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  • Easter Shopping

    Easter shopping a creative animation made for Easter :^

    As well as winning Votw does mean a lot to me it would also give great support and help me build a greater audience on Youtube..

    Thanks for watching.

    IGN: Krusades


    • Easter Madness

      Thanks for viewing this special easter animation i made
      Please take the time to pick videos based on effort some of us work very hard every week for the submittion
      Thank u

      IGN: Lordsanto


      • August 15th, 2014: @Seth: "BC!"
        August 9th, 2014: @Seth came and wanted to join BC!!!


        • yea i like this one

          Originally posted by JimIzPro View Post

          IGN: JimIzPro

          RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

          "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
          - Eleanor Roosevelt


          • art gallery

            Attached Files
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            I'm dumb.

            My Instagram:

            ºStar Wars
            ºVideo FX
            If you have some of this likes and wanna be my friend PM me or msg me in game!


            • Life of The Easter Bunny

              Special thanks for watching and to those who stuck by me and watched my animations

              Happy easter!

              IGN: Krusades


              • Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation

                What would it be like if Growtopian are coming to see who is won the VOTW for this week?
                Well, you can find out by watching "Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation".

                Alright, so I'm nominating my own video for VOTW.
                It's called "Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation"

                The most important thing about this video is the message in this video.
                Because this video comes entirely from my heart and my life experience

                Good Luck to Everyone, hope you guys enjoy

                GrowID : SuperyoW
                Channel : Rio Ihsan


                • Growtopia Video "if Growtopia Had Tik Toks"

                  Hey Hamumu its me Ylitz
                  I would like to share my video and nominate it for VOTW!

                  I am a new creator and i wanted to show what i can do!

                  I hope you and everyone enjoys! I wont win since there are many talented people but i wanted to try and win!
                  I wish goodluck to anyone, this video took me 3+ hrs and i stayed till mid night (2:19am)


                  My Growid: Ylitz

                  This video is important i made it from my heart and my hardest effort!
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                  • Growtopia- Noah's Ark Movie

                    Good day Growtopians, The Holy week/ Easter is coming.

                    I'm here to Nominate my Video for VOTW, This movie is all about of the Bible Story from Noah's Ark. I made this Movie for the Growtopian's don't know what is Noah's Ark So I'm giving a knowledge for the Growtopians and also this movie it's no affect to your religion and believe because were not same religion and believed. I hope you like it And Help me get VOTW Thank you Growtopian's Happy Easter/Holy Week.

                    100% Made On Android!


                    IGN: Growsite
                    VOTW: 0/1

                    Thank's for giving a time Growtopian's/ Ubidev <3 happy holy week/easter..


                    • This is the first time i tried to win votw

                      Originally posted by MediaZeus View Post
                      It should be long but okay, good luck mate
                      When will the video be changed?

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      When Do the videos switch i thought it was every week but its been 9 days
                      I love making Growtopia Animations

                      Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000



                      • Nominate VOTW

                        Growtopia GROW ID : TWODAN

                        GOOD LUCK GUYS!

                        THANKS 😀

                        GOOD LUCK GUYS!

                        There's a Bunny who Jump from the Sky to the Land and after he land he goes in the doors and the bunny is on the sky again (xD) and the Bunny gets the egg and after he jump from the sky and land again in Land and he throw a egg and someone that is pro saw it and he take and throw and he got FREE DEVIL WINGS and after he goes to the house and give him 2 EGGS that will actually make him PRO and have Focus eye, and after he Change the events onto EASTER WEEK, and he change the shops to EASTER WEEK SHOPS, and finally the END HAPPY EASTER WEEK!
                        SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                        isn't sleeping so Good?

                        i do animations, funny videos and more.

                        IGN: ZENYSTY


                        • The Ringmaster

                          Have you ever wondered how the ringmaster gets his rings?

                          Well you can find out in this video below

                          Thanks for watching

                          By TopSpecs (GrowID)


                          • The Mighty Pickaxe (Animation)

                            I hope i'll win this time after attempting so many times and giving so much effort for my first animation
                            IGN : DLockes


                            • THIS IS WHY I CAN'T FARM - GROWTOPIA ( NOMINATE VOTW)

                              Dont tell me you have never had these trouble some distractions while farming


                              • Life of The Easter Bunny

                                Can't wait for the in - game Easter Event


                                IGN: Krusades