure.

    I hope you will like it.

    Title: Animation vs Growtopia #1

    GrowID: NotLupex



    • Growtopia - Pro Life

      Nominate for Votw

      Hi guys! In this video, its about players (not sure) that being sad after they got owned by toxic player..

      Music and sound effect used on purpose only.
      Hope you guys enjoy the video
      Watch and share with youre friends



      Wish me luck


      • The Bread Lock (When Hunger Hits Growtopia)

        Hi guys! This is my other VOTW entree This video came together because i was randomly eating a cheeseburger and realized how cool it would be if the ketchup would be shaped like a world lock! And so i got thinking how i could sketch a world lock unto one of the buns of the burger. Hope You Guys like it! Oh and Also! I have another VOTW entree which is titled "The Growpotato..." Make sure to check that out also! It's a really funny skit

        1. The duration of this video is 3 minutes and 34 seconds. That includes my intro and credits already.
        2. There is no destructive content in this video. No violence.
        3. This is 100% original content!
        4. Don't worry! The bread was eaten at the end
        5. Lastly, this is 100% related to Growtopia


        • Growtopia Masterchef

          Hello I would want to nominate a growtopia masterchef animation! This features masterchef look a like when it is in growtopia version! I hope you enjoy!

          Title: Growtopia Masterchef

          GrowID: Johnxx

          Video Link:

          Hope you Enjoy!

          Subscribe to Johnxx!
          Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
          Youtube: Johnxx
          Facebook: Johnxx GT
          Twitter: @johnxxgt
          Instagram: @johnxxgt


          • Nominating My Video on Video Of The Week

            Hello !
            I Would Like to Share and Nominate My Video to Become Growtopia Video of The Week.
            This Video Made By Me For All Growtopian Who Would Learning Surgery. I Already Post It on My Youtube Channel and That Video Got A Lot Of Attention and Likes.
            Since Its Really Helping People to Became Good on Surgery , I Would Like to Share More so People Who Troubled on Doing Surgery Gonna Learn Well How To Do It.
            I Hope This Video Fullfill The Criteria of Yours Video Of The Week.

            Grow ID : Saloa
            Video Title : Growtopia : How to Surgery ( Full Explanation ) Tutorial ! | Tips | Growtopia 2020.
            Video URL Link :

            Included on This Video :
            • Music
            • Original Video Content
            • Growtopia Related
            • Family Friendly
            • Tips and Trick
            • Editing and HD Video
            • First Attempt to Nominate
            • All Love From Me When Editing
            • Tutorial with Full Explanations

            Best Regards, Saloa GT

            Youtube Channel : Saloa GT
            Instagram : @SaloaGT

            RSP Shop : SALOAGT
            Level : 125

            Growtopia Content Creator on Youtube.


            • Growtopia Animation - The Crown

              Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
              Item name Medusa's Crown

              GrodID: EAwizrd
              Video Title: The Crown
              Video Link:


              • Growie Friday Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

                I Made This Song Because I Wanted People To See My Singing Skills . Personally I’m Not That Good At Singing But I Just Encouraged Myself To Try And Try And So After A Few Weeks I Decided To Make This Song And I Hope You Enjoy 😃

                Also, This Isn’t Just About Getting The VOTW Trophy But That Would Be Nice Aswell 🏆. This Is Also About Me Getting Hopefully Some Feedback On My Singing 🎤

                Thank You Growtopia , Enjoy This Video And Don’t Forget To Stay Healthy! 👍

                GrowId: Medits


                • Growtopia Illustration

                  Hi, i made my growtopia fan art

                  GROW ID : LuckyCat009
                  Youtube video title : Growtopia Illustration
                  Video Link :

                  [✓] themes from recent events and also for the next event
                  [✓] Original Idea
                  [✓] 10 Minutes Duration
                  [✓] Family Friendly
                  [✓] Creative content
                  [✓] Has an Edit
                  [✓] Good audio and video quality
                  [✓] 100% Related to growtopia

                  Last edited by JohnnyPie; 06-20-2020, 06:30 AM.


