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"Block Nullifier"-Host BFGs and Hungergames easier

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  • "Block Nullifier"-Host BFGs and Hungergames easier

    Ever know those momments, when your in a BFG and people place dirt so you can't break or get your gems?

    No? Perhaps you like playing games like hungergames instead...then people ruin it by teamimg and placing doors everytime one teammate dies.

    Then I got the solution for you.

    The "Block Nulllifier". It will look similar to a Magplant(this is just to make it easier to visualize) and works like a Pineapple Guardian for blocks.

    Just wrench the nullifier and select a block in your inventory to nullify(only one block can be nullified per Block Nullifier, multiple can be placed. This is to prevent it from being "OP" and it may be hard to code)

    This may be a little too weak for BFGs, though as there are alot of different blocks people can use to greif, it will end up only preventing a small amount of blocks and will still lead to having innocent farmers get griefed.

    That is why, there will be a "Reverse" setting. This will only allow one(or more if more are placed) type of block(like Peppers) to be placed. Kinda like a whitelist.

    This should be a more "Premium" type item rather than Vending Machines, but not too expensive to never be used.

    The builder's role is also pretty lame. It could use some more love. With that decided, it should be a builder item(perhaps lvl 5) and cost around 50 wls to make OR if that seems like a bad idea, it could cost 50-100k gems in the store...but that feels lame to me.

    (Fyi, no, I am not a lvl 5 builder,in fact, I am level one and don't plan to increase it anytime soon if you think I suggested level 5 for my own benefit)
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