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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • id: Laken
    [ID : Laken]
    Discord Server
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    • Growtopia - Royal painting

      Hello! I'm nominating a video of me painting a Growtopia king!

      Video title: Growtopia - Royal painting
      IGN: Velniukkas


      • Growtopia - In The Fall

        I've been trying to improve my animation skills for a long time already and I'm trying to improve in every animation I make. Winning VOTW would motivate me to improve even more. I want to nominate my video named "GROWTOPIA - IN THE FALL". This animation is about a man that was sad almost his entire life. The only thing that made him happy was his daughter. Sadly one day while he was watering his plants, he slipped on a banana peel and fell from the roof of skyscraper. He saw some of his life moments (growing up, working...). While falling he understood that those were his last memories and the memory of daughter was the last chance for him to see her. The butterfly represents lost person's life, that's why he turned into one.

        My IGN: Moksej

        Video link:
        Discord: Moksej#3335
        IGN: Moksej
        Join my discord server:


        • TITLE: DIY Growtopia Fan Shirt

          I'd like to nominate this video, Not just to win but also to share this idea to my fellow growtopians. NGL i wanted them to have this too, Because for me wearing this shirt we symbolize that we are one of the huge fans of growtopia

          I really enjoyed making this Growtopia Fan Shirt
          Hope it'll help

          [✔ Original Content]
          IGN: rejk


          • Title: Summertime - Music Video
            Description: Viral song with great vibes. Not the typical VOTW nominee, but it's pretty darn lit and positive!
            Embedded Video:

            Since this is a positive music video, there was tremendous positive feedback!! Here are some posts which other players have enjoyed it!
            (A couple weeks old posts from instagramers)

            ^^ If you enjoyed that, subscribe below, thanks! ^^


            • GrowID: Tommyorsan



              • The Ripper (the Box Growtopia parody song)

                Hey there all! The Ripper was a collab I made with a friend that I really enjoyed making, his channel is linked in the desc. And you should definetely check him, he's a legend!

                Growid : MrSkybow

                The latest password change was made by me
                and it was intentional. My account is not on da-
                nger. Good luck everyone (hope Neko dsnt ha-
                te me lol)
                Watched my latest upload?
                Here is the latest video I uploaded on my channel !


                • Happy eid growtopia

                  Hello growtopian i made this video to tell u about eid and how much is cool so enjoy and have fun
                  Grow id : ghaithbel1

                  (New story)
                  (good quality)
                  (good audio)
                  (family and friendly)
                  (good video for learning)


                  • Title: The Spirit Of Summer


                    GrowID: Pathetiq

                    Hi! SummerFest is done but still I made a fight themed animation as my first attempt for VOTW!
                    It took me 2 weeks to make it cuz I have limited time for playing so I hope this gets chosen.

                    The story is about how a guy called “The Spirit Of Summer” only wanted to enjoy the best summer ever but his fishes kept getting fished. So he went up to get revenge and so, an epic fight begins.

                    -Family Friendly
                    -Fight themed Animation and editing
                    -Current Event related
                    -pixel art (for anubis spirit and mining mech)
                    -3 minute video

                    3rd post this week UwU


                    • Time to try this. I made video about drawing fanart. I'm 37yo mom and have 0 drawing experience, so i am not pro in this, but i managed to make even some progress in just 2 long days. Total used time: little under 14h of drawing and here you can see results:

                      Maybe this could inspire others to try drawing too! <3



                      • Unlike Pluto - Everything Black [GROWTOPIA MUSIC/LYRIC VIDEO]

                        Music/Lyric video I made!
                        GrowID: KenzzyGT


                        Hope you enjoy!
                        Add me on discord:
                        I'll beatbox for ya


                        • Making a growtopia world lock with wood.

                          - I made a wooden growtopia world lock in real life. This video took me a lot of time and work to make it.This is what I want to show. The idea of ​​this video is to show how long it takes to make world locks in the game, and how fun it could be. And I would like to open a little parentheses on the fact that, even if you are rich or poor it does not matter, when you have good friends with whom to have fun and a golden community. Enjoy playing Growtopia, enjoy every moment with your friends and enjoy the video. I hope you will like it. ;D

                          -GrowID: Bravoure

                          1) Family Friendly

                          2) Time: 3:31 minutes duration

                          3) Has edits

                          4) Original content

                          -The materials:

                          A compass, pencil, paper, calculator, eraser, ruler, screwdriver, hammer, electrical saw, wood, brushes and paints.

                          -Video name: Making a growtopia world lock with wood.

                          -Video link:

                          Bravoure GT


                          • Making Real Growtopia Berry Crepes | Nominate Video for VOTW

                            Nominating my Video for VOTW

                            Hello, I would like to show you my newest project, In this video i make a Real Growtopia Berry Crepes using Growtopia Berry Crepes Recipe. This video took 4 Hour Shooting and 4 Hour Editing. I hope you guys like it and support me. Hope i can Win

                            This video is clearly Familly Friendly, has good editing, has calm music and is suitable for cooking, related to growtopia and real life. This video has up 4k (2160p60) Quality

                            Video Title : GrowCooking : Berry Crepes | Growtopia
                            GrowID : Leseus
                            Video Link :



                            • Making cardboard super firework in real life VOTW attempt
                              GrowID: EpicNameD
                              making items with cardboard can be fun when you dont have anything to do


                              • Hi!

                                My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

                                My username: iAlphaBeta

                                The link:

                                Hope you enjoy!