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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

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  • Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September 2020 Cycle)

    Hello, Growtopians!

    We're opening a new thread to submit your VOTW entries!

    What do you get when you win VOTW?
    * A Growie Award, a lovely trophy to make your world shiny.
    * 20 Growtokens
    * Your video is linked in the /news for a week and shout-outs in our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), so you're gonna get lots of hits on youtube (well, maybe)

    But there are regulations to follow to be eligible to win the Growie Award!

    Youtube Video Title
    Link to the Video

    * Video length should be minimum 1 minute and 30 minutes max. Longer than that will be disqualified.
    * You can only submit your videos 3x per week per entry! DO NOT SPAM!
    * If you've already won a Growie, you're less likely to get another. You can only win once a month.
    * Video Creator who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months WILL NOT be considered.
    - If the punishment has been cancelled before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible for the VOTW.
    * Take note that if we find out that your winning entry was infringed, plagiarized, copied in any way or have copied content or idea without proper credit or permission from the original creator AND we catch you impersonating somebody else, your rewards will be removed from your account and you will be possibly banned.

    * It has to be family-friendly.
    * Original contents get plus points!
    * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative!
    * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.
    * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!
    * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current events

    Also... Get your video out there - Twitter, Facebook... share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye.


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    is this a correct time to say first?

    ▷▷Retired poster◁◁


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      Growtopia - In The Fall

      GrowID: Moksej
      Video name: Growtopia - In The Fall
      Video link:
      Video by itself:
      Discord: Moksej#3335
      IGN: Moksej
      Join my discord server:


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        Please, consider my video for VOTW

        Hey. This message is directed towards every Growtopian out there. Why is community an essential part of this game, and how can we all create a fun environment for everyone to enjoy? This video answers this question.

        Please, consider my video for VoTW. Thank you in advance!

        Title: We Are Together | Message to Growtopian Community
        GrowID: PurpleBun
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        • zkurt_gaming
          zkurt_gaming commented
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          What makes Growtopia unique?

          -Open promises with poor execution
          -Multi-billionare company who poorly manage the game
          -Moderators with little training from Rsoft mods
          -and a VOTW that is flooded with countless animations that feels like you're watching a mobile game ad

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        The Internet's Challenges in Growtopia | LBForce

        Hey! Created something new, original this time, so we can change from the repetitive videos formats, hope you like it!

        Video name : The Internet's Challenge in Growtopia.
        Grow ID : LBForce.

        Link to the video :

        Note : I used non-copyrighted and remixed songs/music in the video so don't worry about it.

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        I own BUYUPGRADE
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          Hey, I decided to make this video since I would be making more of skits, dares, and funny stuff on my channel in hope that I would grab more people's attention. Even if I don't win a VOTW (since there's a whole lot of bunch of cool animated videos out there), I hope that I could get more views for the effort spent on that video.

          Video Title: TOP 5 THINGS GROWTOPIANS HATE | Growtopia

          (Video starts at 0:38)

          [✓] original content ---> my friends and I came up with the ideas (same people that helped with the skits/acting in the video)

          [✓] 5 minutes duration


          IGN: Law

          My youtube channel:

          "Why be stressed when you have the choice not to"


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            Wrap Me In Plastic (Growtopia Animation)

            I Hope You Like My Growtopia Music Video, And Guys Enjoy And Watch It With Your Friend :

            (sorry me post 2 Times bcuz me wrong place to post )

            GrowID: Hungel

            Last edited by Hungel; 07-07-2020, 01:49 PM.
            Instagram: Hungel.GT


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              Summer Time - Growtopia Animation

              Because Summerfest now on growtopia, so i decide to make an animation about it. I Hope you Like This kind of animation alot of efforts and Days to make it.


              GROW ID: JHERUEL
              VIDEO LINK:


              • zkurt_gaming
                zkurt_gaming commented
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                Yeah, must feel good to have two rollbacks in a week, eh?

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              This video is made for summer fest
              Youtube title : Growtopia - BEACH ( Short Movie )
              GrowID : IrvanDevs
              Link :


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                El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation

                Title:El Filibusterismo| Growtopia Animation
                It is a trailer of El Filibusterismo from novel written by Dr Jose Rizal.If you dont understand what is going on in the video here is the brief summary of story.
                Summary :Juan Crisostomo Ibarra has changed his name and identity to a rich jeweler named Simoun. In disguise, he travels the world amassing wealth, which he intends to use to topple the corrupt and abusive regime in his native land. But Simoun's real motive is personal. He wants to rescue his beloved, Maria Clara, from the convent and avenge the death of his father. In a forest on Christmas Eve, Basilio, a medical student recognizes Simoun's true identity as the man who helped bury his mother Sisa more than ten years before, under a tree. Simoun is in the forest to retrieve the gems he buried near Sisa's grave. As the film progresses, all the secrets and intrigues are revealed, and the plotters' plan fails. A good Filipino priest throws Simoun's jewels away, thereby eliminating the greed, violence and other evils they might have provoked.


                Not included:
                Make sure you rest guys in this problem of game and you can do it.


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                  The Showdown by Paxon Studios

                  Youtube Video Title: "The Showdown by Paxon Studioso"

                  GrowID: mexon

                  Link to the Video:

                  Video itself:


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                    Probability Comparison: Growtopia

                    Video title: Probability Comparison: Growtopia

                    Here is a link:

                    Growid: ahmed0545

                    This video is based on probabilities that can happen in growtopia. There were 2 types of styles to make he video, one was the horizontal graph and other is animated moving right to left so I choosed the second option. I made it in android alone so it was tiring since I had to collect data and animate it in the same time. It's 98% accurate and family friendly, it's a content no one did in growtopia so it's original content. Also it is not only interesting but also educative! I wish I win!


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                      VOTW Entry for SUMMERFEST 2020

                      SUMMERFEST 2020 VOTW Submission Entry
                      GrowID: Yimira
                      Video Link from Youtube:

                      This is my VOTW Entry for Summerfest 2020 of singalong for the song IN SUMMER in Frozen. Hope my entry can be considered. Thank you!
                      [IGN : Yimira


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                      Growtopia Animation | A complaining tongue, reveals an ungrateful heart

                      Hello everyone! I would like to nominate yet again another entry for VOTW, video of mine!
                      This video took a lot of effort to make, and I hope ya'll enjoy!
                      The video is; Family Friendly, has moral lessons, and has completed the said requirements..
                      The video was edited/compiled/animated by yours truly

                      IGN: Jebj


                      Here's another example:
                      Channel : Jebj


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                        Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation

                        Video title : Dragon Quest | Growtopia Animation
                        Growid : Cpu
                        Video link :

                        Application used :
                        - Kinemaster Pro
                        - Photo bender (to make the movement of hair)
                        - Medibang Paint
                        - Cute Cut Pro

                        Feature :
                        - Original content
                        - High Quality
                        - Family friendly video
                        - Epic story
                        - 4 minutes duration
                        Story :
                        This is a story about a young boy who got chosen by a sorcerer who has the power that can defeat the evil dragon.
                        Unfortunately, the sorcerer cannot use his power because he doesn't khow how to use it. The sorcerer can only use seal magic to sealed the evil dragon. But the sealed can only last for one thousand year, so the sorcerer need to find the chosen one so that the chosen one can defeat the evil dragon once and for all.
                        Note :
                        - It took more than 2 week to finish the animation video
                        - this is my 4th animation video

                        I put alot of effort into making this video. Hope you guys enjoy.

                        GROWID : Cpu