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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (October - December 2020 Cycle)

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  • Hi Guys I'm Zukarty ,
    I am a Growtopian Youtuber who have just started recently and have gained excellent results in views, gaining subs and likes. I have an awesome community supporting me !

    Video is 12:35 mins long
    GrowID: Zukarty
    Video related to Growtopia
    Title : Last To Fall is Winner! (funny) | Growtopia
    Video Link Youtube :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	13.jpg
Views:	72
Size:	982.1 KB
ID:	6937409
    The reason I'm nominating my video is becoz i have tons of ideas which i will make in the future and i want an awesome community !
    I don't know if this is original content becoz a few people have made video about this with different ideas. Mine is also obviously a Unique One!


    • Grow Id: Pilipinas
      This video is all about recreating some of the iconic horror movie scenes of all time!
      I cutted out the bad words/scenes which are not suitable for children
      I also included some animations with some greenscreen effect.

      Scenes recreated are the following:
      -The Shining (bathroom scene)
      -The Ring (Tv scene)
      -Excorcist (bed scene)
      -Friday the 13th (grave scene)


      • Grow Id: Pilipinas
        World: PILIPINASMAIN

        I made this video as a parody of the "Demon Slayer: Infinity Train" trailer.

        I made use of the greenscreen and made use of growtopia items creatively.

        If you are into anime, i guess you'll like this one
        Thank you :-)


        • Don't steal |Growtopia animation Halloween edition|


          -Family friendly ✓
          -Animated ✓
          -Well edited ✓
          -Current events (Halloween) ✓
          -Duration 2.39 minutes ✓

          This video is a remake/inspired by MICHAELHICKOXfilms "Lego Haloween"

          GrowID: RageDev
          Instagram: @iragedevil2
          YouTube: "Michael Jovanco" (cat profile picture)


          • Title:BEST FRIENDS OR NOT

            hello friends in this animation I use 3 characters, namely wesdong, eren and reiner.ok this time I made an animation about a fight between two very close friends. but there was an incident that caused the two of them to fight with each other and misunderstandings between the two. which is where this animation is very interesting to watch and this animation is family friendly. without any more length, just watch the animation. I hope you can be entertained .

            *Family friendly
            *Duration 2:13 minutes
            *Genre drama and action
            Enjoy watching the animation

            video youtube title: Best friends or not? Growtopia animation
            Growid: VioletEvergardens
            Link to the video:


            • GrowID: VendProfits
              Video title: 1 Second !

              Does 1 second mean anything to you in your life?


              • Tittle: WITCH
                Video Link:
                GrowID: ZariaL

                Family-Friendly Content ✓
                Original Content ✓
                Video has Editing ✓
                Audio Matters ✓
                Current Events ✓
                3+ Minute Video ✓
                Creavity ✓

                Story : Once upon a time,
                In a witch's palace.
                There was a witch who wants to have extraordinary power.
                The witch, was eager to increase her strength by getting a super power staff. This super power staff, could only be obtained by using a Witch Hunter necklace.

                One day, the witch was wondering how to get that necklace, and decided to kidnap the witch hunter’s daughter to be used as a threat. so, that the hunter would give her the necklace.
                By using a little magic, she mixed her various potions. in the end, she found out the face and place of the Witch Hunter’s daughter. whom, she wanted to kidnap.

                The witch began to pay attention to the little girl and was waiting for the right time to kidnap her.

                Halloween night had come, at 21:00 P.M, October 31st
                In a house there was a daughter of the witch hunter, she asked for permission to go with her friends to celebrate the Halloween night and her da allowed her. Soon, the girl said goodbye to her dad and left for the Halloween party by wearing very unique Halloween costumes
                While on the way to the Halloween party, it turned out that the witch had followed her and prepared to kidnap her. Immediately the witch kidnapped the witch hunter’s daugther and took her to the witch palace’s prison

                After that the witch wrote a letter and sent it to the Witch Hunter house. She knocked on the door and immediately left the house.

                The witch hunter, who listened to the sound of knocking on the door, immediately opened the door, but the witch hunter was very surprised because no one was there and instead, the witch hunter found a letter, he opened it, and he was very shock because it turned out that the letter came from witch who had kidnapped her daughter, the witch said: "If you want your daughter back, give me your witch hunter necklace".
                The witch hunter immediately rushed to wear his clothes and then went to the Witch's Palace to save his daughter.
                Then, He has arrived and quickly entered the witch's palace
                When he entered, it turned out that there was a witch who was fall asleep in his chair, the witch hunter who knew the witch was sleeping immediately used his weapon to kill the witch.

