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  • [MegaThread] - Community Suggestions

    Hello Growtopians!

    Seeing that a lot of you have fantastic ideas and suggestions we thought of a new process that can help highlighting the top suggestions for everyone.
    The idea is to empower threads and to make sure we are getting the best of your suggestions.
    And we don't want these ideas to get lost over time, that's why, even if a thread is closed but has a link here, it will never be forgotten .

    DISCLAIMER: Please take note that even if your submission made it to this thread it does not mean it will be implemented. There is absolutely no guarantee that suggestions posted here will make it to implementation for many reasons and considerations. It just means that we’re highlighting it as it seems to be one of the most feasible ones.

    In addition, by submitting your suggestion to us, you acknowledge that your suggestion would be Ubisoft’s sole property and would be used without any compensation to you. You also agree that we have no obligation to respond or review your submission and that we have no obligation to keep your submission confidential.
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    Feature Suggestions

    We all know that the Growtopian community has a lot to share about new things they would like to see in the game. We would like to know them all, so make sure to put them on the Suggestions Area. If we find them actually great to have in the game, you'll see it here. However, we do not guarantee its actual addition to the game as the Design team will still take into consideration its feasibility.

    Here are the suggestions we are currently looking at for Features in the game:

    Feature Name How it work
    "Ignore player" button This will make ignoring spammers and loud people easier!
    Add a button under the "Add as a friend button".
    Wrench the player.
    Source link here.
    Feature for
    Xtreme boxes/untrade-a-boxes
    Add a password feature to boxes.
    Whenever putting/taking an item it will ask for a password.
    To protect players from hackers.
    Apocalypse Increase the amount of mutated cell per worlds as much as comet dust do.
    The items are too hard to make, esp. blocks.
    Source link here.
    Move AAP Move AAP to Settings so people don't randomly click it and lock themselves out of their account.
    Source link here.
    Ignore Players Allow players to ignore other players by simply wrenching them.
    Claim All Rewards Button Add Button to collect all personal and all guild rewards (1 button for personal and 1 for guild).
    Source link here.
    Report Tool Addition If a specific player or world has already been reported a notification will appear: You have already reported this world or player. Source link here.
    Game Guardians New moderator rank, aimed to assist moderators in moderating the game. Source link here.
    Option to SKIP ROLE QUEST Some role quests are not very practical, it's frustrating to get stuck.
    Guild Inbox An inbox that only promoted members and leader can leave a message to members' inbox and reach all members while they're offline.
    Make new dances The current dance could be /dance1, and you guys could make /dance2, /dance3, etc.
    Backpack Sorter It classifies items by their type and there will be tabs in which you press to open this type of items.
    Respawn Add /respawn command
    Marketplace A marketplace terminal placed in the Social Portal would be a good means of trading your items and reaching people in the game you might otherwise never meet.
    Move AAP to Settings So people don't randomly click it and lock themselves out of their account.
    Remove Friends Allow players to remove multiple friends and ignored players at once
    Geiger Chargers change Make Geiger Chargers ineffective in build-only locks, since the only application for this sort of thing is scamming
    More Hotbar Spaces (+ Locking Items to Hotbar) We need a choice of more hotbar slots, something we can change in settings, from 3 to 8, or something useful. And I'm excluding the Fist/Wrench from the hotbar slot count because it's irreplaceable. A further suggestion would also be the option to "lock" items to your hotbar, so that you don't lose them when you pick items up. Source Link
    See What Words You Have Access In being able to see what worlds you have access in. Source Link
    Comfortable Gameplay for Growtopia Phone Devices settings that can adjust button size. As for the Social Portal and Spring Clash Icon, It's difficult for me to put blocks at the end of the right side as I always tapped on the icon while building it. It will be awesome if there will be features Like Building Mode/Breaking Mode Features or add in the settings that can adjust the icons position which the players is comfortable to play this game.Source Link
    Add more slots/backpack upgrades Quite simple, but it seems rather odd to stop at 196. The upgrades could be potentially limitless, just costing more and more gems each time.
    Carry multiple stacks of each item Quite simple, but it seems rather odd to stop at 196. The upgrades could be potentially limitless, just costing more and more gems each time.
    Customise our inventory Able to move things around how players want them and allow for more efficient organisation.
    Toolboxes A way of collapsing tools (Crime Cards, Surgical Tools, etc.) into a single inventory slot.
    Home World/Warping to Favourite Worlds Self-explanatory. Either make a home world "/home" and a "/hwarp" or allow "/f1-10warp", e.g. "/f5warp"
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      Item Suggestions

