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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • GROWVID-19 | A Growtopia Short Film | VOTW Submission


    My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

    My username: iAlphaBeta

    The link:

    Hope you enjoy!


    • Our submission for VOTW!:

      This song and video is completely original! And was made out of love for Growtopia by me and my best friend! He's an AMAZING video editor and song creator and we worked for weeks on this!

      Grow ID: Clarken
      Video Title: Get A World Lock (Official Music Video) [Growtopia]

      Thank you so much for your consideration!
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      IGN: Clarken
      Since July 2, 2014

      Services you may need!:

      Buy all riding bumble bees 25 each


      • Hey, I decided to make this video since I would be making more of skits, dares, and funny stuff on my channel in hope that I would grab more people's attention. Even if I don't win a VOTW (since there's a whole lot of bunch of cool animated videos out there), I hope that I could get more views for the effort spent on that video.

        Video Title: TOP 5 THINGS GROWTOPIANS HATE | Growtopia

        (Video starts at 0:38)

        [✓] original content ---> my friends and I came up with the ideas (same people that helped with the skits/acting in the video)

        [✓] 8 minutes duration


        IGN: Law

        My youtube channel:

        "Why be stressed when you have the choice not to"


        • GROWTOPIA Update soundtrack Remix

          Hey just slided in with a remix on the Update soundtrack of the game.
          Hope you like it

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          • Making Growtopia Meringues

            Grow ID : Leuna
            Video Title : Making Growtopia Meringues [ Summer Theme ]
            Video Link :

            I loves to cook and also baking too, so I made this video and I really like it !
            I hope you like it too ~

            - 11:16 minutes long
            - Family friendly and Original content
            - Edited video + musics
            - Growtopia meringues
            - Summerfest theme

            Thank you 😊


            • Nominate my Video animation for VOTW

              Don't Drop! | (Growtopia animation)

              Don't Drop is an animated growtopia parody inspired by the daily habits of growtopia playes.
              I like animation, not limited to that. I also learned to make my own animation, this is my work. Although not much, at least i have tried to bring the best.

              I hope you are all entertained

              Grow İd : eWicaks


              • Grow's creed Topia

                Hi This is my entry animation for VOTW. Hope you guys Like it , Thanks

                •Story line
                someone who will be sent to travel back in time, assigned to save a village that wants to be taken over ... does he carry out his mission successfully? watch the video on my YouTube channel.
                (oneus growtopia)

                •Features included in the video:
                ✓No destructive violence.
                ✓Video duration is 4 minutes.
                ✓quite an interesting story.
                ✓Some cool theme for the background
                ✓Story ideas self made and half from assassin's creed
                ✓3D and half 2D animation

                NOTE :
                -Video work takes a week
                -all items and properties in the video are related to growtopia
                GrowID : OneUs
                Instagram : @oneus_gt
                YouTube : OneUs GT



                • Growtopia: Update Song REMIX

                  REMIX of Growtopia Update Song

                  Nominating for VOTW! 🙂 I made an original remix of the Update Song in Growtopia. A lot of people love that song and loves EDM. This is what you will get when EDM meets Update Song.


                  Feel free to share it to everyone else!

                  IGN: CuzyCat


                  • This Is Growtopia Rewind

                    Video Title : This Is Growtopia Rewind

                    [✓]Original Content
                    [✓]2:27Minute Duration
                    [✓]Family Friendly Content

                    GrowID : Ramzher
                    Link Video :


                    • STARTOPIA

                      aesthetic original track
                      GROWID : SHAMEFULLY
                      #PLAYLIST GT
                      IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                      • Summer | Growtopia Animation

                        Growid: Frandde

                        Helo, i make an animation video called "Summer".
                        The video is family friendly, has an editing, and in this video i show some items that added on summer festival 2020 (maybe can help new players to know growtopia.

                        And also, this video was inspired from Cyanite's video
                        Here is the link to Cyanite's video:



                        • Let's Play Growtopia Game (Short Film)

                          Youtube Video Title: Let's Play Growtopia Game (Short Film)
                          GrowID: GALASTiZ
                          Link to the Video:


                          • I GOT LOCKS (feat. YoungBAZ) (Original Growtopia rap song)

                            Written and performed by: GTGamer68 + YoungBAZ
                            I GOT LOCKS original Growtopia rap song.
                            GrowID: TheGTGamer68


                            • cooking a growtopia cheeseburger in real life.

                              - I made a delicious growtopia cheeseburger in real life. This video will make your mouth water. Trust me. ;D

                              - Growid: Bravoure

                              1) Family Friendly

                              2) 6:34 minutes duration

                              3) Has Editing

                              - Title: cooking a growtopia cheeseburger in real life.

                              -Video link:

                              Bravoure GT


                              • Growtopia DRAWING WITH SPRAY PAINT

                                IGn: Converting
                                World: CONVERTING

                                CRITERIA FOR JUDGING:
                                * It has to be family-friendly.✅
                                * Original contents get plus points!✅
                                * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative!✅
                                * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.✅
                                * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!✅
                                * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current events ✅
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