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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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    Growtopia Animation - Corona Virus

    Video title : Growtopia Animation - Corona Virus
    Growid : Cpu
    Video link :

    Animation made with android.
    App that I used:
    1.Cute CUT
    2.medibang Paint
    3.Background Eraser
    5. Photo bender

    A short story about corona virus and " how to protect yourself against coronavirus infection"

    I would like to show to all growtopian player about the situation that our world are going through.

    I hope you guys enjoy.

    GROWID : Cpu


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      Growtopia Animation | Regarding items..

      I haven't posted this for a while.. It was funny to make hehe. Don't underestimate your items!

      IGN : RhPositive

      LINK :

      See ya!
      IGN : RhPositive

      Have a nice day!


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        Croc and Noobs | Growtopia Animation

        Grow ID : Burritobae
        Video Name : Croc and Noobs | Growtopia Animation
        Video Link :


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          Growtopia Illustration

          Hi, i made my growtopia fan art
          This illustration is showing that we are going to the summer fest

          GROW ID : LuckyCat009
          Video Title : Growtopia Illustration
          Video Link :

          [✓] themes from recent events and also for the next event
          [✓] Original Idea
          [✓] 10 Minutes Duration
          [✓] Family Friendly
          [✓] Creative content
          [✓] Has an Edit
          [✓] Good audio and video quality
          [✓] 100% Related to growtopia


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            Never Gonna Give You Up - growtopa

            IGN: Quizzes
            Resubmitting this xd


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              Channel : BLITEZGT
              GROW ID : BLITEZGT


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                not an entry (sorry if not allowed)

                Originally posted by Quizzes View Post
                IGN: Quizzes
                Resubmitting this xd

                I have this idea too.
                I have no idea what I'm doing.

                hi do u like maths

                Come Join Secret Santa 2019! (plz join it's free real estate)
                ^ keeping this here to make my signature look less boring


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                  The Growpotato...

                  GrowID: Hwiparam

                  Hey Guys! Have you ever wondered if weird items could come out of a treasure pile? Well, this little growtopian decided to test it out; and no, it did not end well.

                  VIDEO DETAILS:
                  1. Family- Friendly is a sure check!
                  2. It is 100% original
                  3. It's funny!
                  4. All items used in the video is related to Growtopia.

                  I hope the moderators consider this


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                    Needle Felting a Growtopian!

                    Hi! I'm agoness/NekoWolf. I'm presenting my first votw attempt, Building a Growtopian with Needle Felting! I recently got into needle felting, which is a hobby not alot of people know about. I decided to try and make the Growtopian Mascot, Buddy, and it went pretty well in my opinion! I made a video showing the process (: It can also be used as a tutorial for fellow needle felters I really hope this can win a votw heh.

                    GrowID: agoness
                    Video Name: Creating a Growtopian with Needle Felting! - Growtopia

                    You may have to adjust the video quality to see it clearer heh.. I'm new to making videos so this took a lot of hours to make
                    pretty inactive at the moment, if you need to contact me just pm me

                    always glad to meet new people.

                    have a great day, they're hard to come across nowadays

                    - Mistie


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                      The Internet's Challenge in Growtopia

                      Hey! Created something new, original this time, so we can change from the repetitive videos formats, hope you like it!

                      Video name : The Internet's Challenge in Growtopia.
                      Grow ID : LBForce.

                      Link to the video :

                      Note : I used non-copyrighted and remixed songs/music in the video so don't worry about it.

                      Real woof-woof king.
                      I own BUYUPGRADE
                      (Upgrade your ancestrals/starship for cheap there).

                      Pufferfish is cute.


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                        NekoRei's Favorite DC Hero

                        Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

                        is a fully animated video. Fully lipsynced, fully produced by IcyHarry get quick laughs and giggles with this fullypacked video!
                        Can Batman & The Bloser beat the supervillain Earl Grey?
                        Ft. NekoRei

                        GrowID: ICYHARRY


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                          Summer Festival!

                          IGN: WhiteWolf20
                          Video Title: Summer Festival! - Growtopia Animation
                          Growtopia's Vigilant

                          Illegal Player Exposer


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                            Happy Summerfest

                            Youtube Video Title: Happy Summerfest | (Growtopia Animation)
                            GrowID: ZIWU
                            Link to the video:


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                              Summertime Music Video for Positive Energy

                              Good day everyone, I'd like to nominate my "Summertime - Music Video" for this week's Video of the Week. This video is a music video sharing positivity and happiness is this rather negative time this year. With the rollbacks and all that have happened, the event of Summerfest has come and brought fun. This video was originally a passion project of mine then was changed to a positivity video from the great feedback.

                              Coincidentally, the song (In Japanese) is singing of the Summertime which is a great time for Summerfest so I feel this is a great fit for this week.
                              Without further ado, here is the information:

                              Title: Summertime - Positivity Music Video

                              IGN: JonnyPlaysGT

                              Farewell and have a great day
                              Good day kind sir,

                              I'd like to plug my channel before you scroll away

                              Thank you, and you may scroll on.


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                                Nominate my Video for my first VOTW

                                SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                                isn't sleeping so Good?

                                i do animations, funny videos and more.

                                IGN: ZENYSTY