      Growtopia gives you New Items every update. It keeps the game more exciting! I know we always say, but do not hesitate to share your dream items to us. It can be anything you want to see in the game, but remember, take into consideration it's feasibility, the balance of the game, and every other Growtopian's need!

      Note: If we find them actually great to have in the game, you'll see it here. However, we do not guarantee its actual addition to the game as the Design team will still take into consideration its feasibility.

      Here are the suggestions we are currently looking at for Items in the game:

      New Item Name How does it work?
      Iron Skin This item is a silver, t-shirt-like cloth.
      Makes you walk slow and jump low like the Cursed Witch Hat, but comes with an immunity to punches.
      Source link here.
      School Uniform Set School Uniform for male and female.
      Source link here.
      Shining blocks should be glowing in dark cave! These produce little light and it gives more mysterious
      feeling of being inside a cave with some shining goodies.
      Making the gemstone blocks or other shiny blocks glow in the dark caves.
      Igloo Entrance Works like a door.
      Source link here.
      Egg Benedict Home pack makes them too cheap.
      But the cooking recipe is too hard as well.
      Nerf and Buff. Make it 30 Magic Bacon Wallpaper instead of 50 to make a bacon
      Source link here.
      Nerf Birthcertificate Birth Certificate, once a month is too short and scammers use it way too often to change identity.
      Add White Dyes White Eye drop / White Contact lens / White Hair dye / White Paint. Source link here.
      Spring Blocks Pack Add all season clash blocks to this pack and pack will be 10k gems.
      Level Jammer World owners can input the lowest level of players that can interact in the world, players under that level won't be able to chat in that world.
      Valkyrie Items Valkyrie hat, vest, etc. Source Link:
      Rose Set Rose hat, rose skirt, roSource Link:
      Creepy Baby Set Creepy baby hat, creepy baby shirt, creepy baby ride, etc.
      Marshmallows Make it cheaper/more obtained from recipe Source Link:
      Take One Bowl This item can be used to give away items so that the prizes are distributed equally among the participants, give prizes in parkours, or to give everybody a certain set to make flash mobs easier to organize.
      Add more Surgery Specific Rewards Add items that are specific to certain surgeries ex.: face bandages for nose job
      Shell Scooper Aworks like Egg-Hunting Basket and Geiger
      Different colors of water Ability to paint water or have different types of water, it can also come ex.: black water should be called oil
      More hair for girls Female hair of different lengths and style that can be painted with hair dye
      Amulet of ENTS Turns player into an ent/Groot-like form.
      Blast Update Example: Undersea Blast where we are able to use the wallpaper similar to dark cave backgrounds to catch deep sea fish, Jungle Blast where we are able to have new animals to explore, we could have traps to catch land creatures limited to jungle blasts only and some other birds that will be able to be trapped with a bird trap.
      New Cybots Ghost-Cybot and Crazy-Ghost Cybot, essentially be ghosts with controlled movement, great for parkour. Also Silkworm-Raising Cybots, you could program these to move and then have a "Tend to Worm" command that lets the Cybot harvest silk/water worm/feed worm.
      Items/Toolbags for different activities in the gamethat will help condense the amount of items in the inventory First Aid Kit - carries all of our surgical tools - up to one stack of each tool.
      Card Deck - carries all of our cards - up to one stack of each card.
      Bait Box - carries all of our bait - up to one stack of each bait.
      Galactic Backpack - carries all of our space mission tools - up to one stack of each tool.
      Tangram Toolkit - carries all of our tangram blocks - up to one stack of each tangram.
      Chemical Container - carries all of our chemicals and chemsynth tools - up to one stack of each chemical and tool.
      Paint Pallet - carries all of our paint - up to one stack of each paint type.
      Source Link
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        Event Suggestions

        Aside from the awesome features and cool items the game has, Events is what's keeping everyone entertained. We may already have many of these enjoyable events, but you may have one in mind that every Growtopia might enjoy! Do not hesitate to share them with us!

