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  • Im back!

    I worked hard on this video and it paid off judging by the fact that its my most liked video also most recent full animation

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    I love making Growtopia Animations

    Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000


    • Growtopia Animation - The Galactic Destructor

      Hello Guys,
      I make new animation new IOTW : Galactic Destructor
      Nominate this video for VOTW


      Grow ID : EAwizrd


      • I want to express my love for pineapples through this video. Enjoy!

        IGN: Optimystique
        IGN: Onan
        Discord: Onan#1401


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        God I hate my forum name


        • Secret Of Pineapples ! ( Animation ) | Growtopia


          • The Outbreak (slightly improved)

            I would like to nominate this video for VOTW

            In this video it tells you the things that you can doing during an zombie outbreak. No matter it be good or bad, the choice is yours.

            Thanks for watching

            GrowID: TopSpecs


            • The Sad Tale of a Young Pineapple


              I would like to nominate my video for Video of the Week. An original short film including voices (A friend did all the voices), funny stuff, an unexpected ending, and more! You may want to give it a watch and see what you're up for. I'm not gonna bore you with a paragraph, so here's it. My GrowID is SeniorDev.

              Hope you like it! It would be nice if once in a while animations don't win and actual stories win, but that's only my opinion. Who knows?
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              Just a proficient Growtopian who enjoys playing the game. Available whenever and always glad to help.


              • PINE-A-NIUM a short Growtopia Animation

                Ever wondered what would happen if your favourite juicy pineapplely fruit undergoes an experiment that.. lets just say went spikey :/

                This is a short animation i made for pinefest and it was really fun editing i wanted to use my real voice but its so cringe that i just didn't do it (sorry xd) I'll be happy to entertain some questions you have at the comments section/in-game if im not busy

                IGN : ChocoMelts
                Current Active World : CHOCOMELTS

                Enjoy the video, it's a short one but i find it hilarious
                Link to video :

                Good luck to all content creators! Who ever wins deserves it!
                GrowID : ChocoMelts
                World : CHOCOMELTS

                My current goals are :
                - 1,000DLs (50%)
                - Focus Eyes (100%)
                - Get WOTD (0)
                - Get VOTW (2)
                - Get Legendary Item (0)
                - Reach level 125 (86/125)

                Feel free to meet me in-game!


                • Spongebob's Pineapple Party

                  I would want to put some flavor on the superpinapple party in growtopia by bringing this new hard worked animation with taste of cartoon. ALL characters and backgrounds are made from 100% growtopia items with edits to bring it to this kind of animation! Thank you Ubisoft for this exciting and new items in Superpineapple Party Funtime event! Always keep up with the awesome updates!

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                  Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
                  Youtube: Johnxx
                  Facebook: Johnxx GT
                  Twitter: @johnxxgt
                  Instagram: @johnxxgt


                  • ♫ I PLAY GT ♪ - Growtopia Song

                    IGN: STORM
                    aka Nomis


                    • Growtopia Animation

                      IGN : MrsBodoh


                      • The Wizard The Journey

                        IGN : NakSUSU


                        • SCAMMER - GROWTOPIA RAP

                          IGN: STORM
                          aka Nomis


                          • Originally posted by Edvoid20 View Post
                            Here's one.

                            Its about an everyday life of a newbie!

                            Its funny. A lot of others love it, and find it really funny.

                            Its 2 minutes long, and gets really funny near the end.

                            Video has me and my sister staring in the video.

                            Hope you like it! Enjoy.

                            Here's a new one!

                            Hello Edvoid20

                            Hahahaha this is hilarious !!!! it really got me I don't think it can win since its "just" you playing Growtopia and its very simple but man, you made me laugh hahaha.

                            - Gustav30103

                            YouTube: Gustav30103_gt

                            Instagram: Gustav30103_gt

                            About my country:


                            • Non-animation funny short video!

                              Hello good day to everyone! Since I'm no expert in editing and animating videos, here's a simple video that I made! It's a real life experience of mine that I reenacted into a growtopia video. A cringe experience! I used different voice-overs for 3 different characters.


                              Thanks for watching and I hope some of you players from the Philippines can relate to this happening

                              I really want this growie award because the growtoken and and the views might help me catch up since I just got back in playing the game! :]
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                              IGN: Tagoo

                              I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


                              • Starve (Growtopia Animation)

                                I would like to nominate my own animation. Hope you guys enjoy watching!

                                WOTD: 3 (in BESTBEACHINGT, ANUBIANCITY & ZODIACSKY)

                                VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)