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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • Hi! I would like to nominate my video for VOTW! This is an animation video. All the ideas and the stories are from me.

    GrowID : christian667
    Video Title : A Water
    Link to the video :


    • Video tittle : Trailer Harvest Fest 2020 | Growtopia Animation
      GrowID : SHORLES

      Link video :

      Harvest fest coming! So, i made a little Trailer Video about Harvest Fest. I made it to appreciate this event too.

      Video has :
      - Harvest fest theme
      - Smooth animation
      - Text to following the video
      - Backsound song
      - Credits

      Application that i used :
      - Alight Motion
      - Background Eraser
      - Ibis Paint X
      - Pixel Studio

      Song : Harvest Fest theme Song

      All object animation in video, credits by myself. Like the tree, background, animation character, etc.

      Anyways, i just wanna say. "Thanks all Developer and Moderators who made this game so great! Hopefully i can win at this contest VOTW. Thanks "


      • Title :[GrowTok - The New Generation Of Growtopian] Link :

        GrowID :Gir

        Story Line :
        This video tells the story about In 2021, most of the growtopians are making short video on a new app call 'GrowTok' !!!

        This Video i have used 3-4 months to make because I got classes during this period. This inspiration of this video is I love watching TikTok and playing Growtopia so that i have an idea about merching two things together and taaadaaahh......'GrowTok'

        ✅Family friendly
        ✅4 different type of small videos inside
        ✅Some cool effect in this video
        ✅100% made by me


        • Title: How To Make a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar In Real Life | Growtopia
          Desc: My cousin and I really like the uniqueness and design of Growtopia's Fiesta Mariachi Guitar! That's why we decided to make one in real life! Hope you all enjoy! Other than that, you can visit my channel to relax as I use my favourite lofi tunes from various creators!

          GrowID: Yokatta

          Enjoy! It's 14 minutes long and contains my personally selected lofi tunes to relax to!
          I despise hyprocrites

          IGN: Yokatta
          Main world: Killer8dk

          Great. Exams got delayed to next year. Now I'm back.
          Originally posted by Starkos
          Don't be cynical - you'll find life's a lot brighter.


          • Title of the video: DIY GROWTOPIA STICKERS
            Duration: 10:58
            Video link:
            Growid: Roxypie

            Hello everyone! this video is a guide for you to make your very own Growtopia Sticker. Hope you enjoy


            • Growid : QompaGTI

              Video Title : Growtopia On Piano (Love Birds Cover By Piano)

              LINK :


              • THE FLASH - (Growtopia Animation)

                Growid: SeaAce

                Hey, this is a video about an Old man who passes away and reflects on his life when he meets death.
                It's a unique and original video that tells a lesson.

                I make low-quality content.

                Most Recent video: (My videos aren't usually like this)

                IGN: SeaAce


                • That is not a animation thats a hobby toy like a Mini Cosplay figure but The Keychain for my keys!

                  Username: oonlyy
                  Video title: Keychain Mini Growtopian
                  YOuTube: OONLYY GT


                  • Growtopia - Adventure of Golem

                    Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
                    Item name is: Golem's Gift


                    GrodID: EAwizrd
                    Video Title: Adventure of Golem
                    Video Link:


                    • My interesting work)

                      In this video you can learn how to make your own character on a cap.

                      ✔️For the whole family

                      ✔️Step by step


                      ✔️Original content


                      GrowID: MDEgor

                      Video Title: I Draw a character on a Cap | Growtopia [VOTW]

                      Link to the video:
                      Attached Files


                      • Hi Guys! I would like to nominate my video for VOTW

                        Title: Growtopia Pop-up Card Harvest Festival Theme

                        This video was made for the incoming event: Harvest Festival. Which teach you how to make a pop-up card/3d art.

                        Why not make some art for the upcoming Harvestfest? Be creative too even outside the game. Try this creative pop-up card that was Harvestfest themed, showing two Growtopia characters that represents you and your friend/bestfriend/gf/bf/idol inside the game, celebrating the event together. You can leave a short message for him/her then when finished, you can take a picture and send it through their IG, Fb, etc. After that you can display it to your room for remembrance.

                        It's really fun to do it especially you know it's for the special person. Though it will take time and effort doing, but it is sure worth it when done.

                        If you are not good on arts, you can ask your family members to help you with it.

                        I hope you guys enjoy and would try it ^ ^

                        >Original idea

                        Applications used:
                        • Power Director
                        • Snow

                        Audio used:
                        • 레드벨벳 (Red Velvet)- Psycho Piano Cover by Doopiano
                        • Powfu - Death bed

                        Grow ID: Xiuwan

                        Video link:


                        • TYPE OF GROWTOPIA PLAYER
                          Hello how are you ?
                          In this video i will show you about type of growtopia player so check this out

                          Growid : CexFur
                          Link :


                          • ​​​​​​Making Growtopia Puppet Theatre

                            ​​​​​Video Tittle: "Making Growtopia Puppet Theatre"

                            GrowID: SlavKings



                            I Hope You Like This Video


                            • Title:LIFE OF THE NOOB
                              ​​hello guys, this is my third animation entitled LIFE OF THE NOOB. so in this animation I use a lot of player characters. So the storyline in this animation tells the story of a noob who is often bullied because he is poor and then he gets depressed because he is often bullied by people, then his mother advises him not to be easily influenced by others. ok without going at length again just watch the animation. I hope you all enjoy seeing the animation that I made.
                              *Family friendly animation
                              *Duration 11:59 minutes
                              *Genre drama,comedy,slice of life
                              *Original content

                              Youtube video title:LIFE OF THE NOOB (Growtopia animation)
                              Link to the video:



                              • Growid: TydEvolved

                                GT Animation

                                StarTopia: Fake Friend

                                - Cool Animation
                                - Fight Scene
                                - With battle cards and Growsabers
                                - Anti mainstream Storyline