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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • 1 Second ( Animation ) | Growtopia

    GrowID: VendProfits
    Video title: 1 Second


    • Growtopia | Shrinking Ring

      Its My First Animation. so I Wish I Got the Votw. I Make This video Liike 1 Week. Thank you wish i got the votw.

      GrowID: NSEN
      Have Plus Poin √
      Animation √
      Duration 1:35 √
      Link Video
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      • Nominating my video as VOTW

        I would like to nominate my video

        Originally posted by Vrlz View Post
        I would like to nominate my animation that I made. It's an animation about Super Pineapple Party 2020.

        Title: Super Pineapple Party 2020 - Pine-Eater Competition
        Grow ID: Vrlz
        Desc: It's Super Pineapple Party! Let's see what Growtopians do this year! Oh... It's Pine-eater competition!
        Check out the excitement below! Who is the winner?

        Transcriber / Composer In Growtopia
        Visit My Song Hall: VZMUSIC
        Need a song? msg Vrlz in game

        My Goals:

        Also Visit In Growtopia!

        IGN: Vrlz Level: 67/100

        Instagram: vrlz_gt



        • I would like to submit this video.
          GrowID: BillowGT


          • The Doctor - Growtopia Animation

            in this video tells the story of someone named Jack who had an accident because he was careless, then he was helped by a hero who is very meritorious in our lives.

            Hope you like it

            IGN: Xienz


            • Growtopia making Clay Art

              Hello guys in am nominating my video for votw
              İn This video i made Clay Art
              GROW İD : Jevl
              Pleas dont forget rate video
              Video title : Growtopia Clay Art

              Video Link :

              * It has to be family-friendly ✅

              * Original contents get plus points✅
              * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative!✅

              * Audio matters! Even silent films had music ✅
              playing behind them.

              * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!✅

              * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current event✅

              Also... Get your video out there - Twitter, Facebook... share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye.✅


              • Hi Nekorei, i can see you, you are online!

                Title: Keychain Growtopian

                Username: oonlyy
                YOuTube: OONLYY GT


                • Enigma - Growtopia Animation

                  GrowID: Dramatized

                  Title: Enigma

                  I want to win votw, because I have not experienced winning a votw. So, I wanna experience it once in my life

                  Link to the video =
                  This is a story about the fisherman who received his unique powers from the mysterious floating cube. He decided to become a superhero, and he called himself "Enigma" which means mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. One day, he found a villain who have powers like him, so he decided to stop him before that villain does something really bad.


                  • Smooth growtopia fanart Wallpaper for pc, phone, tablet.
                    Title: Custom Growtopia Wallpaper

                    IGN: iigonub


                    • Building IOTM's with Lego

                      Title: Building IOTM's with Lego
                      GrowID: OnionXela

                      > 100% Original Content.
                      > Family-Friendly
                      > Background Music
                      > Video/Image Editing
                      > Growtopia related ( Item Of The Months)
                      > Art/Info video
                      > Customized IOTM's Lego pixelart

                      Hello! I tryed my best to build this pixelarts with the lego i had. It was not easy to build 40 Item Of The Months and i hope you will apreciate. I customized some of the items that were to detailed because i was not abble to build them and make them look good on a 16x16 Lego Board!
                      Have fun watching my project i worked on! Future content coming soon!

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                      • Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                        Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                        -> The story of a pirate who found a treasure map. <-

                        Note: You should watch carefully to understand some details in the animation.

                        GrowID: Raciness

                        Video Link:

                        VOTW [X]
                        Focused Eyes[Done]
                        Golden Pickaxe[47/200]
                        Visit my world QUESTHELP


                        • STARTOPIA

                          GROWID: SHAMEFULLY

                          #PLAYLIST GT
                          IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                          • Adventure items!
                            Title:Traveler the Seeker

                            IGN: iigonub


                            • I made a stop motion animation using world renders; this is something that I believe has not been done before - using only ingame assets to (pretty much) build a short film. I probably ended up using over 500 world renders, though everything was done on a world planner. The visuals depict a story that follows the idea of evolution, how everything is temporary, and how we have no idea what comes next.


                              lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder
                              GrowID: Kranken
                              Video link:


                              • *the singing was done by my stepbrother

                                GrowID: Kranken
                                Video Link: