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  • Better Adminship Suggestion

    You ever feel the pain removing and/or adding fishes, accessing phonebooths, adding and/or removing displayed items in display blocks, editing small/big/huge locks on your own? I know how it feels. That's why I'm suggesting this, the full-accessed adminship. Hang on, no hates until you read ALL.

    Full-accessed adminship grants an admin(only can select two in a world and they must be admins for 2 months) and only be able to be accessed when owner is in the world; When owner leaves the full-accessed adminship will be revoked and they return to normal old-fashioned admins. When the owner is back, he/she have to wrench the world lock and re-full-access them again(there will be a button). If the full-accessed admin(s) leaves the world, their access will also be revoked.

    PROS: Your admin can help you in many more ways.
    CONS: You'll have to keep an eye on them.

    Any feedbacks will be accepted.
    Ign: Starrify
    Instagram : @starrifyy
    Discord : starrify#0171