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    So.. just what the title says, Steam.

    Steam is a great feature in Growtopia ,BUT ,there isn't that much to play with ,so in this thread, i want to suggest, some ideas that could be wonderful if it's implemented in Growtopia.

    1.Logic Gate Blocks
    These blocks will function as Logic gates according to what it's set to, which means it's wrenchable.

    2.Steam walls
    These wallpapers works like a normal steam block, except, yeah you guessed it, it's a wall. (Steam pipe isn't a wallpaper)

    3.Steam timer blocks
    These blocks will change display & its function from 1-9 seconds everytime punched.

    4.Steam adventure block
    These blocks will connect steam block to another steam block when the appropriate adventure item is put inside by the player and won't open for others.

    5.Steam counter block
    These blocks will give an output when it reaches x amount of inputs, min and max is 3 and 9 inputs to give an output.

    (If all you need is to give 2 inputs ,then it's the same as Steam organ, and the steam won't fade unlike Steam organ
    if the minimum input = 1,then it's dumb)

    6.Steam lock
    This one is similiar to the Steam Adventure Block, but this one doesn't require any adventure items,it locks the Steam path ,to unlock it ,you must give an input from the set path,yes,another wrenchable. (Max = 2,the rest 2 are for inputs and outputs)

    That's all that i could think of, of course i don't expect this to be added, but it's what Suggestion box forum is for.

    If you have any ideas, feel free to add some down below, and what do you think about this suggestion?