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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Growtopia - Pro Life

    Nominate for Votw

    Hi guys! In this video, its about players (not sure) that being sad after they got owned by toxic player..

    Music and sound effect used on purpose only.
    Hope you guys enjoy the video
    Watch and share with youre friends



    Wish me luck


    • PLs Donate votw xD

      Growtopia freestyle rap!
      Title: Growtopia Freestyle
      My ingame name: oonlyy
      Thanks for the video of the week if am going to win, i hope, i reaaaaly hope l0l

      Username: oonlyy
      YOuTube: OONLYY GT


      • Growtopia Animation - The Crown

        Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
        Item name Medusa's Crown

        GrodID: EAwizrd
        Video Title: The Crown
        Video Link:


        • VOTW attempt 2903710

          Title: StopMotion Life-Cycle Growtopia

          username: oonlyy
          YOuTube: OONLYY GT


          • Video title: The Bee Movie trailer, but it's in Growtopia
            GrowID: Kranken
            Video link:

            Credits: TK69


            • Growtopia Animation - Memories (Maroon 5)

              This video is a short Growtopia Animation about the song "Memories" by Maroon 5.
              I spent quite a while on making the animation, please enjoy :]

              (This video is quite random and is about some growtopians that we've lost)

              Memories are great!


              GrowID: LilKevy
              Hi epic gamers


              • Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                -> The story of a pirate who found a treasure map. <-

                Note: You should watch carefully to understand some details in the animation.

                GrowID: Raciness

                Video Link:

                VOTW [X]
                Focused Eyes[Done]
                Golden Pickaxe[47/200]
                Visit my world QUESTHELP


                • This is a remake, please watch the full video.

                  Video Title: Buddy Adventures - To The Outside

                  GrowID: BEYSBOLL
                  Video Link:

                  Just a quick story on how I made this
                  I was wondering around in our house then I imagined my Growtopia character running around on our kitchen.

                  The Efforts
                  I really spent all NIGHTS animating, editing, filminng, and grinding since I do not have my own PC. The laptop I used in the video is my sister's. That was also the reason why the clips were so dark because it was midnight during the shooting. I literally had to drink a bunch of coffee that time lol.

                  I really wanted to win, and I'm still hoping.
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                  WHAT IS UP!


                  • Title: How To Make a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar In Real Life | Growtopia
                    Desc:My cousin and I really like the uniqueness and design of Growtopia's Fiesta Mariachi Guitar! That's why we decided to make one in real life! Hope you all enjoy! Other than that, you can visit my channel to relax as I use my favourite lofi tunes from various creators!

                    GrowID: Yokatta

                    Enjoy! It's 14 minutes long and contains my personally selected lofi tunes to relax to!
                    I despise hyprocrites

                    IGN: Yokatta
                    Main world: Killer8dk

                    Great. Exams got delayed to next year. Now I'm back.
                    Originally posted by Starkos
                    Don't be cynical - you'll find life's a lot brighter.


                    • Title of the video: Growtopia DIY Coin Box
                      GrowId: Zytran

                      Among all creations that I have made, this impressed me the most. It is my first attempt for VOTW, after I recovered from my injury this is the first thing I had done. Hope you guys will like it

                      In this video we will be doing a Growtopia DIY Coin Box by the use of recycled materials found in our homes! This video shows how creative a growtopian can be when they open their minds to wonder.

                      Video contains:
                      *Family Friendly
                      -warnings are all throughout the video to help guide the creators in making
                      *Sound used
                      -Summer Upbeat
                      *Texts to guide the creators in making
                      *Timelapses are done to shorten the duration while making the video a little bit hype
                      *Original Ideas

                      1st post for this week June 21-27,2020

                      Link towards the video:
                      A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                      IGN: Zytran
                      World: ZYTRAN
                      Instagram: @zytran_gt


                      • How the growtopia world was created

                        This is a theory of how the growtopia world was created.
                        I tried to do something a little different, it was more difficult than I imagined. This is a short stopmotion animation using clay, photo by photo.

                        Video title: How the growtopia world was created
                        Video link:
                        IGN: RaphaelaBr


                        • El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation

                          Title: El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation
                          The story is written by great hero Dr.Jose Rizal.El filibusterismo is story of how Philippines look like .I was amazed by this story because of how a story can fight the Spanish Period.This story is publish in 1891 also Spanish period end in 1891.

                          GrowId: AkosiRon
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                          • A video poem on the life of a Growtopian!

                            Everything is originally created and narrated by me. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

                            GrowID: TinyTimii

                            Last edited by Multiply; 06-29-2020, 12:10 AM.
                            Check out one of my video below!


                            • Midnight

                              Link To The Video:

                              -Original Idea/Story
                              -Self Edited
                              -Family Friendly
                              -Growtopia Related
                              -Have A Moral Value


                              • Buddy Soap Carving

                                Hi guys, i just carved a soap into buddy (Growtopia Mascot)
                                Here is the video, hope you like it
                                Title : Buddy Soap Carving

                                Grow ID : DeeEL