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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • I GOT LOCKS | Original Growtopia rap (TheGTGamer68)

    Written and preformed by me and YoungBAZ.
    How it sounding?
    GrowID: TheGTGamer68

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    • Applying for VOTW! Video title: 10,000 Hours- Justin Bieber (GrowTopia Music Video)

      Hi NekoRei! I really want to win VOTW because it has been my dream for soooo long to recieve a growie and i think this is my chance to try and win! Video Title: 10,000 Hours- Justin Bieber (GrowTopia Music Video) My GrowID is: AussieTV! Thanks so much!


      • Growtopia | Hula Remix

        Hula Remix
        GrowID: FOTW

        I remixed the hula girl loop from growtopia into like a trap beat


        • Growtrailer for VOTW

          Hi, I know this video may be a little weird because yeah it's a new concept. You should consider this video because it's a new creative idea and it has comedy in it.

          Also 2 Rollback happened in growtopia and this video has some info about it.

          Title: Suddenly Rich / Orang Kaya Baru (ft. @Nekorei, PeterW, etc) | Growtrailer
          GrowID: Almia

          Thanks for reading


          • Making a growtopia world lock with wood.

            -I made a wooden growtopia world lock in real life. This video took me a lot of work and time. It's a UNIQUE VIDEO that nobody had the idea before me. I hope you will like it.

            -GrowID: Bravoure

            1) Family Friendly

            2) Time: 3:31 min

            3) Has edits

            -The materials:

            A compass, pencil, paper, calculator, eraser, ruler, screwdriver, hammer, electrical saw, wood, brushes and paints.

            -Video name: Making a growtopia world lock with wood.

            -Video link:

            Bravoure GT


            • Grow's creed Topia

              Hi This is my entry animation for VOTW. Hope you guys Like it , Thanks

              •Story line
              someone who will be sent to travel back in time, assigned to save a village that wants to be taken over ... does he carry out his mission successfully? watch the video on my YouTube channel.
              (oneus growtopia)

              •Features included in the video:
              ✓No destructive violence.
              ✓Video duration is 4 minutes.
              ✓quite an interesting story.
              ✓Some cool theme for the background
              ✓Story ideas self made and half from assassin's creed
              ✓3D and half 2D animation

              NOTE :
              -Video work takes a week
              -all items and properties in the video are related to growtopia
              GrowID : OneUs
              Instagram : @oneus_gt
              YouTube : OneUs GT



              • Needle Felting a Growtopian!

                Hi! I'm agoness/NekoWolf. I'm presenting my first votw attempt, Building a Growtopian with Needle Felting! I recently got into needle felting, which is a hobby not alot of people know about. I decided to try and make the Growtopian Mascot, Buddy, and it went pretty well in my opinion! I made a video showing the process (: It can also be used as a tutorial for fellow needle felters I really hope this can win a votw heh.

                GrowID: agoness
                Video Name: Creating a Growtopian with Needle Felting! - Growtopia

                You may have to adjust the video quality to see it clearer heh.. I'm new to making videos so this took a lot of hours to make
                hi i like dragons and dyn

                note: I AM a FEMALE



                • Building IOTM's with Lego (Art Video)

                  GrowId: OnionXela
                  Video Title: "Building IOTM's with Lego"
                  Lenght: 3:04 min

                  Hello there! In this video i am building the Item Of The Months using Lego Bricks! I hope you enjoy!

                  PS: This is my first video attempt for votw, feel free to let some comments and things i could improve in the comment section. Ty :3


                  • The Final Game

                    I created a short animation with humor and motivation where basketball is being played featuring only animation. I tried making it very entertaining and personal! please Enjoy.

                    GrowID: InvaderX

                    Title: The Final Game



                    • I Play GT - Growtopia Song

                      IGN: STORM
                      aka Nomis



                        GrowID : YusuV

                        Title : "SUPERFIREWORK" SUMMER FEST SPECIAL
                        GROWTOPIA ANIMATION

                        Video link :


                        • GROWVID-19 | A Growtopia Short Film | VOTW Submission


                          My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

                          My username: iAlphaBeta

                          The link:

                          Hope you enjoy!


                          • Growtopia: Update Song REMIX

                            REMIX of Growtopia Update Song

                            I made an original remix of the Update Song in Growtopia. A lot of people love that song and loves EDM. This is what you will get when EDM meets Update Song.


                            Feel free to share it to everyone else!

                            IGN: CuzyCat


                            • Making Growtopia Meringues [ Summer Theme ]

                              Grow ID : Leuna
                              Video Title : Making Growtopia Meringues [ Summer Theme ]
                              Video Link :

                              I loves to cook and also baking too, so I made this video and I really like it !
                              I hope you like it too ~

                              - 11:16 minutes long
                              - Family friendly and Original content
                              - Edited video + musics
                              - Growtopia meringues
                              - Summerfest theme

                              Thank you 😊


                              • Hey! So I have made an animation/video of the last day of school and all the stress leading up to the final bell. This is my first animation/skit, and I have worked really hard on it. This is a fun little video for summer! Hopefully you enjoyed it!

                                GrowID: Azulon (Spelled with an L)

                                Youtube title: Final Day of School