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Fix Geiger Charger Scam

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  • Fix Geiger Charger Scam

    To fix the geiger charger scam, I think the developers should make it so that only the owner can place geigers inside chargers because people keep losing their geigers to the builder's lock geiger charger that allows to only build and many get scammed their geigers everyday. Dead geigers are 12-13 WLs each!Click image for larger version

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    Or when you put your Geiger Counter in the Geiger Charger, the Charger will say "*insert name here* is charging the Geiger Counter, please wait." If you want to get your Counter back, you can punch the Charger, and your Counter will automatically go into your inventory.


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      ik its ppl fault because theyre dumb enough to realize but its kinda looks like the phone booth scam
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        SINGLING OUT IS illegal.
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          welp. world is nuked
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