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The First (I hope)Growtopia POP-UP Story Book

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  • The First (I hope)Growtopia POP-UP Story Book

    Making an actual Pop-Up story book for me is a long learning process.
    Since it's not something we always do everyday, it's a challenging task to learn how to do it (and do it well for that matter).
    And hope you like the final outcome

    Well, I showed how the story book was made but I don't consider it as complete guide (as I normally do in my videos).
    Because the "flattening and popping" of the images inside the book is complicated to do (and explain)... at least for me lol.
    A lot of trials and testings and re-doings and re-testings were made

    Anyway, after many days, the first (I hope) Growtopia Pop-Up book is now finished.
    (Shortened video showing actual book is on the signature)

    You tube link:
    Title : Growtopia Pop-Up story book
    Ign: Frarie

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    Woah, this is super cool!
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      That's awesome. Did you already submit for VOTW?
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        this is so epic

        RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

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          Originally posted by gesine View Post
          Woah, this is super cool!
          Thank you!

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          Originally posted by Clarken (ciarken) View Post
          That's awesome. Did you already submit for VOTW?
          Thank you! Yes, I did sumbit it last week. I'm only nominating once a week

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          Originally posted by JimIzPro View Post
          this is so epic
          Thank you! It's hard but fun to do


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              Originally posted by Thunderhand View Post
              bump....bump... bump...
              Thanks for the bump


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                bumping once in a while