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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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  • tittle:"Way deeper down"


    Link to video

    this time I made another animation yeah even though it's a bit difficult, but it's fun,i hope you enjoy it ❤

    Honestly, I made this animation for 2 weeks, to take part in the VOTW contest, but as I said before, making this animation was fun

    [√] original content
    [√] 5 minute duration
    [√] full animate
    [√] family friendly

    *sorry I posted it repeatedly because there was a bug in the first video


    • Entry Requirements:

      Video Title: Making Growtopia Fan Shirt

      GrowID: KinaGTs

      Link to the Video:


      Video Contains:
      -Original Content
      -5 Minute Video
      -Background Music
      -Family Friendly
      -SUPER Related to Growtopia


      Short Description:

      I made a Growtopia Fan Shirt from my spare time. I love to illustrate some stuff, so why not attempt it for VOTW. This T-shirt took weeks to create because of the paint.

      Subskrei GrowTrooperz


      • Title: Growtopia theater- STOPDONTDROP (real life)
        growID: BBAja

        Hi,im BBAja and did you know that drop game are illegal and bad? In this vidio I will give you an example&reason why we should never do a drop game.but in this vidio i wont show you on game but! on real life cardbox (theater)

        it has:
        -Real life growtopia made out of cardbox
        -have a really good morals
        -a reason why we should never do drop games
        -family friendly
        -original idea
        -Related of growtopia ofc
        -morral lesson!

        Sinopsis: a player selling devil wings and then a scammer tried to scamm him,suddenly a modderator appear at the world and do awesome act


        growid: BBAja
        Ps: i changed my name from KingDomComes to BBAja


        • Today I am making a Crown of the Cosmos Lamp Version.This is a Lamp that shine like the aura of the Crown of the Cosmos. Credits to growtopia for awesome sprites.
          Title:Crown of the Cosmos Lamp Version



          • 2020 is one of the toughest years of this decade, but there are still great things to celebrate. This is why I compressed most of the events that happened in Growtopia 2020 and nominated this Rewind for all of us to remember each of them. Stay safe everyone as we still have to hold on and look forward, and here's to more interesting chapters this year 2021!

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            Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
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            Facebook: Johnxx GT
            Twitter: @johnxxgt
            Instagram: @johnxxgt


            • Saving Growtopia world from virus that killed millions of growtopians and the only way to kill it it by potion made by the mods under the earth

              1- Good quality
              2- With music and audio
              3- Family
              4- And some funny moments
              5- animated

              Growid : Drfaiez

              Title : Saving Growtopia World

              Link :


              • [Third Bump for this week]

                Hello Growtopia Community Team!

                It's Ahrceus, and I'm here to present my team's entry for Growtopia's Video of the Week!

                This is Growtopia, But It's The 80s - A Growtopia 8-Year Anniversary Special!

                For starters, my team and I loved the 80s-aesthetic of Growtopia's 8-Year Anniversary this 2021; with all these fantastic new retro-themed items and in-game content, I endeavored to create a vibrant, vivid, and ecstatic video with my friends to commemorate this event--an 80s-themed Growtopia video!

                Why should this win the VOTW award?

                I believe this deserves to win the VOTW because of how it is dedicated to the previous Anniversary Week and the amount of editing work and production I've exerted for this endeavor. Who wouldn't love all of these retro and 80s-inspired in-game content? Along with that, I gave it my all to produce a visually-appealing and vividly-intriguing gameplay video of us celebrating the event with all these party-themed items and prizes. Second, I wanted to help concoct a vibrantly-positive image for the game as a whole, through this video we made. If given the chance to be awarded this great recognition, I am positive that a video of this quality would exude a great image for both Growtopia and its community. This is what we hope to achieve.

                Lastly, I hope that this video would be able to reach larger audiences so that more people would get to know how Growtopia really is a fantastic game to play--that beyond its standards to mainstream media, this game is home to those who see it fit. We really exerted a lot of effort for this video, and we hope our efforts would be recognized, if possible 😊🙏

                For these reasons, I believe this video deserves to be garnered the Video of the Week Award.

                Thank you so much, Growtopia Team!


                Growtopia Content Creator

                VOTW Requirements:

                Growtopia, But It's The 80s

                GrowID: Ahrceus

                Ahrcéus | YouTube Content Creator
                IG/Twitter: @Ahrceus
                Check out my latest video!


                • Title: Painting Growtopia app icon
                  GrowID: Anjel7

                  1. Family-Friendly
                  2. 1+ minute Duration
                  3. Has editing
                  4. has music

                  Hey guys, I decided to make a video of me painting the Growtopia app icon. It took me a while To finish off the painting because I had some trouble finding the colors but I did it. I hope you guys enjoy my video
                  Last edited by Lala2002; 01-24-2021, 01:07 AM.


                  • Grow Id: GibberishGT
                    Title: Growtopia | D.I.Y Red Packet In Real Life | Lunar New Year!

                    Chinese new year is coming in few week!!
                    Have you prepared red packet to give it to other??
                    Watch this video to see how to D.I.Y your own growtopia red packet!


                    • GrowID: Bitteschon (old name TyDEvolved)


                      title: The Suspect Growtopia Animation


                      ​​​​​​- ORIINAL CONTENT
                      - All Done The requitments
                      - Familt Friendly
                      - Has a cool story

                      ​​​​​​Hope You Enjoy My Animation


                      • Making growtopia paludarium waterfall

                        Instragram: @igun_gt
                        Growid: IgunGT
                        World: igunid

                        • 9:48 Minutes Duration
                        • Family Friendly

                        I hope I win


                        • Entry Requirements
                          -YouTube Video Title : Growtopia Orchestra : Music Opening Growtopia Game Cover -Your GrowID : CRISTIANIP
                          -Link to the Video :

                          Description :
                          I really like music, and I also like to play growtopia. so I tried to make a work, where the work is an orchestral animation whose music is pure I made myself. With this, I hope to win this weekly nomination.



                          • Hi Im Techno Lord!
                            In this video, I wanted to show you that ambition can't actually be a good thing. There are so many ambitious players in Growtopia, and almost most of them lose their WLs because of those ambitions.

                            I hope you enjoy this video and it will be selected for VOTW. This is one of my biggest dreams.

                            This video has:
                            ~Original Content.
                            ~1.49 mins duration.

                            Title: The Ambition | Growtopia Animation
                            GrowID: TechnoLordd

                            This video meets all the requirements.


                            • Today I am making a Crown of the Cosmos Lamp Version.This is a Lamp that shine like the aura of the Crown of the Cosmos. Credits to growtopia for awesome sprites.
                              Title:Crown of the Cosmos Lamp Version



                              • Video tittle : steve stole alexer diamond lock! | the fake chest | growtopia animation

                                GrowID: walisg

                                Link to the Video:

                                Video Contains:
                                -Original Content
                                -4 Minute Video
                                -Background Music
                                -Family Friendly
                                -Voice actor

                                Short Description:

                                I made a Growtopia animation I love to Make some animation / short movie so why not attempt it for VOTW This animation took month to create!


                                I hope i can win this video of the week