                  • Needle Felting a Growtopian!

                    Hi! I'm agoness/NekoWolf. I'm presenting my first votw attempt, Building a Growtopian with Needle Felting! I recently got into needle felting, which is a hobby not alot of people know about. I decided to try and make the Growtopian Mascot, Buddy, and it went pretty well in my opinion! I made a video showing the process (: It can also be used as a tutorial for fellow needle felters I really hope this can win a votw heh.

                    GrowID: agoness
                    Video Name: Creating a Growtopian with Needle Felting! - Growtopia
                    You may have to adjust the video quality to see it clearer heh.. I'm new to making videos so this took a lot of hours to make
                    hi i like dragons and dyn

                    note: I AM a FEMALE



                    • The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia

                      Hi guys! I just wanted to share with you all my latest Growtopia Animation-ish and a Remix of the famous Astronomia (Coffin Dance Song) using Growtopia Sounds, "The Power of Coffin Meme."

                      I do a lot of music production in my free time and I thought why not make a remix using Growtopia sounds. So here it is, my masterpiece LEMAO. Definitely a lot of Davie504 reference in the video LEMAO.

                      5 Sleepless nights were spent in making this video.

                      I hope you guys like it! (and my editing as well L-M-A-O)

                      Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia (Crammiee Remix) [UNRELEASED]

                      Softwares Used:
                      Adobe Premiere Pro
                      Adobe After Effects
                      Adobe Photoshop
                      FL Studio

                      TITLE: The Power of Coffin Meme | Growtopia
                      GROWID: Crammiee

                      IGN: Crammiee

                      Find me in:


                      • cooking in growtopia vs cooking in real life

                        In my video, I made blueberry crepes in growtopia. The ingredients are pretty simple in-game. I then made them at home. Most of the ingredients are the same. I had a lot of fun making the recipe. I hope I inspired other players to get creative with their work.
                        The video is over 3 minutes long
                        Family-friendly(I posted the recipe in the description)
                        It is original content
                        It is related to growtopia.

                        Video: Cooking in growtopia vs cooking in real life
                        Growid: Flameskin

                        IGN: Flameskin


                        • Growtopia art (with Photoshop) - Growtopian vs. Growch

                          Hello guys !

                          MY GROWID : Nragan

                          So in this video i make an art "Growtopian vs. Growch". The growtopian is using a set which is my set with few additional items(Zeus' lightning bolt, focused eyes, diamond horns) because i dont have those items so i edit em.

                          -Family Friendly
                          -11 Minutes long
                          -Related to Growtopia
                          -Original content
                          -With background music

                          So this is the vid :

                          Link :

                          Hope this video inspire you to learn photoshop because i would like to see if growtopians make fan-arts
                          Aslo, hope you like it !

                          Note : Sorry if my English is bad because its not my first language


                          • The Evil Plan | Growtopia Animation

                            The Evil Plan

                            I'm back: D
                            With Growtopia Animation
                            I made this animation (The Evil Plan) in 2 weeks, which is quite a long time, and drained quite a lot of time too (:
                            The animation is about an evil plan, so ...
                            I hope you are entertained with the video ...
                            Thank you for watching

                            GrowID : Zhne

                            Link to Video :


                            • Growtopia - Pro Life

                              Nominate for Votw

                              Hi guys! In this video, its about players (not sure) that being sad after they got owned by toxic player..

                              Music and sound effect used on purpose only.
                              Hope you guys enjoy the video
                              Watch and share with youre friends



                              Wish me luck


                              • Our submission for VOTW!:

                                This song and video is completely original! And was made out of love for Growtopia by me and my best friend! He's an AMAZING video editor and song creator and we worked for weeks on this!

                                Grow ID: Clarken
                                Video Title: Get A World Lock (Official Music Video) [Growtopia]

                                Thank you so much for your consideration!
                                Last edited by Clarken (ciarken); 06-22-2020, 04:55 PM.
                                IGN: Clarken
                                Since July 2, 2014

                                Services you may need!:

                                Buy all riding bumble bees 25 each