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  • Pokemon [Animation] video


    • I nominate my video for votw

      I wanna bring back the old votw like Growtopia Z Made by BenBarrage so I made a skit vid.
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      • Guys Today I want Nominate My video For VOTW

        never give Up
        Music Video:"What Lovers do (Maroon 5)"
        I hope you are enjoyed

        IGN: ILOxnEs


        • First of all. I think other people should think before posting their videos. Because I see a lot of animation videos with out any effort put in them. I guess some people try to put effort. If you are gonna try animating, please don't try using any video editing software. Expect for Adobe. I sometimes see animations where the only Growtopian's body moves. But the other limbs don't. That doesn't sound like effort. And the music videos. why can't people get original? If a popular Youtuber makes a music video where basically there are growtopians moving and singing lyrics in the chat, that is free easy views and growie. Why can't they make a music video animated? That would be something original. I know that somebody is gonna roast me after I am done posting this but I don't care.
          GrowId: ForxpGT
          level: idk lol
          Main world: LATVIANKID


          • First of all, GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE who nominated their videos!

            Why Don't We - Something Different ( Music Video)
            🎬Channel - Sacnel
            📸Instagram - @saspicious

            👤IGN - CatDJ
            🌏Main world - CATDJ



            • Hey, check out this animation I made
              IGN - Stocker

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              IGN: Stocker

              Legendary Title finally achieved

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              • Originally posted by SlipperyCow View Post
                I wanna bring back the old votw like Growtopia Z Made by BenBarrage so I made a skit vid.
                I nominate my video


                • Nominating my video!

                  IGN: Really
                  I hope this grants you a lot of motivation in the future!
                  Don't give up and check out my video!

                  By: Really
                  Thanks for the support!


                  • A feeling when someone asked to borrow a worldlock...

                    By: BleakOne
                    Hello! I want to nominate my film/animation, please :]

                    I hope you like it, and anyway, good luck to everyone!
                    IGN: BleakOne



                    • Originally posted by PixYDibY View Post
                      Story: An old man goes up and looks at an old photography of his wife, and miss her. He is so sad and thinks back on his whole life, what have he achieved? how did this happen?. He wish he could change it but it's too late. Use your imagination, what happend to the wife and did he have a good life?. This is just an ordinary person with a sad story. 1 like = 1 tear for the old man.


                      IGN: PixYDibY

                      Youtube: PixYDibY
                      My nomination for this week, would be so glad to show videos off to the rest of the community.... But that's just a dream..
                      Hey just a guy checking back on Growtopia a few years later, nice to see this community has developed ever since. I hope to have a great time here in the community together with you guys.

                      GrowID: PixYDibY


                      • HARDWORK

                        A little video essay on why I love Growtopia
                        I think it is one of my most edited and well made videos.
                        Ign: TinyTimii
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                        Check out one of my video below!


                        • We Are Young (Music Video)

                          hope i will win


                          • Christmas Wish

                            Hello, this is an old animation and my very first animation of Growtopia that i made almost a year ago. Please check it out
                            IGN: pat

                            Youtube channel:
                            Another VOTW Attempt of MINE!:)


                            • why haters

                              that video it's not music or anmtion or movie and i'm not here to win votw i just show u who i'm and why the haters fowlloing me why haters why haters sorry but i can contine
                              Best Youtuber MadTG


                              • Ign: patrixie
                                IGN: pat

                                Youtube channel:
                                Another VOTW Attempt of MINE!:)