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Another attempt to bring casinos back but better!

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  • Another attempt to bring casinos back but better!

    There would be an event like carnival, but for casinos that would come 3 days a week. A betting box would be in the world, and you would drop world locks to bet (10 wl minimumn). It would get a person and put you in a casino world Against them. If you both didnt bet the same thing, for example... Some one bets 10 wls, the other bets 20, When they are warped to the casino, The person who betted 20 would get The ten back to make the bets even. There would be 10% tax, AND since you guys said before, Parental guidal controls could be turned on to not allow betting.

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    It wasn't the scams that where the problems with casinos. It was the players who lost and rage quit growtopia.


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      Kitty Machine is Right.. HM never scammed people.. If growtopia wanted to close casinos for the scams.. it would've let HM continue its job with no reason to close it too.. (Not Only HM, There are lots more places.. but I used to bet there so.)
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        The thing is:

        Casinos are legal
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