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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (October - December 2020 Cycle)

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  • Greetings, My Name is Animental I'm from the Philippines but i currently live in Dubai My friend and i came up with this video idea "Making Hot-Chocolate" Because its Winter Season!

    The Video Description is, Creating a Hot Chocolate Drink in real life using the recipes from the game itself. (Growtopia)

    Youtube Video Title : Winter is Near! Let's make Hot Chocolate in real life and Growtopia!

    ​​​​​(Video Link)

    ☑ This Video Idea is Originally Created by us, Haven't seen such content in YouTube!
    ☑ The Audio Is Related to Winter Season
    ☑ The Video is Related to Growtopia! and Winter Season!
    ☑ The length of the video is 5 Minutes and 44 Seconds.
    ☑ The Video content is For all Age of Range!
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    • aniMENTal
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      Just to be clear, from the "Haven't seen this content somewhere means" i haven't seen a content creator make one of this type of video.. Hope it's clear to you my viewers!

    GrowID: Plitvice

    In this video we will be focus on Growtopia Economy as well as the factors affecting Economy in Growtopia. You will know the differences when it comes Growtopia's Economy from Real Life Economy. This video contains information about factors affecting the prices of an specific item as well as the probability of an item to rise in the near future.

    All requirements met the expectations:
    ✔️Duration of the Video
    ✔️Original Content
    ✔️Related to Growtopia



    • Reunited | A Thanksgiving Special
      by crushieeeee

      Video link:

      Short Description:

      This video shows a Typical Family gathering for Thanksgiving and this video also shows how you need to love your parents and know how to treasure them.
      May everybody have an Awesome Thanksgiving Event! I hope you enjoy this video

      | Video Length: 3:16
      | Family-friendly
      | Original content
      | With editing
      | With audio
      | Related to Growtopia
      | Theme with recent or current events


      • Judul/title : December And November event

        Ini adalah Vidio asli buatan saya

        deskripsii dalam Vidio ini Adalah Animasi belajar Dalam Growtopia yang Membahas tema tentang December And November event, Saya hara Saya Menang Menang di Minggu ini


      • Growid : Zearu
        Title : Just a Dream

        Link :

        Zearu just saw a television broadcast about the earthquake, when he came out from his house, he fell into a ravine caused by the earthquake cracks and begin an adventure or its.....just a Dream?

        This is my 2nd VOTW attemp i hope i can win This Time or Its .... just a Dream? hopefully No 😅😭

        Hope You'll enjoy This video!

        + Original content
        + Growtopia Related
        + More than 3 minutes length
        + Family Friendly
        + Well edited?


        • GrowID: VendProfits
          Video title: Growtopians Vs Zombies!


          • Don't steal |Growtopia animation Halloween edition|


            -Family friendly ✓
            -Animated ✓
            -Well edited ✓
            -Current events (Halloween) ✓
            -Duration 2.39 minutes ✓

            This video is a remake/inspired by MICHAELHICKOXfilms "Lego Haloween"

            GrowID: RageDev
            Instagram: @iragedevil2


            • GrowID: JOPROZ2
              Title: Lucky winter? | Growtopia Animation



              • The Telephone (growtopia animation)



                Original content
                family frendly
                2:49 duration
                has editing

                Telling a story about someone boy who tries to win the giveaway but unexpected events occur
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                • This is a video about a black--white style growie award I spent alot of time doing this so I hope I win 😁

                  growid: notklaze

                  Attached Files


                  • ゴロウトピアン
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                    no just because u draw grow ie in real not mean get in game

                  • Klaze
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                    I didnt I drew a black and white style it's another thing and its and original idea and stop sending bad and negative comments I didnt do anyhing wrong

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                  • Title:DON'T STOP ME FARM! ♫GROWTOPIA PARODY♫ 2020 [VOTW]
                    Link ||
                    Grow ID: Jangueo


                    • Video Title : The Legendary Weapons : Equilibrium
                      GrowID : VerdantGate

                      Synopsis : 17 years passed after the traitor returned to being friends. Of course, the legendary weapons have been stepping on for about 40 years and their strength has decreased. So from that the only child of the gauntlet holder and the legendary doom staff gave his power to his son called Equilibrium. Equilibrium also has a very strong sensei which is the holder of the sonic buster sword. Unfortunately the sonic buster sword holder has been in the hospital for a long time because of the illness he suffered. One day there was a demon named dark bunny who want to dominate the legendary weapons until finally the legendary doom staff was conquered. After hearing that his son, namely Equilibrium, immediately asked his sensei about the background of what happened to his father. Finally, he had the ambition to defeat the devil's men for kidnapping his father. He had to get the strength from the dragon legend, the Celestial Dragon. Has the equilibrium succeeded in returning the father to the house?

                      App that i need to make this video :
                      - Alight Motion
                      - Kinemaster
                      - 8bit painter
                      - Background eraser
                      - Medibang paint
                      - Picsart

                      Credits :
                      Rimuoi (IGN : RimUwU) for making this thumbnail and the legendary staff
                      Sinister discord bot for items sprite
                      Growtopian Bot discord bot for items sprite
                      Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


                      • Spending $55 for ink, planning for 4+ hours, and putting together 51 pages for a 2 second Growtopia flip book? Sounds Fun!


                        Video Title: Making IRL Growtopia Winter Themed Flip Book!


                        Creator: MartinMan007

                        IGN: MartinB

                        Old MartinMan007, New MartinB.


                        • Title: Making and Showing How To Create a Growtopia Card Battle Game In Real Life!

                          Quick Description: I made this card battle game about 3 years ago in 2017 and I decided to show everyone How To Make their Own Cards and have fun! All were hand drawn by me!

                          - Original Idea
                          - Very Well Edited + Background Music Sync
                          - Inspirational
                          - About 4 Minutes Long
                          - Family Friendly
                          - All Hand drawn by Me!

                          - 33 Likes, no dislikes xD

                          GrowID: JonnyPlaysGT

                          Embed Video:

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