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QoL and other changes/suggestions/balancing Growtopia needs (v2)

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  • QoL and other changes/suggestions/balancing Growtopia needs (v2)

    This is the version two of this thread. I suggest you first read the first version along with it's introduction.
    The primary one has accumulated over 10.000 views and several suggestions were introduced - if you like this thread please link it in your signature!

    [My Current General Suggestion]
    • Fix tournament asap! (More below)

    As the quantity of blocks were fixed from the prize ladder, tournament still remains a problem as it's very underused with only so few people in tournament worlds.
    Solution would be allow blocks to drop in greater quantity from the SNACKS aswell as making Jade Portcullis, Paper Wall, and a bunch of other blocks that don't seem to drop from them droppable.
    Also make pet trainers drop the blocks in addition to the medal.

    [General Required Suggestions]
    • Allow Uranium and Ice Crust Water to be used as standalone water buckets. (Potentially impossible technically, it's fine if this cannot be introduced)
    • Allow flute and guitar notes in Steam Organ
    • Add more buffs for awesomeness up to 100 because it's literally unused for no reason and stops at level 60 or 65
    • Buff Growtokens from Salesman, it makes no sense that you need 100 Mac N Cheese for a token and only 20 wolf tickets, same goes for Surgery, far too much.
    • Make WOTD worlds untradeable. They should be used for pride, not for profit, that way people can still enjoy older worlds that aren't traded, and they can sell the trophy, anyway.

    • Disallow: Crayons, Number Blocks/Numbers, Superhero Clothes, Surgery Tool Seed, Fossil Brush Seed, Startool Seed, Amethyst Block/Seed from appearing in the DQ.
    • Whip of Truth quest - Make it 3 Shrinking Rings instead of five.
    • [Carnival]
      • Maximum 1 Boss Ghost
      • Maximum 5 Crystal harmonizing
      • Maximum 4 Fish Training
      • Maximum 2 DNA Splice
      • Maximum 15 Geiger Finds
      • Maximum 10 Fossil Prepare
      • Maximum 20 Surgeries
      • NERF Rarity related quests

    [Block Buffs]
    • Geiger - Make stuff blocks drop in 3 instead of 1 (not more, cause it's a low tier item)
    • Marshmallow Block - Increase quantity to 5 & make magic egg range 15-20%
    • Steam Lamp - Increase Quantity to 3 as they're mainly used for decoration
    • Letter Blocks - Increase goblin drop quantity to 3, these blocks are hard to come by
    • Kaleidoscopic Wallpaper - Increase quantity from 5 to 10 - White Crystals are hard to come by and these wallpapers are too expensive due to artifact recipes.
    • Chainlink Fence/Z.D.F. Fence/Objective Marker - Increase quantity to 5 for the fences, 3 for the markers
    • Fix recipe inconsistency for the newly introduced dark wallpapers; Dark Red/Blue/Green uses blackrock as base, the new ones uses black wallpaper. Should be blackrock.
    • Make Tomb Robber's recipe cheaper by making it 5 Unearthly Chemicals, or make it permanent/autopickup.
    • Add letter blocks!

    [Fishing Side]
    • Fix lobster to allow 200lb or add a buff. Because :
      1. You could finally display them in crab wall mounts
      2. You could make trainable crabs in the future
    • Allow Grod and other food buffs to work with COTD so you can actually get massive, 200lb fish because they will only help you getting 150lb. Currently the algorithm is, when you catch something, a value between 1 and 188-ish is picked, so if you hit 125, Goldenrod will increase it by 25%, making it 150lb. But if you roll 149lb, you'll still roll 150lb because that's what the maximum fish size is. Only COTD itself can roll above 150lb, which is why you don't see more than 190lb cotd fish. Cursed rod + Perfect fish buff only fishes 100lb for some reason.

    [Item Balancing]
    • Make it slightly easier to get Golden Party in a Box. Also remove the ability to get... skyrockets from them...
    • Make Guild Potion - Blocks 2 or 3% instead of 1%, 1 block per 100 is totally not worth it
    • Allow Cyblocks to have an option to set time before shooting, or just turned on or off as it kinda ruins the point of making fast paced cyblocks based worlds.
    • Make DNA Plant from Ancient plant seeds much more easy to get (twice as easier), as the blocks are cool but extremely expensive (up to 50wls worth of extraction just for one block)
    • BUFF Seed of life from 1% per level to 2%. Apple strudel is far more powerful and infinitely less expensive.
    • NERF Daily Blocks as they are way too common and fills up your slots too quickly.
    • NERF Tesseract on items made out of cosmic items so hover platforms and one way blocks aren't so ridiculously cheap.
    • Divide by two the amount of world locks required per each CyBot lab recipe upgrade.
    • Make the Super Pineapple Guardian Charm have a lower cooldown time such as five or ten minutes, since the Startopian Empire - Force Shield acts the same and is very much inexpensive.
    • Reduce the chance for Stone Eggs within Hidden Treasures, new dragons are too common
    • BUFF Balloon Filling Station drop rate or make it drop more balloons
    • BUFF Poseidon's Digger Trident & Spade to be able to break more rarity 1 items (Mars soil, sand etc.)

