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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (October - December 2020 Cycle)

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  • Hello!

    Im here to showcase my short Stopmotion video about growtopia life-cycle
    My username: oonlyy
    Title: Stopmotion Life-Cycle -Growtopia animation

    I hope, it is good enough to be a video of the week!
    YOuTube: OONLYY GT


    • Growtopia - Adventure of Golem

      Hello Guys I'm making a new video for IOTM and VOTW
      Item name is: Golem's Gift


      GrodID: EAwizrd
      Video Title: Adventure of Golem
      Video Link:


      • Title: Ka-Ka-CHING [Y2K, bbno$ - Lalala Parody]
        Growid: SOMBODII

        Family Friendly
        OG Content
        Has Editing
        2+ Min Video
        This is a parody that I made based on my experiences with GT (around 2018 to present)...
        It's just a song that has a catchy chorus about geiger crystals and $$$ (ofc wls not real money lmao)
        Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


        • This is my Friends entry for the VOTW.
          His Ign is Storm, he cant post this by himself since he cant acces the Forums at this current time.

          Its tiktok in Growtopia! He spent quite some time on this and i hope you guys all enjoy it

          (Full credit to Storm, I do not own any of this video)


          • 😡Neighbour Clash😡
            A Growtopia animation

            Two neighbours + one accidental comment = 💥an epic fight!💥
            What's more entertaining then two neighbours fighting each other with everything they have in their house and garden?
            That's right, EVERYTHING they have!
            -Family friendly

            Feedback thread:

            Also some Youtube comments:

            Title: Neighbour Clash - Growtopia animation
            In-game name: GenieYT



            • Hi! This is my nomination for VOTW. I’m currently working on a new animation and it’ll take some time. I’m trying to get it done for next week so I could nominate it, but anyway hope you like this video! Also this video is kinda halloween themed and halloween is over, so hope it doesn’t matter too much.

              -Family friendly
              -Has audio & effects
              -Related to Growtopia
              -2 minutes

              Title: Ghostly Dimension | Growtopia Animation
              GrowID: SoulChef



              • Title: Making and Showing How To Create a Growtopia Card Battle Game In Real Life!

                Quick Description: I made this card battle game about 3 years ago in 2017 and I decided to show everyone How To Make their Own Cards and have fun! All were hand drawn by me!

                - Original Idea
                - Very Well Edited + Background Music Sync
                - Inspirational
                - About 4 Minutes Long
                - Family Friendly
                - All Hand drawn by Me!

                GrowID: JonnyPlaysGT

                Embed Video:

                ^^ If you enjoyed that, subscribe below, thanks! ^^


                • Reunited | A Thanksgiving Special
                  by crushieeeee

                  After a month of making this animation I'm finally done, this my first time creating this and I'm happy with the outcome. I hope you guys love it and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

                  Here's the link:


                  • Title:LIFE OF THE NOOB

                    ​​hello guys, this is my third animation entitled LIFE OF THE NOOB. so in this animation I use a lot of player characters. So the storyline in this animation tells the story of a noob who is often bullied because he is poor and then he gets depressed because he is often bullied by people, then his mother advises him not to be easily influenced by others. ok without going at length again just watch the animation. I hope you all enjoy seeing the animation that I made. Hope you watch till end so y'll can understand what the mean of my animation
                    *Family friendly animation
                    *Duration 11:59 minutes
                    *Genre drama,comedy,slice of life
                    *Original content

                    Youtube video title:LIFE OF THE NOOB (Growtopia animation)
                    Link to the video:



                    • Title: Dark'Side | Growtopia Movie

                      Growid: Yukinae

                      ×Growtopia Action Movies ×3 Minute Durations
                      ×Family Friendly
                      ×Original Content

                      °°Description About Video°°
                      This video tells about a fairy queen trying to protect the fairy island and the Crystal from Draco and Mora. Draco Want to take crystals to upgrade his strength, but Rebecca ( The Fairy Queen ) Will not give the Crystals


                      • Title: Growtopia's Good

                        GrowID: SHAMEFULLY

                        Written & Performed by HARASSING and SHAMEFULLY

                        IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                        • Family friendly

                          original video/story

                          duration 4:44

                          fully animated

                          Video title : We'll meet again by Wubzi

                          GrowID : Wubzi

                          Video link :
                          Last edited by Wubzi; 11-30-2020, 05:16 AM.
                          I love making Growtopia Animations

                          Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000



                          • Video Title : The Legendary Weapons : Equilibrium
                            GrowID : VerdantGate

                            Synopsis : 17 years passed after the traitor returned to being friends. Of course, the legendary weapons have been stepping on for about 40 years and their strength has decreased. So from that the only child of the gauntlet holder and the legendary doom staff gave his power to his son called Equilibrium. Equilibrium also has a very strong sensei which is the holder of the sonic buster sword. Unfortunately the sonic buster sword holder has been in the hospital for a long time because of the illness he suffered. One day there was a demon named dark bunny who want to dominate the legendary weapons until finally the legendary doom staff was conquered. After hearing that his son, namely Equilibrium, immediately asked his sensei about the background of what happened to his father. Finally, he had the ambition to defeat the devil's men for kidnapping his father. He had to get the strength from the dragon legend, the Celestial Dragon. Has the equilibrium succeeded in returning the father to the house?

                            App that i need to make this video :
                            - Alight Motion
                            - Kinemaster
                            - 8bit painter
                            - Background eraser
                            - Medibang paint
                            - Picsart

                            Credits :
                            Rimuoi (IGN : RimUwU) for making this thumbnail and the legendary staff
                            Sinister discord bot for items sprite
                            Growtopian Bot discord bot for items sprite
                            Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


                            • GrowId:Arct1c
                              title:Growganoth Slayer

                              this video is an inspiration from demon slayer episode 19. I do not own the scenes but i worked on it theres some growtopia elements in there too

                              i put a proper credits in the description in the video. Hope u like it😍


                              • Title: PRANK CALL | GROWTOPIA ANIMATION
                                GrowID: hadzstrom

                                •7 Minutes Duration
                                •Has Edited
                                •Family Friendly
                                •Funny Animation XD

                                Yup, I was made this animation for about 1 week, I made this with my own effort and passion and I really hoped this video got votw. My dream on Growtopia is having a Growie and my animation linked on Growtopia. I Hope That Really Happen

                                Thanks All