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Great Update, But This Could make it better!

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  • Great Update, But This Could make it better!

    Okay, we all Know its annoying to not have someone on that was going to buy your world or your friend. Whell, there IS a good idea to fix it.

    With the new Telephone, (Black block+Music Box) most of you know theres only a few people you can call, With all of them computers. There should be something called an extension. It would let the person who placed the telephone To be the only one to have access to the extension. So, lets say Someone i was talking to Had to go, They would Exchange extensions so He can leava a voicemail that you ccan check when you go back to the telephone.

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    Well, it would be like a bulletin board, but great idea anyways
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      Yeah like bulliten , but

      Only people you want can add on that know your extension, not anyone, and it wouldnt get full until 50 messages