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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (October - December 2020 Cycle)

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  • make bedside lamp with growtopia theme
    Title: Making Bedside Lamp With Growtopia Theme VOTW​​
    Family Friendly
    3 minutes
    Original Content


    • Title : Timun Mas Story in English - A Growtopia Animation | English Fairy Tales
      Growid : eWicaksYT
      Link :

      This is my nomination, this is a fairy tale that comes from central java (Indonesia). Timun Mas or Timun Emas (English: "The Golden Cucumber") is a Javanese folktale, Indonesian. telling the story of a brave girl that tries to escape and survive from an evil giant that tried to catch and eat her.


      • Youtube Video Tittle: Winter Surprise | Growtopia Paper Cut Out Animation
        GrowID: EcoSM

        Everything you'll see in this video is hand drawn by me, every frame is made from pictures. Hopefully you guys appreciate my hard work on this video

        -Cut out (stop motion) Animated
        -Well edited
        -Family friendly
        -Duration 1min 35 seconds

        Video Link:

        Enjoy the video


        • Title:LIFE OF THE NOOB

          ​​hello guys, this is my third animation entitled LIFE OF THE NOOB. so in this animation I use a lot of player characters. So the storyline in this animation tells the story of a noob who is often bullied because he is poor and then he gets depressed because he is often bullied by people, then his mother advises him not to be easily influenced by others. ok without going at length again just watch the animation. I hope you all enjoy seeing the animation that I made.
          *Family friendly animation
          *Duration 11:59 minutes
          *Genre drama,comedy,slice of life
          *Original content

          Youtube video title:LIFE OF THE NOOB (Growtopia animation)
          Link to the video:



          • Making Growtopia Logo in Real Life

            Hello Guys I'm making a new video is How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

            GrodID: EAwizrd
            Video Title: Making Growtopia Logo in Real Life
            Video Link:​​​​



            • Hello guys, its me jiel20
              i would like to nominate my video for VOTW

              TITLE : ' MAKING GROWTOPIA CAKE! '

              Username : jiel20

              video description :

              in this video I made a growtopia themed cake .. which is certainly delicious and also interesting
              are you also interested ??

              about the video:
              - 7.19 minute lenght
              - family friendly
              - original content

              Click image for larger version

Name:	image_190042.jpg
Views:	71
Size:	972.4 KB
ID:	6947637

              LINK :


              • TITTLE : NATURE || Growtopia Short Movie
                GrowID : VICSS

                hello guys , im Vicss ..and im about to submit my videos to VOTW entry.. i hope you guys likes my videos
                [ i add some major change by adding subtitle and narrator voice u can enjoy this video well ]

                Nature .. is something that God gives freely to us .. so we must Protect and Preserve it.

                About the Videos :
                * It has to be family-friendly. [ Yes ]
                * Original contents get plus points! [ Yes ]
                * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative! [ Yes ]
                * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them. [ Yes ]
                * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it! [ Yes ]
                * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current events [ No ]
                __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
                L I N K :


                • title:growtopia/ the earth quake
                  hello guys this is the first time i make a growtopia animation!
                  growid: hopel3ss


                  • Hello Growtopians !!!
                    Title Video : Dat Stick - Rich Brian | Growtopia Music Video |
                    GrowID : KIBOz
                    Link Video :

                    Video about:
                    this is music video Dat Stick by Rich Brian. I make the growtopia music video. Maybe this video is a bit toxic because this lyrics music isnt family friendly. But i edit this video so good. I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully get VOTW hehe, Thanks


                    • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS:

                      Youtube Video Title : Customizing Shoes | Growtopia
                      GrowID : FOLVA
                      Link to the Video:

                      THE VIDEO CONTAINS :

                      Original Contents
                      No copy right music playing behind the video
                      Edited videos with nice resolution
                      Drawing and Painting inside this video
                      Family Friendly
                      Related to growtopia
                      Duration 8 minutes 8 seconds

                      Customizing my shoes with growtopia
                      I just get the idea after the IOTM update, because its super cool.
                      so i decided to make this shoes .I draw 2 different dragons from the Celestial Dragon Charm
                      And 2 character that fits with the dragon.
                      I hope you like it



                      • Video Title: A Portal to Earth | Growtopia In real life

                        GrowID: TiigerPro

                        Feel free to check out my Youtube:
                        Also if you want to contact me, i use Instagram daily:

                        In Game Name: TiigerPro
                        Played Growtopia Since 2013!


                        • Grow ID: JQJO
                          Video Link:

                          - Original Content
                          - Family Friendly
                          -1 Min 43 Secs

                          This is my first animation but hope you like it! Thank you for watching >w<


                          • Short description>
                            -They guy who loves to explore untouched lads and abandoned caves, and that is one of his trips!
                            Enjoy and Thanks for watching!
                            Video title> Traveler The Seeker I Growtopia Animation

                            Growid> iigonub


                            • Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
                              Item name Medusa's Crown

                              GrodID: EAwizrd
                              Video Title: The Crown
                              Video Link:


                              • 😡Neighbour Clash😡
                                A Growtopia animation

                                Two neighbours + one accidental comment = 💥an epic fight!💥
                                What's more entertaining then two neighbours fighting each other with everything they have in their house and garden?
                                That's right, EVERYTHING they have!
                                -Family friendly

                                Feedback thread:

                                Also some Youtube comments:

                                Title: Neighbour Clash - Growtopia animation
                                In-game name: GenieYT