                After that, the witch hunter quickly searched for his daughter and finally he found out his daughter was locked up and then release his daughter, they both immediately rushed home using a witch's broomstick who had died killed by the Witch Hunter

                In the end, the Witch Hunter daughter finally was saved by his father.

                The End.

                Note: I edit all in this video just only using by a phone.. and took me 1 week for record the audio, music, concept, etc. Also my phone is not really good for editing. But i hope you guys enjoyed this video and my creation that i made.


                • Title:GROWGANOTH SLAYER

                  Growtopia version of Rui vs Tanjiro
                  The story is about Tanjiro,Nezuko has been taken from tanjiro as an offering for Growganoth but Tsnjiro awakens hinokami kagura and slay the Growganoth.

                  Hope i win growie....


                  • Growtopia | Lucid Dream | Story Animation

                    IGN: ZENYSTY

                    Everyone, don't lose hope! will win soon! I Don't even think my animations or story is bad tho- not unless you don't understand the video. :/
                    I might say, my animation and edits here is bad, but the story is not at all. I hope you understand the story and not the animation.
                    and i also have improved way better than this, just lazy to make an animation which I can't even win lmao lol.
                    SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                    isn't sleeping so Good?

                    i do animations, funny videos and more.

                    IGN: ZENYSTY


                    • I made an animation for VOTW
                      GrowID: ByMawi
                      I hope u like it
                      It took 20 days to make it
                      Animation time: 3.36
                      Friendly animation!


                      • Zaikolu's VOTW ATTEMPT! ​​​​​​GROWID : ( ZAIKOLU )

                        This is basically a story of a killer goat who haunts Zaikolu. But burrito won't let that happen! he would unleash all his power to defend his best friend Zaikolu!.

                        This is an original Idea and i have put soooo much work into it hoping to win Votw.


                        it took a while to make this lil vid haha hope y'all like it. hope it wins VOTW!! wish me the best of luck :3 plus follow my Instagram! @Zaikolu


                        • "MEME GROWTOPIA ON INSTAGROW" Animation By IVAPS

                          This is my story be a meme creator on instagram
                          I Hope Win for Growies (VIDEO OF THE WEEK)

                          GrowID : IVAPS

                          Link :

                          Feature :
                          • Duration 4+ minutes
                          • Original Content
                          • High Quality Videos
                          • Meme Growtopia Content


                          • Title:[GROWTOON: Buddy Life]



                            •About Video:
                            This video is the result of a collaboration between me and my cousin [AkatKat]. With each assignment from us, among others, Cartoon Art made by [AkatKat], and Animations made by myself.

                            This video tells about the life of BUDDY (Growtopia Mascot) who is shown as a cartoon. Here BUDDY lives his life as a Moderator who takes a walk by driving his beloved car to see the daily activities of various Growtopia players, ranging from good to bad, Like Farming, Trading, Donating, Dancing, Bullying, Scamming, Hacking, etc.

                            What will BUDDY do when he see all activities of Growtopia Player?
                            We will see more on Channel [ZayJoy Studio]!!!

                            [✓]All requirements have been implemented!
                            [✓]06:27 Minutes Duration!
                            [✓]Music: Paddy Day Weather Song!
                            [✓]Cartoon Version!
                            [✓]Many Scene!
                            [✓]Funny Story!
                            [✓]Very Very Family Friendly!


                            • ixao
                              ixao commented
                              Editing a comment
                              THIS IS EPIC! I really liked the art design and animation! Good job!

                          • Title || THE MECHANICAL BUTLER - Animation
                            Link ||
                            Grow ID: AmniGueLa

                            Quick Description:
                            This short film tells abit about the Creation of Mechanical Butler and all of ITEMS OF THE MONTH. Check it out! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
                            I'd like to hear everybody's opinion about this vid so i can recreate it
                            ✔️Family Friendly
                            I didn't manage to pass it on the september month Spent atleast a week on this one, turns up pretty good and well spent time


                            • YoutubeT : The Gambler | Growtopia Short Movie
                              GrowID : ZidOfficer
                              Link :