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Way To Reduce Hacks and Scams!!

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  • Way To Reduce Hacks and Scams!!

    Yes, Some of you mightve seen my "bringing casinos back" and said it was bad, But i have other ideas!
    You know drop games? Whell, To reduce them, just make dropping in someone elses world impossible!Though, there would be 2 exceptions, Growganoth and Display blocks. This would help reduce scams

    What about reducing hacks? Whell, there would be a perma-Item from the store (called a safe) that you could put your world locks in while putting in a code required to get in. This would also not let hackers go onto your account and take you world locks. And when putting wls in The safe it would say a prompt "If you forget you Code, you will not be able to get the wls out. This item would be unbreakable if World locks were In the safe. When you would take out world locks, It would ask you for the code, and say how many world locks to dispense? And have it saying the balance too.

    Please give me honest feedback!

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    Thats really cuts the Freedom in Growtopia.

    Like everyone Tries To Remove a Great Feature in-game, just to stop scam
    Besides, its those Players fault who participate in Dropgames
    I'm gone


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      Drop games aren't as big threat as they used to be, and a very low amount of people do fall for them, mostly them being the newbies. If people are dumb enough to get scammed in drop games, almost nothing can prevent them from getting scammed.

      Hacking is a very minor problem as it can be avoided simply by not downloading anything from untrusted sites.

      And if you are scared that someone will guess your password, just use a strong one.

      Other stuff:

      "If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life."

      -Bill Watterson