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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • GrowID : RapidRollGT
    A short video about health protocols
    Link :
    I also share on IGTV:
    Coronavirus is not over yet, many countries are experiencing a second wave now! Let's campaign on health protocol so that this will soon pass !, Many people are affected by this impact, of course we do not want this to continue for several months, everything comes back to us how to deal with it, wear masks, keep your distance, wash your hands, and always be optimistic! Rest assured this will end even without a vaccine
    This lack of awareness of the dangers makes them not act like they want everything to end immediately, but that is what they want, it cannot just be finished except with vaccines, it requires cooperation between the community and the government, the government only insists, if it continues to be violated, cooperation does not work , but the spread continues, of course that's not epic: 3
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    • GrowID:RapidRollGT Dont judge vid from its thumbnail 😁

      Also share on IGTV:

      This guy show we some angle in photography, poured in growtopia and the results photo is real

      Main and BFG Link:OCGU
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      • Advanced Growtopia Concepts Explained

        Hello! I got a lot of questions recently about how to do certain things, like how to do surgeries, how to cook, etc, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a video that explains it all! Hopefully my video helps explain things that you might of had trouble with!

        Title of the Video: 7 Advanced Concepts Explained! | Growtopia
        GrowID: SkyBleau (Dr.SkyBleau in Game)
        Video Link:
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        • Building IOTM's with Lego (art video)

          GrowID: OnionXela
          Video Title: "Building IOTM's with Lego"

          Lenght: 3:04 min

          (Click Bellow to watch it)

          Hi! I am glad that you take the time to read this information. I worked on this video for 2 weeks (Building and Editing).
          I used the Shotcut software for editing and my phone for taking the photos of my creations.
          I couldn't rebuild all of the IOTM's so I decided to customize some of them. I actually edited a video before this one about the
          IOTM's I build (<-click to see) but that video was too long and to boring.
          This two videos are the first one i ever edited properly so dont expect an mind blowing animation. I still hope that the video I created is worth winning VOTW because of its original content!


          -Original content;
          -The video has edits;

          -Music (Ikson- Paradise);
          -Family Friendly content;
          -The video is related to Growtopia;

          -40 handmade pixel arts made out of LEGO;
          -Item Of The Month Informations.

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          • Unlike Pluto - Everything Black [GROWTOPIA MUSIC/LYRIC VIDEO]

            Music/Lyric video I made!
            GrowID: KenzzyGT


            Hope you enjoy!
            Add me on discord:
            I'll beatbox for ya


            • GrowTopia - How To make Growtopia Logo

              Hello Guys I'm making a new video is How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

              GrodID: EAwizrd
              Video Title: How to make 2 meter Logo in real life
              Video Link:



              • Hi!

                My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

                My username: iAlphaBeta

                The link:

                Hope you enjoy!


                • Title: Different Types of Growtopia Players
                  GrowID: AdroGT
                  I made a video that anyone can relate to. This supposed to be a personality test but I can't think questions that are suitable for a specific player that's why I changed it to different types of growtopia players.
                  Subscribe me at youtube.
                  Watch my latest video.


                  • IGN: Vrlz
                    Title: Super Pineapple Party 2020 - Pine-Eater Competition

                    Let's see how growtopians celebrate pineapple party in 2020! Check it out!

                    Transcriber / Composer In Growtopia
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                    Need a song? msg Vrlz in game

                    My Goals:

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                    IGN: Vrlz Level: 67/100

                    Instagram: vrlz_gt



                    • Make Your Own Growtopian! | Growtopia DIY
                      by SoraSkyAtic Team

                      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

                      Make Your Own Growtopian! | Growtopia DIY’ is (or might be) a monthly series of paper crafting on any related things on Growtopia.

                      In this particular video, material were used are magnets and hard papers. We also provided the template on the video description in hoping on everyone could do the same papercraft.

                      SoraSkyAtic Team is a closed-type group of content creators since 2015.

                      GrowID: SoraSkyAtic

                      Job: Doctor / Trader

                      Level: 83
                      YouTube Subscribers: 1K
                      Instagram Followers: 10K

                      Social Media!

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                      • Making an actual Pop-Up story book for me is a long learning process.
                        Since it's not something we always do everyday, it's a challenging task to learn how to do it (and do it well for that matter).
                        And hope you like the final outcome

                        Well, I showed how the story book was made but I don't consider it as complete guide (as I normally do in my videos).
                        Because the "flattening and popping" of the images inside the book is complicated to do (and explain)... at least for me lol.
                        A lot of trials and testings and re-doings and re-testings were made

                        Anyway, after many days, the first (I hope) Growtopia Pop-Up book is now finished.
                        Shortened video showing actual book is on the signature and full video with some bloopers and info on the link. Thank you

                        Youtube link:
                        Title: Growtopia Pop-Up Story Book
                        IGN: Frarie


                        • Growtopia | Neptune and The Phoenix (Animation)

                          • Creative presentation to the end of the Phoenix items series and the beginning of the new Neptune items series.

                          • Features 2 newly introduced items in Growtopia.

                          • Simply, this video is teaser to the end of Phoenix items and start of Neptune items

                          • Video Title: Neptune and the Phoenix

                          • GrowID: SparkedEye

                          they forgot to choose winner yesterday

                          Wanna Fight my Phoenix Duo??


                          • Depression (A Growtopia Animation)

                            I would like to nominate this Depression Animation Video that I made. I would want to aware our fellow Growtopians about depression by making an accurate representation (the ghost being "depression" and the Growtopian being depressed) as this is serious and this should not be treated like normal sadness. Depression is indeed a serious issue and it is hard to battle, every single day feels like a challenge to them. Even if you try to escape, depression will always find a way to haunt you, you have to live and fight with it until the end of your life. Since depression is so comforting and wonderful when you are allowed to just sit in it and indulge yourself with it, but as soon as you try to leave depression, it damages you with anxiety and fear, and you will soon realize that there are a lot of layers from escaping depression. Although this mental illness can't be cured completely, people who overcome depression must seek medical attention if needed and don't forget that you are not alone in this fight! Stay positive, spreading love and respect to all of them!

                            GrowID: Johnxx
                            Video Link:

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                            • GrowID : Kimhomezaza
                              Title : Making Growtopia Moderators
                              link :


                              • GrowID:RapidRollGT
                                Dont judge vid from its thumbnail 😁

                                Also share on IGTV:

                                This guy show we some angle in photography, poured in growtopia and the results photo is real
                                Main and BFG Link:OCGU
                                Daily Free Chand BFG With VIP Entrance