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    Don't forget to check our new videos for VOTW! GrowNoobShow!
    Feel free to msg me ingame or in forums about your questions!

    Click here to check our channel for funny videos!
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      Originally posted by Tech View Post
      Video :


      This is a video of skits! Planning to get VOTW!

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      Awesome video Tech!
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        How Does a Growie look like?
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          Sadly, my motherboard died so I cant make videos xD


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   My entry xD


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              Sir u are in the lyrics! This song shows the spirit of team work in Gt!! It also showcases some of the sickest fan-made items that Growtopians will love.

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                Growtopia funny moments 2!
                LOUD NOISES!

                Give a man a muffin and subscribe!

                Originally posted by FlubaDunga
                sees le yogurt.
                picks up le yogurt.
                takes of le lip.
                licks le lip.
                ME GUSTA!

                wha? what? free stuff? who? who says wha? me? Naaaaawww? did i? wha ? when ? me nots remembers stufffs likes this!
                The community in a nutshell.

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                  Don't Street Race!!

                  What do I have to say.... Don't STREET RACE!!


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                    If there were no locks in Growtopia

                    I would like to nominate my videohttp:
                    I think its pretty funny! Anyways, hoping to get VOTW!
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             This video will not get growie i think, just an fan made trailer
                      BANNED FOR NO REASON


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                        Originally posted by Hamumu View Post
                        If you want Seth & Hamumu to consider your youtube video for Video Of The Week (the Growie Awards), just post a reply in this thread with a link to your video.

                        We base our decision on many factors, but here are some things to consider:

                        * It has to be family-friendly or we can't even consider it.
                        * We like funny stuff (it doesn't have to be, just saying we like that!)
                        * Original things are the way to go - if you're the 100th person to do a video like yours, we're not going to notice yours
                        * If you've already gotten a Growie, you're less likely to get another, especially soon
                        * Don't PM us, don't message mods, just post it here. If you PM it to us, we are not going to be happy!
                        * Get your video out there in other ways too - twitter, facebook, tell your friends, share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye
                        * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Just filming the game being played is not interesting to us. We made it!
                        * Making your video shouldn't ruin the game for other people - "troll videos" aren't going to win, ever. We don't WANT you to ruin the game for other people
                        * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.
                        * We're obviously only looking for videos related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as creative as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it!

                        What do you get if you win?

                        * A Growie Award, a lovely trophy to make your world shiny.
                        * Your video is linked in the /news for a week, so you're gonna get lots of hits on youtube (well, maybe. We can't guarantee that)

                        So post away! If you know of a video you love, feel free to post about that, it doesn't have to be your own video!

                        Check This Out! --->
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                          I would like to nominate my video!
                          Name: IF THERE WERE NO LOCKS IN GROWTOPIA!


                          I hope, you will like it!

                          Anyways, if this video isnt good, check out my channel: Dinamo Growtopia

                          There are many other videos!
                          IGN: Dinamo


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                            my newest video

                            If you know what "Where the hell is matt?" is then you wanna see this video i made for growie award! Its basically a remake of his video in Growtopia
                            So if you like his vids im sure you will like this too. And sub if want and like, Iwould be very happy then

                            Look at it now !

                            WELL ITS NOT MUCH I HAVE TO SAY HERE SOO... BANANA!

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                            Check out my video:


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                              JakeShore vs Fredi!!!

                              Video Link:

                              For your kind consideration
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                                I made this video with my cousin Newbie81

                                25 Ways to die in GrowTopia

                                Link to video in Youtube
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