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  • How to do Harmonize/Shatter Crystal Tutorial

    i nomimate this my Tutorial videos

    This is Tutorial video about how to do Harmonize/Shatter Crystal

    I decide to make a video that can help a lot of Growtopian since other growtopian are have no idea or they really dont know how to do Harmonize/Shatter Crystal .

    Thats why i made this Tutorial video to help growtopian like to finish their Carnival Quest , To make new Crystal item also to earn wls

    this is not just a normal Tutorial video this Tutorial is so different , This tutorial has fully Information and step by step

    In Game Name : Jerrian

    Please Support my Youtube Channel

    LINK :


    • VOTE ME FOR VOTW | An Funny Growtopia Cover | VOTW Nominee

      VOTE ME FOR VOTW ������������
      Also Check This Video To Help
      Video ->
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      • Originally posted by Kranken View Post

        pls i have 0 growies
        also nominating this again


        • Growtopia ping-pong tournament

          Growtopia tournament has begun! Prepare your "ping" to fight the opponent's "pong"!
          Also contains a valuable lesson for players

          In-game ID: OverSoared


          • Love THem Even When They Hate You

            Hi Growtopian i would like to attend the VOTW. Here is all my hardwork and story i made in my school life.


            • Lizard-man (my VOTW nominee)

              Hey there.
              check this out:


              • Secret Tunic (Nominate For VOTW)

                Hello everyone,i'm back with another Growtopia animation story
                This Animation made for the newest IOTM in growtopia
                I Nominate my video For VOTW

                IGN : ONEUS
                GrowID : OneUs
                Instagram : @oneus_gt
                YouTube : OneUs GT



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                  • My first videos

                    i wish it will be votw,what is fully impossible but anyway
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                    • My video

                      Types of Growtopians-

                      Hey guys!

                      If you want to support me do watch the video above! Just click the link above! I really want to win a Growie! My like goal for this video is 5. Please do support it!

                      Note: The link is not some "free gemz" website.
                      GrowID: PokeNotPoke
                      Instagram: @pokenotpoke


                      • My first videos

                        please Growie ( it is impossible)
                        Support me by subscribe


                        • The NUB

                          The NUB

                          The NUB
                          This video is my first short video, i don't use a PC at all, i only use Tablets and Eraser Apps and Kinemaster Pro Editor. I need about 5 hours to make it. I made this video inspired by a horror movie called The NUN, even though it has a different story, but i have a good message for all of you Growtopians. Boost the volume and don't watch it alone. Enjoy.

                          IGN : OVEROLL
                          Level : 100
                          My Youtube Channel
                          My Instagram

                          Thank you to Growtopia Team for considering this video as a nomination for VOTW, and thank you also for all my subscribers and all the audience.
                          I'm nothing without you.
                          Hi i'm OVEROLL
                          An Epic Player with 6 Legendary
                          Sponsored OVEROLL's Wings
                          My Instagram @overoll_gt
                          My TikTok @overoll_gt
                          My YouTube Channel OVEROLL


                          • Item of the month

                            Ever wondered how the tunic of mystery got it's power? Sit down, relax, grab your popcorn and enjoy this humourous interview I did with the tunic of mystery

                            Cheers, and have a great day!
                            Check out one of my video below!


                            • God's Plan { Growtopia Version }

                              Hope i will win, but i think 1% chance only
                              But think positive! Hope you like it sorry for bad quality cuz my editor is so
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                              • EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!

                                This crazy dance craze will definitely make you flop! Anyways, EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!

                                Here's the video!

                                ~~Hope you atleast enjoyed
                                IGN: LANCEPLAYSYT
                                - 3x VOTW Winner
                                - 1x WOTD Winner
                                - Subscribers : 3.2k

                                My Socials: YouTube / Instagram

                                Contact me via Discord: LancePlays#8216