        Note: If we find them actually great to have in the game, you'll see it here. However, we do not guarantee its actual addition to the game as the Design team will still take into consideration its feasibility.

        Here are the suggestions we are currently looking at for Events in the game:

        Event Name How does it work?
        WOTD WOTDs these days aren't that popular and it needs more attention and appreciation.
        Add more competition and rewards to it.
        Make a tournament like every 3 months or monthly or every new update.
        Tournament 1. Increase amount of blocks obtained for prize ladder tiers so blocks aren't so hard to find (notice find, not buy).
        No one even plays tournament anymore so at least make it more easy.
        2. Add a decent pet battle ability to the Baby Bunny, because the current one is literally a scam.
        (It's called Hop and doesn't do anything better than make your pet visually jump every 3 seconds)
        Source linkhere.

        1. Allow blocks to drop in greater quantity from the SNACKS as well as making Jade Portcullis, Paper Wall, and a bunch of other blocks that don't seem to drop from them droppable.
        2. Also make pet trainers drop the blocks in addition to the medal.
        There too may tourney worlds! Restrict the tournament to 1 WORLD! Obviously if the tournament somehow gains popularity again you could increase the number of worlds.
        3. The point system is easily abusable. Make the points won or lost range between 26 and 32, regardless of your rank, this will strongly encourage battling as much as possible rather than picking your battles.
        More tournament suggestion here.
        More WOTD visitors When a new WOTD or VOTW has been chosen, there will be a pop-up on the player's screen
        with "X is wotd/votw bla bla" and a button underneath it with "Visit".
        There won't be any X's at the top corners because a WOTD/VOTW should be something to be seen.
        Source link here.
        Startopia - Add Star Voyages to carnival quests, they are easy to do especially at the earlier sectors and does not take a lot of time like fossils and fish training.
        - Helps players to start and explore this new mechanic.
        - Add a way to remove the excess ship parts that players have gotten, these things have really dropped in price.
        - Add an item as rare and expensive as Thingmabob, that is extremely useful and needed into Star Voyages. This will give players the incentive to grind out more star voyages.
        Guild Events Allow Guild Leaders to set a minimum that players MUST meet before being able to claim prizes and Summer/Winter tokens.
        Source link here.
        Ringmaster Quest Suggestions on what this quest shoud require are in the source link here.
        Quests Disallow: Crayons, Number Blocks/Numbers, Superhero Clothes, Surgery Tool Seed, Fossil Brush Seed, Startool Seed, Amethyst Block/Seed from appearing in the DQ.
        Whip of Truth quest - Make it 3 Shrinking Rings instead of five.
        Source link here.
        Tournament Revamp Main issues and fixes discussed in this
        Source link here.
        Chemsynth Revamp - Chemsynth should interconnect with other science-related updates (surgery, Startopia, etc.)
        - Introduction of synthetic chemicals A-Z, which could be discovered and added to a list of a certain player’s “discovered chemicals list”
        - Synthetic chemicals A-Z would all have unique recipes (example, on the Chemsynth tanks, chemical A would be G G R R Y Y B B P P)
        - Chemsynth processor would require three selectable boxes:
        o Random Mode which is where any chemical recipe can appear, and this allows for the discovery of new chemicals to be added to the player’s “Chemical List”
        o Select Mode which is where you can select which chemical (A-Z that the player has unlocked) to create
        o Chemical List to display which chemicals have been discovered
        - Ultimately, new chemicals can have multiple uses in an oven to connect with other updates by making tools for surgery or Startopia, new synthetic foods, etc.
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