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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (October - December 2020 Cycle)

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  • TITLE : Amongtopian (Animation)

    ~One Decision Will Make a Big Difference

    ~Time to make this vid: 1Month

    ~Creative (Growtopia Tasks)

    GROWID: Pieji

    I hope you enjoy watching this video!



    • trasure hunter need to do something to unlock chest for a trasure (growie)

      grow id BruhOfCenrtury

      1.koala is so cute and we want to safe this
      2.i like growtopia


      • Title: What if Growtopia is an Action RPG? (improved)
        Grow ID: ItsZeri

        The Tale of Growganoth and Growch.
        Grow ID: ItsZeri

        My latest video.
        The Growtopia Museum - YouTube
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        • Title:Corona Pandemic In Growtopia
          Link to the video:
          -Oringinal content
          -Has editing and animation
          -Family friendly
          -Relate growtopia


          • Title: This Might Be the Last Growtopia Video You'll Ever Watch - Sam Harris [Growtopia Animation]
            GrowID: ZepperQ


            • Title : I made GROWCH with 3D Pen - GrowTopia [VOTW]
              Link : GrowID: Fozei
              its took my 2 days hope you all enjoy to the video!


              • Title:DON'T STOP ME FARM! ♫GROWTOPIA PARODY♫ 2020 [VOTW]
                Link ||
                Grow ID: Jangueo


                • Spending $55 for ink, planning for 4+ hours, and putting together 51 pages for a 2 second Growtopia flip book? Sounds Fun!

                  Video Title: Making IRL Growtopia Winter Themed Flip Book!
                  Creator: MartinMan007

                  IGN: MartinB

                  Old MartinMan007, New MartinB.


                  • Don't steal |Growtopia animation Halloween edition|


                    -Family friendly ✓
                    -Animated ✓
                    -Well edited ✓
                    -Current events (Halloween) ✓
                    -Duration 2.39 minutes ✓

                    This video is a remake/inspired by MICHAELHICKOXfilms "Lego Haloween"

                    GrowID: RageDev
                    Instagram: @iragedevil2


                    • GrowID : VerdantGate
                      Link to the video :

                      Title : Haunted Mutant Kitchen
                      Description : There used to be 1 of the best Chef in the world that trying to save the Mutant Kitchen Animals which is :
                      - Riding 'roach
                      - Riding Firefly

                      Synopsis : There is a girl named Elia. Elia's brother is a Chef and Elia ask him to cook a new food for the Halloween Party.
                      But, something bad is coming to his brother and he fell unconscious. Can his brother save the Animals from the Grim Reaper?

                      - Few SFX are taken from the Growtopia game itself
                      - A kitchen set inspired from RimUwU and Thumbnail made by : RimUwU (rimuoi in forum)
                      - Atomic Shadow Scythe recolour

                      App that i need for making & editing this video :
                      1. Alight Motion for animation editing
                      2. Kinemaster for sfx and render
                      3. Background eraser for crop the items sprite
                      4. Screen recorder for Growtopia sfx
                      5. Gallery for rotate the items sprite
                      6. Medibang Paint for give a colour to the shirt and hands
                      7. 8 bit painter for recolour the item
                      Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


                      • Growid:Sibgah

                        Tittle of the video
                        Growtopia Song | TheChainsmokers - Donate me now

                        -Family friendly
                        -Well edited

                        Growtopia cover music Inspired video from Dont let me down Song by the chainsmoker

                        I hope this can be my first votw music video,dont forget to enjoy the video guyss
                        Thank you~~
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                        • Title:Corona Pandemic In Growtopia
                          Link to the video:
                          -Oringinal content
                          -Has editing and animation
                          -Family friendly
                          -Relate growtopia


                          • Growtopia - In The Fall

                            I've been trying to improve my animation skills for a long time already and I'm trying to improve in every animation I make. Winning VOTW would motivate me to improve even more. I want to nominate my video named "GROWTOPIA - IN THE FALL". This animation is about a man that was sad almost his entire life. The only thing that made him happy was his daughter. Sadly one day while he was watering his plants, he slipped on a banana peel and fell from the roof of skyscraper. He saw some of his life moments (growing up, working...). While falling he understood that those were his last memories and the memory of daughter was the last chance for him to see her. The butterfly represents lost person's life, that's why he turned into one.

                            My IGN: Moksej

                            Video link:
                            Discord: Moksej#3335
                            IGN: Moksej
                            Join my discord server:


                            • The Kid, The Fantasy Of Lucid Dream and the World.

                              Issues Lifted by Fantasy.

                              See the world loaded with satisfaction.

                              As the Kid Learns how to Lucid Dream, his lives changes into something better in a fantasy, as he controls the World. The Kid generated numerous things he needed in his life. in any case, as he goes further In a fantasy. the fantasy turned out to be foggier and would wake the kid, however, he doesn't need it. as he needs to live in a world brimming with joy and mysterious things in fantasy. his life in a genuine world is loaded with Hatred and Problems he simply needed to forget about it. he's found to wake, yet- he woke up.

                              IGN ZENYSTY
                              SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                              isn't sleeping so Good?

                              i do animations, funny videos and more.

                              IGN: ZENYSTY


                              • Title : MEME GROWTOPIA ON INSTAGROW

                                Animation summary: This animation tells about a meme creator whose hobby is making growtopia memes who want to have lots of likes and followers.

                                GrowID : IVAPS

                                •High Quality Animation

                                •Family Friendly Content

                                •Original Content

                                •4+ Minute Duration

                                Link :

                                Thanks for Watching!