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Firefighter overhaul V2!

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  • Firefighter overhaul V2!

    Everyone remembers the fire update right? Okay then...
    This update contains tons of new content to bring the firefighter update back to relevancy. It has a new event, new (and rarer) rewards, and some... ugh I want to add a third thing... oh well.

    FIRE EVENT (5 levels of difficulty)
    Fire whistle (rank 1 through 5 specified on the item)
    The fire whistle teleports you to a burning home in the world, which is inaccessible unless a fire whistle is used. First, you must extract the people from the house. It shows a green health bar which depletes slowly in the beginning, but goes faster the closer the fire gets to them. Players aren't allowed to use chat in here, you will know why. The npc's you need to save are literally spamming chat with "HELP" and an occasional cough. The coughs become less occasional and more "save me you idiot" the closer the fire gets to them. When an npc dies, your chance at a rare reward is lowered. When you touch an npc, you hold them over your shoulder. You go slower than usual and you will probably die during this. You can still use the hose, but some parkour will be needed as well. Parts of the building fall down as of now. They can knock you out (gives K.O. mod, lasts for 20 seconds) and can knock out the npc as well.

    Rank 1 difficulty= 1 npc to save, has a lot of health, No rares drop here.
    Rank 2 difficulty= 2 npcs to save, has less health than rank 1, Rares have a very low chance of dropping here.
    Rank 3 difficulty=3 npcs to save, has visibly lower health now, Rares have an okay chance of dropping here.
    Rank 4 difficulty=4 npcs to save, has low health now, speed is needed to win, rares have a good chance of dropping here.
    Rank 5 difficulty=5 npcs to save, can carry two at a time, health is the same as level 2 and fires spread faster, rares have a great chance of dropping here.
    This one is exceptionally hard. You need to save all the npcs to get a reward, and fire spreads toward any room with a person in it. You can break blocks here, but only you see it.

    (Extremely rare)Fire wand (consumable)
    rarest prize.
    (Extremely rare) Fire orbs (clothing)
    they swirl around you when you move, and when you are stationary, they become one and hover in your hand.
    (High rare)Fire sword (clothing)
    It gives the flame slasher mod. when you punch, (it takes a SPECIAL fuel pack to do this) it sets the block on fire. If you don't have a fuel pack, it just makes the usual slash, but its fire instead of hat white line.
    (High rare)Wildfire (Consumable)
    Credit goes to PiZaHuTt: Fires larger than eldritch flame, and spread faster than regular fires.
    (High rare)Fire pistol (clothing)
    It fires a flaming bullet and it looks like a revolver on fire.
    (High rare)Fire stick (consumable)
    A fire that is is a pain in the butt. It takes 10 shots of a hose to take one tile worth of fire out. And it works like an eldritch flame. gg
    (High rare)Firehouse Dalmatian(leash)
    Credit goes to DangerDerp
    Info: This helpful pup not only looks cute, but helps you while rescuing victims of the blaze! As long as this cute thing is following you, you get a bonus 25 seconds to save the innocent!
    (High rare) Toaster leash (clothing)
    Can only be received if the source of the fire was a toaster. The toaster has eyes and you hold it by the cord.
    (Rare) Toaster oven (provider)
    Can only be received if the source of the fire was a toaster.
    (Rare) Mixtape (consumable)
    Can only be received if a "str8 fir3 m1xt4p3 was the source of the fire, starts large scale fires.
    (Common) Ash (Block)
    Its just a black pile of ash. Nothing special, other than the "ashy boi" mod it gives if you walk through it. It turns your body black for however long you are in it.
    (Common) Ash Pile (Consumable)
    Throw this at someone to turn them black for 3 minutes.

    More stuffs will be added kk
    Yes, hope it gets implemented!
    No, you are not loved.

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    What an awesome suggestion! I hope it gets implemented.

    p.s: try organizing the thread so it looks better.


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      Really neat idea as at the moment, the fire fighting pack doesn't have much to it. I would love to see it being implemented into the game!



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        This would definitely bring the fire fighting hype back!
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          Yes plz
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            Awesome! bump bump bump


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              Not bad
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                Sounds really fun. I hope this gets implemented
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