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Mission to Mars (Animation)

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  • Mission to Mars (Animation)

    Hey! I created an animation about a mission to Mars. This video took me nearly 75 hours to make. I edited over 100 images and used many sound effects. This video relates to the current events surrounding a possible mission to mars by 2030.

    Title: Mission to Mars

    GrowID: Azulon (spelled with an L)

    I hope you enjoyed it!
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    not perfect but its pretty good
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        1. parachutes dont work on mars. youd need some propulsion.
        2. why are u using apollo recordings?
        3. wheres the stage separations? SSTOs are nearly impossible to even get to orbit due to their low delta v and their terrible effiency.
        4. wheres the circularization burns? no space craft can go to mars going straight up. you need circularization.
        5. why are you using the space shuttle launch pad?
        6. no regular joe can apply to be astronaut. you need extensive medical examination and they mostly pick prior test pilots and people who were in the air force or who work with engineering etc.
        7. how did the SSTO perform the 7 minutes of terror if it didnt do a circularization burn and it didnt have a heatshield. at those speeds they would burn up immediately.
        8. how did the spacex demo2 screens show that the craft was in a orbit even though the craft was shortly before that heading straight up?
        9. the dragon 2 capsule isnt orange and it certainly isnt a SSTO.
        10. the parachutes would have to be hitched before touchdown assuming there was propulsion involved.
        11. where are the photovoltaic panels?
        12. how would they survive for 7+ months without electricity?
        mission control clearly failed to take remote control over the the craft. the astronauts fixing anything is the last option.

        they would be dead.
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