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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • Depression (A Growtopia Animation)

    I would like to nominate this Depression Animation Video that I made. I would want to aware our fellow Growtopians about depression by making an accurate representation (the ghost being "depression" and the Growtopian being depressed) as this is serious and this should not be treated like normal sadness. Depression is indeed a serious issue and it is hard to battle, every single day feels like a challenge to them. Even if you try to escape, depression will always find a way to haunt you, you have to live and fight with it until the end of your life. Since depression is so comforting and wonderful when you are allowed to just sit in it and indulge yourself with it, but as soon as you try to leave depression, it damages you with anxiety and fear, and you will soon realize that there are a lot of layers from escaping depression. Although this mental illness can't be cured completely, people who overcome depression must seek medical attention if needed and don't forget that you are not alone in this fight! Stay positive, spreading love and respect to all of them!

    GrowID: Johnxx
    Video Title: Depression (A Growtopia Animation)

    Video Link:

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    Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
    Youtube: Johnxx
    Facebook: Johnxx GT
    Twitter: @johnxxgt
    Instagram: @johnxxgt


    • This video is an embodiment of the explosion that occurred at Beirut recently. It is made to encourage people who have lost their hope and cheer up those who got sad.

      The video was acted solely by me. I made it so people can understand more about what happened in my home country, Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

      It’s family-friendly, since it’s all re-acted in-game.
      I hope I win !

      GrowID: SmartLazy

      Video name: Unintended Tragedy | Growtopia

      Video link:
      To be a legend you have to beat a legend.
      Goals for this year:
      Level 50 (50/50)
      2 Magplants (1/2)
      Focused Eyes (0/100)
      Your attention (999/999)


      • Hi!

        My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

        My username: iAlphaBeta

        The link:

        Hope you enjoy!


        • Unlike Pluto - Everything Black [GROWTOPIA MUSIC/LYRIC VIDEO]

          Music/Lyric video I made!
          GrowID: KenzzyGT


          Hope you enjoy!
          Add me on discord:
          I'll beatbox for ya


          • Username : August
            Video name : Making a Growtopia doll
            Video :


            • Growtopia | The Weird Nightmare

              Hello there, I'm new here as well as that's my first submission for VOTW!

              The video is about a kid that has nightmares every time he tries to sleep, you can watch the video and understand it basically easily ...

              I believe many of you guys love the voice tune thing ... but iv tried to... didn't work out well. need help with that obviously .

              In Game Name : hercele or HERCELE since you might be confused with L or I/i , its L basically, ( hercele ).

              Additional info : it took me kinda time actually trying hard to make voice tunes(didn't work out) , and trying to find a story at least! .


              • Nominate my video!
                Heathens - Growtopia music video
                ✅ The video has more than 3 minutes
                ✅ Have subtitle
                ✅Quality of sound
                ✅Quality of video

                thank you!


                • Hello! I would like to nominate my video for VOTW! This is a growtopia animation video.

                  Video Title : A Water
                  GrowID : christian667
                  Link to the video :


                  • Growtopia Animation | A complaining tongue, reveals an ungrateful heart

                    Hello Everyone! Today I would like to nominate one of my video for the VOTW
                    This video is all about a story that takes place in a lovely house and somewhat an unruly child that caused something..
                    This video took a lot of effort to make and I hope you all will ENJOY!
                    The video has; Family Friend, moral lessons, and has the said requirements that makes the video to be eligible to post.
                    It was all edited, compiled, and animated by yours truly

                    IGN: Jebj


                    Channel : Jebj


                    • Growtopia - Royal painting

                      Hello! I'm nominating a video of me painting a Growtopia king!

                      Video title: Growtopia - Royal painting
                      IGN: Velniukkas


                      • GrowID: Hwiparam
                        Youtube Channel: HwiparamGT

                        The song in the video is an ORIGINAL! It's written and sung by me, Hwiparam! I wrote the lyrics alongside my quitted cousin, IamKilled. Guitar,vocals, editing, you name it! I did it.

                        Hello! This video is about falling in love with someone. Trusting them, believing that they love you and will be by your side until the end. But what happens when you fall in love with the wrong person? They SCAM you! Ever fall in love with someone? But in the end, they take advantage of you and take your items? Well this is the perfect representation of your sad experience.

                        VIDEO DETAILS:
                        1. It is 2 minutes and 54 seconds long. Boring? Don't worry! The story is very interesting
                        2. It is an ORIGINAL idea. Just like what i said, everything in this video; from music to end credits, is made by me.
                        3. Family-friendly!
                        4. No destructive violence!
                        5. Creative! What's more creative than writing a song, right?
                        6. Relatable! Go around and ask how many players got scammed, ouch.


                        • TITLE: DIY Growtopia Fan Shirt

                          I'd like to nominate this video, Not just to win but also to share this idea to my fellow growtopians. This is a my hand made Growtopia Fan Shirt using fabric markers.. I've decided to make it manually so that it'll be more creative, And also because i have no clue how to print and use my own design.

                          [✔ Original Content]
                          IGN: rejk
                          IG: rejk_GT


                          • Title: Making a song with Growtopia sounds in FL studio
                            GrowID: SombodiYT

                            -Video length should be a minimum of 1 minute and 30 minutes max (7 mins and 53 secs)
                            -It has to be family-friendly (It is F-F and it is also educational)
                            -Original contents get plus points! (Looks like I'm the only one that did this as far as I know)
                            -You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative! (Done)
                            -Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them. (I even made the audio, although I needed some help with one royalty-free track)
                            -The video has to be related to Growtopia (Absolutely!)
                            Anyways, I really hope you like it as I planned for this for a few days now and did my best to make a good presentable product with the hardware I have (which is pretty low-end).
                            Also, I would also highly appreciate it if you check out my other videos and I would appreciate some tips from my fellow producers.
                            As always, good day!

                            (p.s if it sounds like it lacks a bg music, it is because I did it intentionally as you wouldn't be able to hear what I am doing)
                            The video:
                            Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


                            • Cinema - Growtopia (Animation)
                              GrowID : NubLocks
                              Video Link :
                              I'd like to nominate my video, thank you


                              • GrowID : RapidRollGT A short video about health protocols
                                Link :
                                I also share on IGTV:

                                Coronavirus is not over yet, many countries are experiencing a second wave now! Let's campaign on health protocol so that this will soon pass !, Many people are affected by this impact, of course we do not want this to continue for several months, everything comes back to us how to deal with it, wear masks, keep your distance, wash your hands, and always be optimistic! Rest assured this will end even without a vaccine
                                This lack of awareness of the dangers makes them not act like they want everything to end immediately, but that is what they want, it cannot just be finished except with vaccines, it requires cooperation between the community and the government, the government only insists, if it continues to be violated, cooperation does not work , but the spread continues, of course that's not epic: 3
                                Main and BFG Link:OCGU
                                Daily Free Chand BFG With VIP Entrance