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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • iAlphaBeta

    My VOTW submission is GROWVID-19 | A Short Film Made In Growtopia

    My username: iAlphaBeta

    The link:

    Hope you enjoy!

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  • RealSlayCC
    Video Title: Lego Growtopian and Items! - Growtopia
    GrowID: SlayCCYT

    Family Friendly cute Lego Growtopian and Items!
    -World Lock
    -Diamond Lock
    -Ripper Wings
    -Air Robinsons
    -Cyclopean Visor

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  • RaynXP
    Alr this is my best video i made and my friend told me to nominate for this thing so ya i’m nominating lol

    GrowID thing: RaynXP


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  • ItsZeri
    The Tale of Growganoth and Growch.
    GrowID: ItsZeri
    Hope you guys enjoy.

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  • Buyrcsp2
    Title: Packing Consumables - RhythmTopia
    Grow Id: buyrcsp2
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  • Klontar
    Growtopia Documentary - EP 1 | Growtopia Animation

    Video Title:Growtopia Documentary - EP 1

    ✔️Original Content
    ✔️Family Friendly
    ✔️High Quality

    Link of the video:

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  • ImRoann
    Since i love the song and everyone was like come dance so i decided to dance it in real life since no one is doing it.Its really enjoyable so thank you growtopia for the fun.By the way im the girl and next to me is my brother.
    The song is the update song and the owner of the song is growtopia or ubisoft.
    Title: Growtopia Update Dance in Real Life

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  • Plitvice
    GrowID: Plitvice

    In this video we will be focus on Growtopia Economy as well as the factors affecting Economy in Growtopia. You will know the differences when it comes Growtopia's Economy from Real Life Economy. This video contains information about factors affecting the prices of an specific item as well as the probability of an item to rise in the near future.

    All requirements met the expectations:
    ✔️Duration of the Video
    ✔️Original Content
    ✔️Related to Growtopia


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  • BlackGoat
    Title:[GROWTOON: Buddy Life]


    •About Video:
    This video is the result of a collaboration between me and my cousin [AkatKat]. With each assignment from us, among others, Cartoon Art made by [AkatKat], and Animations made by myself.

    This video tells about the life of BUDDY (Growtopia Mascot) who is shown as a cartoon. Here BUDDY lives his life as a Moderator who takes a walk by driving his beloved car to see the daily activities of various Growtopia players, ranging from good to bad, Like Farming, Trading, Donating, Dancing, Bullying, Scamming, Hacking, etc.

    What will BUDDY do when he see all activities of Growtopia Player?
    We will see more on Channel [ZayJoy Studio]!!!

    [✓]All requirements have been implemented!
    [✓]06:27 Minutes Duration!
    [✓]Music: Paddy Day Weather Song!
    [✓]Cartoon Version!
    [✓]Many Scene!
    [✓]Funny Story!
    [✓]Very Very Family Friendly!

    •FYI: My birthday is on 28 August! 😄

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  • GamersMINI
    Video Title : A Week With Harvest Festival | Growtopia Animation
    GrowID : GamersMINI
    Video Link :

    Watch the video on 720p to get better quality of the video!
    The video means the things that Growtopians do during the Harvest festival in Growtopia which are very fun!
    credit is at the end of video!

    - Related To Growtopia
    - Family Friendly
    - Animation
    - In Game Events
    - Has A Lot Of Character And Background
    - Has Backsound And Sound Effect
    - Has Face Animation
    - Amazing And Creative Transition
    - 5 Minutes Duration

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  • HaHaluLo
    Hi I'm HaHaluLo in this video I'll be making Growtopia Papercraft I hope you guys enjoy the video
    Growid : HaHaluLo

    I'm submitting this video for VOTW, I don't know if this video will win or no but I hope it's worth for VOTW, I made this with all my heart and I spend 3 hour+ to make this

    Why I made this video? I made it because I really like doing art and paintings so I decided to make a Growtopia Papercraft well yeah

    Why Papercraft? Cuz I've seen all VOTW that made a drawing and painting so I decided to be different well I know it's not really cool but Ive tried my best to made it

    Also thank you so much for everyone who support me through this, my friends and you
    I guess my word here are done Thank You All

    Sorry if I copied few text from Mistrella Credit to her too why I copied? Cuz I don't really know how to make a long description

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  • wesdong
    ​​hello guys, this is my third animation entitled LIFE OF THE NOOB. so in this animation I use a lot of player characters. So the storyline in this animation tells the story of a noob who is often bullied because he is poor and then he gets depressed because he is often bullied by people, then his mother advises him not to be easily influenced by others. ok without going at length again just watch the animation. I hope you all enjoy seeing the animation that I made.
    *Family friendly animation
    *Duration 11:59 minutes
    *Genre drama,comedy,slice of life
    *Original content

    Youtube video title:LIFE OF THE NOOB (Growtopia animation)
    Link to the video:


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  • 100olobeef
    Video title : Game Over

    By : 100Beef

    Link :

    I started animating about 3 weeks ago and to make this video, it took me 3 weeks. I spent day and night for every single one of the days in the 3 week period. The planning was 1 month because I couldn’t think about any original ideas.

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  • MDEgor
    My interesting work)

    In this video you can learn how to make your own character on a cap.

    ✔️For the whole family

    ✔️Step by step


    ✔️Original content


    GrowID: MDEgor

    Video Title: I Draw a character on a Cap | Growtopia [VOTW]

    Link to the video:
    Attached Files

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  • CheezeHero

    I'm nominating my song named Scammer Changes. It's about a scammer who finally realizes that scamming is indeed bad and starts helping people and stops scamming. And in the end I showed the world STOPDONTDROP because its a useful world with all the information you need to stay away from scams.

    - A nice music video with lyrics
    - Original lyrics
    - A professionally sang song
    - Helpful info for all the players
    - Good quality audio and video

    Youtube Video Title: Scammer Changes - Growtopia
    GrowID: Scrabelle
    Link to the Video:

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