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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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  • Our submission for VOTW!:

    This song and video is completely original! And was made out of love for Growtopia by me and my best friend! He's an AMAZING video editor and song creator and we worked for weeks on this!

    Grow ID: Clarken
    Video Title: Get A World Lock (Official Music Video) [Growtopia]

    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    IGN: Clarken
    Since July 2, 2014

    Click here for services you may need!


    • Title: Growtopia theater- STOPDONTDROP (real life)
      growID: BBAja

      Hi,im BBAja and did you know that drop game are illegal and bad? In this vidio I will give you an example&reason why we should never do a drop game.but in this vidio i wont show you on game but! on real life cardbox (theater)

      it has:
      -Real life growtopia made out of cardbox
      -have a really good morals
      -a reason why we should never do drop games
      -family friendly
      -original idea
      -Related of growtopia ofc
      -morral lesson!

      Sinopsis: a player selling devil wings and then a scammer tried to scamm him,suddenly a modderator appear at the world and do awesome act


      growid: BBAja
      Ps: i changed my name from KingDomComes to BBAja


      • Title : Timun Mas Story in English - A Growtopia Animation | English Fairy Tales
        Growid : eWicaks
        Link :

        This is my nomination, this is a fairy tale that comes from central java (Indonesia). Timun Mas or Timun Emas (English: "The Golden Cucumber") is a Javanese folktale, Indonesian. telling the story of a brave girl that tries to escape and survive from an evil giant that tried to catch and eat her.



          Video Title: 8 MIXTAPE

          Grow ID: BaebyJC

          Link to the video:



          - Original Content: The music played is original and created from scratch! I produced the song from start to finish.
          - 3 minutes and 15 seconds duration
          - Completely Family Friendly
          - Retro edits and fonts edited by me
          - Videos with themes from current events: 8th anniversary of Growtopia themed song!
          - Showcases some of the new blocks and of course the Walktopian!



          Party Dude finds a cool Walktopian with a mysterious mixtape with it. The mixtape is titled "8 MIXTAPE" and has a note that warns people about its intense relaxing effects when played!

          - Party On Growtopians! Enjoy!


          • Title:The Blind Truth (Growtopia Animation)

            The story of a homeless man and a shop owner.The homeless man is always sleeping in front of the shop but the owner of the shop is always irritated every morning he always mistreated the homeless man and one day the homeless man disappeard where did he go?


            Link to the Video:​​


            • Title:[GROWTOON: Use Polite Words]

              •GrowID: AkatKat

              •About Video:
              This video tells about a conversation between two school children at lunch time discussing a woman named Mr. Harris because of his different actions to one of the children named Peter, this is because Peter did not speak politely to her, then Chris taught Peter a few things about polite words.

              One of the reasons I made a video with this theme other than to follow Votw is because I often see a lot of Growtopia players who are not polite to other players, and it really makes me uncomfortable, and I hope this video can be useful to overcome this!

              •Special Character For: Seth, Hamumu, Nekorei, STYX, Johnxx, MrSongo, Jamew7, and TeryJaki!

              •Watch full video on Channel [AkatKat]!!!
              Thanks for watching, hope you guys like it

              [✓]100% Original Content!
              [✓]All requirements have been implemented!
              [✓]03:40 Minutes Duration!
              [✓]Cartoon Version!
              [✓]Moral Lesson Story!
              [✓]Very Very Family Friendly!


              • TiTLE : 1 x 5
                GrowID: SHAMEFULLY

                [WRITTEN, ANIMATED AND PRODUCED] with help of my brother
                IGN: SHAMEFULLY


                • Title: Agent 257 - Operation QUAD
                  GrowID: Dres
                  Short Description: This is a story about an Agent that's working for G.I.A (Growtopia Intel Agency). He got a mission to destroy a weapon facility that's owned by a very evil man which has done a lot of Illegal and extremely harmful things to Growtopia Society such as creating an Illegal nuclear weapon capable of world destruction and threatening people with it. Will Agent 257's mission be successful? Let's see how the mission turns out in this video!

                  (Considered Family friendly, no bad words, no violence, there is blood but, Growtopia also have knive head which is much worse than what mine has in the video.)
                  I Hope you guys enjoyed it!

                  Video Link:
                  Hello, i'm Dres (Changed my name from HHVP)
                  Main World: DRESGT
                  Yeah... that's all i have to say....
                  Have a nice day!


                  • YOUR CHOICE (Growtopia Animtion)
                    This is a short animated film, about how your small everyday life choices can ultimately shape your life in growtopia.
                    • Family Friendly
                    • Moral lesson
                    • 3 minutes duration
                    • good quality
                    • Good editing
                    • Good animation
                    • Original Content
                    GrowID: NATFLIXX

                    Nathandioo A.K.A Natflixx


                    • We'll meet again By Wubzi

                      GrowID Wubzi

                      Video Link :

                      Ft Wubzi MrAmos PeterW OneJing Obunaga hdip zhne vendprofits apayasecond icyharry seaace

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	proof.png
Views:	72
Size:	150.0 KB
ID:	6989525

                      I love making Growtopia Animations

                      Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000



                      • A Growtopian's joruney - Growtopia Poem

                        I made an original Growtopia poem dedicated to the life and journey of Growtopians.
                        I hope everyone who watches can enjoy and reflect on the journey they have taken as we enter a new year.
                        This video contains an original poem written and narrated by me with visuals taken from Growtopia

                        Enjoy ​​​​​
                        Check out one of my video below!


                        • Title of the video: Growtopia DIY Coin Box
                          GrowID: Zytran

                          In this video we will be doing a Growtopia DIY Coin Box by the use of recycled materials found in our homes! This video shows how creative a growtopian can be when they open their minds to wonder.

                          Video contains:
                          *Family Friendly
                          -warnings are all throughout the video to help guide the creators in making
                          *Sound used
                          -Summer Upbeat
                          *Texts to guide the creators in making
                          *Timelapses are done to shorten the duration while making the video a little bit hype
                          *Original Ideas

                          1st post for this week

                          Link towards the video:
                          A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                          IGN: Zytran
                          World: ZYTRAN
                          Instagram: @zytran_gt


                          • Title:Ban the Hero GrowID:ARCT1C link:

                            ❤The story is about a kid almost get scammed by a scammer and Ban arrives at the scene,Ban origin is he can see everyone that is scamming, he is the ancient one banning people in growtopia, but tables turn he find his worthy opponent Mersca opposite of Scammer and hes the only one that has Ban same powers.Mersca is Strong but not strong enough to defeat Ban. Hope i win this is my 3rd votw attempt.❤

                            hope i win
                            Made by Flipaclip took me 800 frames 300 frames for 6fps and 500 for 10fps.And also i cringe in this vid because of my own voice acting lol but yeah hope you like it and enjoy watching it.
                            Original Content:√
                            Original Editing:√
                            Family Friendly:√

                            Sabakaribe to my channel

                            I hope i really win this time


                            • GrowID: VendProfits
                              Video title: Attack On Titans! ( Animation )

                              how about some anime themed video ? XD


                              • GrowID : Jieputra Title : Making potted daisy in real life Link :