    Make it more desirable. The food buffs are bad.
    • BUFF BBQ Bacon Burger from 50 gems per villain defeated to 100.
    • BUFF and NERF Egg Benedict. Home pack makes them too cheap. But the cooking recipe is too hard aswell. Make it 30 Magic Bacon Wallpaper instead of 50 to make a bacon.
    • BUFF Hot Chocolate cooking recipe. It's far too expensive because of the marshmallow. (as mentioned above)

    [Other Events/Holidays]
    • Buff Cursed Jet Engine recipe as it shouldn't use Rainbow eggs.
    • Change the locke description for Soul Stone so it clearly states you can buy one per month.
    • Ruby Lock needs a clear buff if you give it an ability that only may work once a year (1% chance every day to spawn a heartstone instead of a rock)
    • Make Ion Conduit & Alien blocks drop seeds, as cosmic rain and hover platforms do. They're not props like the Space Chairs, they deserve to drop seeds.
    • BUFF Ultra Grow Spray, 30 days definitely doesn't make up even a tiny bit; Make it 2 or 3 months
    • Remove Harvest Blast as a lab recipe, because it doesn't make sense that it exists (10 Songpyeon vs 10k gems)

    [Quality Of Life Improvements]
    • Add a Disable trading option like disable adding friends. It can be annoying to have people spamming them.
    • Remove grow events button if not in a guild, and use /top instead. UI Gets crowded for newcomers.
    • /fgo or /ggo for friendcasts/guildcasts.
    • Move AAP to Settings so people don't randomly click it and lock themselves out of their account.
    • NERF Birth Certificate, once a month is too short and scammers use it way too often to change identity
    • Make Rare Seed Packs like Small Seed Packs
    • Allow admins to use cyblocks in worlds
    • Allow players to ignore other players by simply wrenching them.
    • Allow players to remove multiple friends and ignored players at once. (Take example on the fish port)
    • Swap Space Meds & Galactibolt position, the labels are inverted compared to the tools
    • Allow players to set a private location reason
    • Allow players to have AFK auto respond message
    • Buying more than one pack in the store
    • Move the Growlactus start button to the bottom as its VERY easy to misclick it while doing missions in the Galatic Nexus.
    • Use the same input type (password censoring) for GrowID creation like login to be slighty more secure
    • [Windows]
      • Allow ESCAPE to close store on Windows
      • 1-2-3-4 keys for quick slots

    [Bug Fixes needed]
    • Fix Parental settings buttons, as they overlap with the other menus and you can't turn the checkboxes off or on
    • Do NOT allow vending machines to work in public worlds at all, scams are common and current worlds are using an exploit to make it possible. Would prevent new ones from being created.
    • Do NOT allow howlers to be used at the same row of the Main Door, because people are using this to make worlds where you can't even move off the door
    • Disallow Dancemaster's Crown from preventing the person wearing it from being punched
    • Ghost Day - Stop broadcasting boss ghost worlds as it's mainly pointless

    [Stuff Added]

    Always open to feedback and stuff worth adding to this thread that fits.
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    It's nice to be back! Good job on the thread and nice suggestions, as usual.
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      Considering they added some from last time not too small of a chance for these to be added too! +1


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          I suggest the option to disable AAP as it's really annoying to keep logging in to your email when you go to a new area.
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            Thats a +1 from me

            Once again, Good Job Nenkaai!
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              +1 and a Protestant.

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                Goodjob on this one man.
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                  Another quality suggestion thread. Great job, Nenkai!
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                    +1 good suggestion
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                      I agree on all suggestions except for nerfing the tesseract. It is only used on expensive blocks and makes them cheaper, easier to obtain. Had it not been for tesseract, you wouldn't see anyone using hover platforms at all, since they would generally cost 14 world locks each, same goes with one-way blocks and other cosmic blocks.
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                        Originally posted by ooopsi View Post
                        I agree on all suggestions except for nerfing the tesseract. It is only used on expensive blocks and makes them cheaper, easier to obtain. Had it not been for tesseract, you wouldn't see anyone using hover platforms at all, since they would generally cost 14 world locks each, same goes with one-way blocks and other cosmic blocks.
                        But you gotta admit it's unintended in the first place and makes pretty much any item under rarity -40 farmable which is problematic if they want to add some low rarity item that is still hard to get. Cause at this rate and extra bonuses i'm sure this limit could exceed >50 rar with the new block head.

                        Granted it's cheap the nature of these blocks aren't meant to be spammed in worlds (esp hover plats, they don't even align correctly due to them moving), same goes for asteroids. Then there's basic blue blocks that's already "farmable" by simply using clovers and fuel. One-Way Block is one of the only exception where I believe it should not be an item made of starseeds since it'd a whole collision type in a single block.
                        In fact, since asteroids became cheaper it made white crystals (for ances) more expensive since that's the main issue, thus making other building blocks like kaleidoscopic wallpapers & shifty blocks more expensive.
                        A recipe finder. A GT Wikia Admin. Playing since Feb 2013.
                        Level: 125 - L Title/Dragon/DK Wings Done - Sponsored Mystical Etherboard
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                          Change the player reporting so that you don't have to be able to wrench a player to report them. People can sb offensive and illegal stuff in JAMMED worlds and the players can't do anything about it. Also autofarmers who farm far away from the white door can't be reported.
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                            Originally posted by Nenkaai View Post
                            • BUFF Seed of life from 1% per level to 2%. Apple strudel is far more powerful and infinitely less expensive.
                            Couldn't agree more
                            Here's my suggestion:
                            Buff zeus.
                            Make it either tradable or have long range punch/ enhance digging. I mean 10dls for that crap is ....... (speechless). I could buy better and more useful stuff with 10dls, such as Dragon Knight spear, which look waaaaay cooler, waaaay bigger, waaaaay more useful (long range punch & enhance digging if im not mistaken)


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                              Great thread,
                              One thing I would add if the ability to increase the slots on your toolbar, and lock the items on there.
                              So for example, if you are building something that has you consistently swapping between 5 or so building blocks, you don't have to find them in your inventory every time.
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