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Nominate YouTube Videos for Growies (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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    Video Title: Making Growtopia Fishing Ornaments In Real Life


    Grow ID: xMojah

    About Video: In this video i made Winter-Based real life fishing ornaments. I speeded up the video because i didn't wanted you guys to get bored of it, but if you like to slow it down, use settings.

    My Video Is;

    - Family-Friendly
    -Creative Content
    -Has Editings
    -Has Audio
    -Detailed Video
    -Video Duration (9:58)
    -Resolution of 1080p
    -Good Camera Angle

    (Everyone can do It by theirselves, no need any experience.)

    Reach my video here


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      Grow ID
      : FOLVA
      Link to the video :

      __________________________________________________ ___

      • Original Contents
      • 14 Minutes duration
      • No copy right music playing behind the video
      • Has a lot of Editing
      • Family-Friendly
      • Related to growtopia
      • Videos with themes from current events

      __________________________________________________ __

      QUICK DESC :

      Hi, In this video, im showing my work in this winterfest. I made a paintings in a canvas with the growtopia winter fest theme. I draw my self holding a gift, snowfrost, and santa flying above me. I really like the result after i colored em.. also, i made a paper craft. It was my first time to make paper craft template by my self. I also really like my paper craft. Especially my Winter Bot. It looks very cute hahahaha. and the last one, i decorated a giving tree by customizing the christmas balls. This is the best Christmas experience where i spend my time making this very fun video.

      I hope you enjoy the video.


      __________________________________________________ __

      __________________________________________________ ___

      Click image for larger version

Name:	banner.png
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ID:	6978731


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        Title: Winterfest - A Growtopia Christmas Jingle

        After two months, I was finally able to finish my song!

        This video consists of:
        + a song that was composed by me (not a parody)
        + a video with smooth transitions for editing
        + clips that show what goes on during Winterfest in Growtopia

        Created by: Reuru (GrowID)


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          Title : We'll meet again by Wubzi

          Growid : Wubzi

          Video link :
          I love making Growtopia Animations

          Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000


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            I am nominating 3 videos

            Mission To Mars

            Hey! I created an animation about a mission to Mars. This video took me nearly 75 hours to make. I edited over 100 images and used many sound effects. This video relates to the current events surrounding a possible mission to mars by 2030.

            Title: Mission to Mars

            GrowID: Azulon (spelled with an L)

            I hope you enjoyed it!

            Final Day of School

            Hey! So I have made an animation/video of the last day of school and all the stress leading up to the final bell. This is my first animation/skit, and I have worked really hard on it. This is a fun little video! Hopefully you enjoyed it!

            GrowID: Azulon (Spelled with an L)

            Youtube title: Final Day of School

            Fun Glue Prank

            Hey! So my friends and I a while ago filled the world "HELL" with 5400 block glue. This was the biggest prank in Growtopia history and the glue is still in the world today. This is a original idea and video that is fun to watch!

            GrowID: Azulon (Spelled with an L)

            Youtube title: Filling HELL with 5400 Block Glue

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              Hello yall!

              Today I made a custom growtopia theme keyboard! Each key will be designed to look like a item from the game. This was a lot of fun and took hours to do so I hope you enjoy it!

              YouTube Video Title: Creating Custom Growtopia Keyboard!

              GrowID: Anteater

              Link to the video:

              This video meets all the requirements!

              I hope you all enjoy this video!


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                GrowID : RapidRollGT
                Link :
                Title : The Robbers - Growtopia Animation

                A story about gang of robbers who are planning to rob a bank, but they are crazy robbers😂.
                There i focus on comedy theme, so the action scene is just a few only, hope u entertained
                Main and BFG Link:OCGU
                Daily Free Chand BFG With VIP Entrance


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                  A Look Back at Life (Growtopia Short Film)

                  A short film that shows my character from a kid to adult, playing and having fun until i found my love.
                  Showing that life was short, but we never know when it's going to be our time(Die). So that's a reminder, life can end in an instant.

                  But we still have our life going ahead of us. So live every day as if it could be our last. Spread love, kindness, and positivity. No matter how many bad things you've done, just remind yourself that, you're here and alive. And you're still here, for a reason

                  Good luck to everyone, and Happy new Year. I Hope, we could be a better person next year.

                  GrowID : SuperyoW
                  YouTube : Rio Ihsan
                  _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

                  What did I use to make this video?
                  I Decide to make a new concept for my Growtopia Video, since i've make 5 Growtopia Animation and everyone make Animation nowadays, so here's the new concept

                  Adobe Photoshop
                  I Use photoshop to make the expression of the character, so the viewers can feel what the character feel

                  Adobe Premiere Pro
                  I Use premiere to edit this video, after making some images in photoshop. I make them into a slide show and gives old cinema look on the video.
                  So makes that feel more realistic, especially when my character was a kid(80's 90's look)


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                    A Growtopia Animation about Christmas trees. One tree entices another with his festive decorations.

                    Title: Do You Like My Decorations?

                    GrowID: Stonehill



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                      Hi Guys, This is my first animation.
                      This animation about 2 kingdom that always fight each other, but the second kingdom always lost when they fought, but there's one prince that could change the domination

                      Title : THE LAST WAR - Growtopia Animation
                      Growid : BigChaos
                      Link :

                      I hope you like the animation


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                        GrowID: AussieTV
                        Video Title: GrowTopia | Godzilla Parody- Aussie GrowTopia


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                          Title: Missing XENONITE
                          Growid: Narasya

                          Family friendly:✅
                          5:10 minute✅
                          has edited✅
                          Original Story / idea✅

                          Hi everyone.... this is my new growtopia animation

                          This animation tells about the adventures of the two people, Narasya and Regrowz, they are young detectives who are smart in solving mysteries, one day the Narasya gets a special power, what is it? and how does the story go?

                          to know it, please watch this


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                            Video Title: The Magic Mouse | a Growtopia Skit

                            Video Creator's GrowID: TiigerPro

                            Feel free to check out my Youtube:
                            Also if you want to contact me, i use Instagram daily:

                            In Game Name: TiigerPro
                            Played Growtopia Since 2013!


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                              Video Title: Tell Me a Story | Growtopia Animation
                              GrowID: Jxvl
                              Link To The Video:

                              Two old friends met at the cafe to discuss all the news they had, especially receiving the carnival ring. The main character had been dreaming about it for a long time and he was ready to get it, but he saw a “Global System Message”. The carnival was about to close. He had only 30 minutes to complete the quest. Will he complete all of the steps from Ringmaster and get the ring? Watch to the end...


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                                Well here goes nothing! Put a long time into this. Hoping I win.

                                THE MAN WHO TURNED GOLD~
                                VIDEO LINK:
                                Attached Files