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    Hello Growtopians! I have an idea for the new "function".

    So, theres my idea, how About adding the Small Lock key, Big lock key, and other Locks Keys in Growtopia? I think this Will be easier to sell main Locks on worlds, without middlemans and any scams.

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    I feel that if you want to sell the world that you own, it is better to sell with a wl as it signifies that the world's ownership is yours...but I kinda agree with this as you are able to sell spots in worlds.

    However, with this feature, there will definitely be scammers using the feature to their advantage..
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      It would require changing the game's code, as you would need to have a separate entry in the InventoryItem which would be called "position". It would get the index where the lock can be found in the world. Otherwise, maybe lock key can transfer all locks' ownership (from locks you own) to another player? That might require less code!