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New Neon Light Colors?

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  • New Neon Light Colors?

    Hello! I thought a cool idea was to create new colors of neon lights. We could change the neon light seed to drop multiple colors (like how the numbers block drops multiple colors) or require people to splice a neon lights seed with a colored block or other seed to create the new colors.

    I think this would make really cool decorations and worlds. Neon lights in growtopia currently only work with a few color schemes and I think the blue one especially would match with glory cutaways perfectly.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1542792064484.jpeg
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Name:	1542792095082.jpeg
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Name:	1542792119463.jpeg
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    Do you think these are worth adding to GT? And if so how should they be spliced? Drop your opinions in a reply I guess.

    image taken from google, edited by me

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    There should be a "Universal Neon light" where you can change colors if you wanted to using a wrench, while you're at it maybe it can glow rainbow-ish?

    Good idea though
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      I think a rainbow one that changes color would be super cute. I'm thinking of one similar to the rainbow block that changes color.


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        Paint buckets don't do much justice so yeah, I like this idea. Sort of like how they have winter hedges now.

        "Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on."