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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation

    Title: El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation

    This story was written by a great hero Dr. Jose Rizal.


    GrowID: AkosiRon


    • Growtopia Song Cover - FarmVC

      #Stay At Home and play growtopia : D

      Instrument i use :
      1. 2 Guitar classic
      2. Piano
      3. Electric Guitar

      Little Story :
      2014 i started playing GT, And i make friends and play fun with my friends, thats a good memories, so this song will memories me for this fun game : )
      its been 6 years play this game.

      Nominating for VOTW
      Growid : FarmVC
      Link to video :

      * It has to be family-friendly. ✔
      * Original contents get plus points! ✔
      * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative! ✔
      * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.
      * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it! ✔

      if you guys want to play this i will make a tutorial video ; )

      Hope i win : D
      : 3 love you GT
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      • Growtopia arm wreslting championship! | Growtopia animation

        Growtopia arm wrestling championship! We are now looking for a person who wants to join the tournament! Contact us 444-5555-66 Good luck!




          GrowID: HelmyZR
          YT: HelmyZR


          • The Doctor - Growtopia Animation

            in this video tells the story of someone named Jack who had an accident because he was careless, then he was helped by a hero who is very meritorious in our lives.

            Hope you like it

            IGN: Xienz


            • Growtopians Vs Zombies ( Animation ) | Growtopia

              GrowID: VendProfits
              Video's title: Growtopians Vs Zombies


              • Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

                Youtube Title: Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

                HI Yall!
                I decided to make a polymer clay creation of the growtopia mascot holding the legendary dragon sword and the dragon its self!
                I hope you enjoy!

                GrowID: Anteater



                • Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation

                  Video title : Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation
                  Growid : Cpu
                  Video link :

                  Application used :
                  - Kinemaster Pro
                  - Photo bender (to make the movement of hair)
                  - Medibang Paint
                  - Cute Cut Pro

                  Feature :
                  - Original content
                  - High Quality
                  - Family friendly video
                  - Epic story
                  - 4 minutes duration
                  Story :
                  This is a story about a young boy who got chosen by a sorcerer who has the power that can defeat the evil dragon.
                  Unfortunately, the sorcerer cannot use his power because he doesn't khow how to use it. The sorcerer can only use seal magic to sealed the evil dragon. But the sealed can only last for one thousand year, so the sorcerer need to find the chosen one so that the chosen one can defeat the evil dragon once and for all.
                  Note :
                  - It took more than 2 week to finish the animation video
                  - this is my 4th animation video

                  I put alot of effort into making this video. Hope you guys enjoy.


                  • Growtopia (VOTW PARTY)



                    1)Family Friendly
                    2)13 Minutes Duration
                    3)Has Editing


                    • Bruh, thats My idea! I already made that!!!!

                      Original Video:

                      Originally posted by AnteaterTK View Post
                      Youtube Title: Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

                      HI Yall!
                      I decided to make a polymer clay creation of the growtopia mascot holding the legendary dragon sword and the dragon its self!
                      I hope you enjoy!

                      GrowID: Anteater

                      YOuTube: OONLYY GT


                      • Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

                        growid: icyharry


                        • Growie Friday Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

                          I Made This Song Because I Wanted People To See My Singing Skills . Personally I’m Not That Good At Singing But I Just Encouraged Myself To Try And Try And So After A Few Weeks I Decided To Make This Song And I Hope You Enjoy 😃

                          Also, This Isn’t Just About Getting The VOTW Trophy But That Would Be Nice Aswell 🏆. This Is Also About Me Getting Hopefully Some Feedback On My Singing 🎤

                          Thank You Growtopia , Enjoy This Video And Don’t Forget To Stay Healthy! 👍

                          GrowId: Medits


                          • BEST FRIENDS OR NOT

                            hello friends in this animation I use 3 main characters including Eren Wesdong and Reiner all three of them confused who are the best friends or not so without further length you guys just watch this animated video made by me
                            I hope you enjoy watching this animation
                            YouTube video title: BEST FRIEND OR NOT? : GROWTOPIA ANIMATION
                            Link to the video:


                            • Dugong (A Growtopia Animation)

                              Good Day growtopians! I would like to nominate this short animation to help us be reminded that we should not pollute our waters since there are creatures that also lives with us. Dugong is a medium marine mammal with the family of manatees. We should care about our environment because it is our home!

                              Growtopia Title: Dugong (A Growtopia Animation)

                              GrowID: Johnxx

                              Video Link:

                              Hope you enjoy the Video! Do not pollute our environment. Be the Change to stop climate change!

                              Subscribe to Johnxx!
                              Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
                              Youtube: Johnxx
                              Facebook: Johnxx GT
                              Twitter: @johnxxgt
                              Instagram: @johnxxgt


                              • Gamble - Growtopia Animation

                                Every person has a goal but, to achieve that goal you should take the risk. "Take the risk or lose the opportunity" that's the saying that i applied on making this project. This story shows you that on every goal there is a risk it's just up to the person if he/she would take that risk. The story features Dave, a 13-year old boy who's goal is to have a skateboard using his own effort. As you can see in the video, Dave used the Arcade Machine to collect world locks. Arcade Machine is a good example of taking the risk. It is based on how focused and determined you are. This Video is not all about on a little kid playing a videogame it also have a moral lesson. To understand more, watch the video till the end. Enjoy

                                Why the title is Gamble?
                                I mean on this Video Title is taking risky action in the hope of a desired result.

                                GROW ID: JHERUEL
                                VIDEO LINK: